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Nunu Build Guide by MetalCore66

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MetalCore66

Nunu ''Ap support''/Jungle/support (traditional way)

MetalCore66 Last updated on August 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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i made this guide for those who use to play support champions (usually the last picks :P )
im last pick too :( and im sick of those noobs who ruin my game with their feed.So...if you're last pick and they told u to play support,what are you gonna do? watch them feeding while you ward the place and buying support items?nope....just follow this build and slave the opponents yourself

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Pros / Cons

+if you follow this build you can support your partner and annoy the enemy ad with your amazing damage
+ tons of CC
+ he is tanky
+ Q = heal,that means that he can stay in lane and support his ad as much as he wants
+ awesome Aoe ulti that can turn a teamfight

- you need good timing to use your ulti properly
- ulti is easily interupted

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Runes Viable Choices

use 9 ~>Greater Mark Of Insight because they increase your early + late game damage so much

9 ~~> great seals of resilience.... you need those runes so much because the enemy will hit you hit you a lot as long as you stay in bot lane

9 ~~>greater glyphs of shielding those runes are good because they will make you stay longer in teamfights(that means that you got more time to land your ulti instead of dying in 1 second),not so necessery in lane,you can change them and put ability power runes instead,but i dont recommend that.

3 ~~>greater quintessences of potency i choose those runes for more damage especially on early game


you can change the marks (red runes) and the quintessences(the big ones) and put some armor and gold/second,but im not a big fan of them,they dont seem to fit with my guide

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Summoner Spells

clairvoyance is an excelent choice,you cant buy so many wards because you're building damage too so...

flash is my favourite spell,i pick it almost every time,it can be used as an escaped tool,or you can flash to catch an opponent who got away.

teleport is a good spell too,if you want to come back faster in the lane but...i wouldnt recommend that

exhaust is very good too,you can destroy the enemy by ruining their stats,and provides an awesome slow too,awesome spell but i think cv and flash are better

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in the laning phase,leave all the minions to your ad carry, YES I MEAN ALL OF THEMtake minions only if you want to heal yourself with Q,if the gold is a big problem to you,you can build items that give gold/sec before you start this build

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Nunu hate those guys

well,nunu is really good BUT there are some guys that can make your ulti useless,and...that's really really bad,when you see those guys in the enemy not saying ''pick another champ'' but,you're gonna have a bad time
who are those guys?

kennenhis ulti can interupt yours,or his combo

galio his ulti can interupt yours...

janna her Q AND her ulti can interupt yours

morganaher ulti can interupt yours,i think her Q too..but im not so sure about that,another problem is her E,when she uses this shield she cant be slowed or take any CC BUT if morgana is in your team,tell her to use her E on you,when you use your ulti and then ....PENTAKILL !!!

malphitehis ulti interupt yours (you dont say?)

lee sin his R....

there are more of them,but im too bored to write them down :)

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Skill Sequence

i max E first,because i like disturbing the enemy ad,you know... im getting him low hp,and then he would lose some last hits,or even die
then i max my W for more att speed + speed on me and my ad carry you can max w first if you's up to you
and i max Q at lvl 18 because i dont think that it is so important

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Item Explanation

dorans ring (optional) good harass with your E,extra hp and mana regen

this item,solve the mana problem that nunu has early game,and then you can update it to an awesome item that gives u ap + hp,very usefull item during the laning phase

with those boots,i can make the enemy ad have a really bad time in the lane,my damage will make him go back for heal so many times.those boots are great in teamfights too,the magic penetration they provide make your ulti a real terror

Great damage,nice hp+mana boost,and an awesome passive,enough said..

this item make you more tanky by giving you armor,it also gives you more mana,and an awesome passive that reduce your cooldowns

this item is a MUST,with this item,your team will win every single teamfight,plus that you have more magic resist which is also really good.and last but not least this item decrease the magic resist of the nearby enemies (really good for teamfights)

you already have glacial,now make it a frozen heart,great armor boost,great cooldown reduction,and a great passive that will help your team in teamfights

this item,gives you more hp+mana +magic resist which is always good,but the most amazing part is that it blocks one negative spell,really usefull when you're using your ulti

no one will live after hitting them with your ulti,NO ONE

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Items (alternative choices)

fed ad carry? buy those boots
too many ap in the enemy team or so much CC? buy those boots

this item will help you and your team with his stats

great hp boost,and even more great active skill BUT if you're planning to buy aegis of the legion and shurelyas,i believe it is better to go support using the traditional way
awesome item that will make your ulti and your E hurt even more

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Small Tips

1)in teamfights ALWAYS aim for the ad carry,your E make his att speed so SH*TTY

2)if you use your ulti,and you see that they are about to escape,just right click somewhere on the map,and your ulti will explode (less damage,but it's better than nothing)

3)use your W on your ad carry, ALL THE TIME

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i stole this pic from another guide,because im too lazy to make my own :P anyway...

map awareness is so important,and you're the support...that means that your team will blame you if you dont ward these places :P

Early game ~~> ward only your lane,and the bushes next your lane,that will shut down the enemy jungler

Mid game ~~> ward the dragon,and the bushes near mid lane,AND Baron

Late game ~~> ward the enemy jungle too

Small tip ~~> use your wards the right way,when you ward baron+dragon,put them in a place where you can SEE if they spawned

~~~> IMPORTANT ~~~> DONT STOP WARDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy wards everytime you go back

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this is my 1st guide,i know it's not well written :P i still have a lot of things to add,i will add them in the future

credits ~~~> Egypsian_Lover i know our items are the same,but i cant change them,they fit perfect on nunu

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1)2 extra builds,1 is for jungle,and the other one is for support nunu (this time im using the traditional way)