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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zicklein07

Nuke Inbound, ITS OVER

Zicklein07 Last updated on January 25, 2011
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The Mage/Nuker

Alright Tyler, you're taking my favorite role but I like playing other roles as well. So you better represent. =P

Annies Roles

-Nuking! You are single handly the highest dps. Nukes deal all damage out front so you gotta make it count and try to turn a 5v5 fight into a 4v5 or maybe a 3v5.

-Patrolling- Experienced Annie's will be out in front of the tank trying to throw their stun and pick off someone that gets too close. It will be a while before we try to make you do this but just keep it in mind.

-Guarding- As we play, You'll see that there are some teams that have a tank that is so straghtforward. They'll instanlty make a break to take out our carry and it is your job to make them pay. The first kid to even lay a hand on our carry gets the full combo of Annie.

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The key to nuking is MAGIC PENETRATION.

It really doesn't matter how much Ability power you have, if you do not have magic penetration then you basically are worthless.

You dont have to build magic pen in game if you have good magic pen runes.

So lets go over runes.

Red Runes are known as marks. (These boost anything from Attack damage to penetration)

Yellow Runes are known as Seals.(These boost health and defesnse. As a mage, You need these to farm well early game)

Blue Runes are known as Glyphs. (These boost mana and ability power, I recommend you use these so you never fnd yourself low on mana)

Purple Runes are known as Quintessences. (These are your best Runes, they boost anything that you want. I suggest using these to boost your magic penetration)

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Masteries are really simple.

You see that I build the tree down to the magic penetration. Then I move over to utility. I take movement speed then anything with mana or health regen.

Talk to me on skype about these.

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Your your fully built items come in this order.

Sorcerer Boots- Gives you your needed move speed and 20 magic pen!

Mejais Soulstealer- This item is a snowball item, so you cant die once you start getting a good number of the stacks. Every stack you get gives you more ability power. You get stacks by assisting or getting kills. So make sure you at least hurt everyone a little bit in a fight in case they die. This assures that you get stacks even if you're killess.

Rad's Death Cap- Gives a **** ton of AP, and it also gives you 30% more of your ability power. Lets say you have 100 ap, This gives you a total of 130. It stacks so well wth Mejais. This is your main dps item.

Archangels Staff- This item gives you a good boost in mana and also increases your AP based on the ammount of mana you have. Great item to have.

Haunting Guise- Gives health and ability power. Also gives you the much needed magic pen. =)

Sell your dorans ring when you have enough to buy....

Guardian Angel- This item gives you better defense so you wont take as much damage as a regualr scrub, but then in the event that you do die, you are revived. Dying with the angel doesn't cause you to lose your mejais so it is a GREAT combo with your build.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost

Flash- is so useful. It teleports you a few feet in the direction of your choice and can get you out of tight situations. The most useful tactic with flash is that it can teleport you through objects. You can jump through walls, you can jump through enemy champs, minions, anything you can think of. It is also a great chasing spell just in case you ever need that sliver of leadway to get in range of an enemy.

Ghost- Simply increases your run speed. Either use it to chase or get away. Great spell, you'll see this very often in games and you need to check your scoreboard and be weary of your enemy spells.

*Once you start getting a lot of confidence and start becoming successful on a more consistant basis, these two spells will allow you to push farther up a lane by yourself.*

*If they're on cool down, you must remember that Annie doesn't have many escape options.*