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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abuu

Nunu: AP with a little Tank on the side

Abuu Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Edit: I know it needs a little cleaning up. I'm just too lazy right now. I'll index and such when I find a little free time.
It's your friendly corner store clerk with my Nunu build! I'm mostly support, so I choose a little more survivability with Frozen Heart instead of the usual Mejai's. I like it for the CD reduction also. Plus, extra Mana never hurts. Any competent Nunu will use Banshee's Veil for the spell block. Nothing hurts worse than getting all 3 champs in your ring of death, only to have Pan or WW or such stun you out of it. I get Catalyst early for the boost to Health and Mana. I get Boots late because of Blood Boil. There are very few times I can't run when I need to. My other items are for Magic Pen and AP. I like to harass with Ice Blast a lot, hitting minions for Visionary and throwing an IB. You can stay in a lane forever thanks to Consume.
Runes will probably catch flak but I like to focus on survivability. You can't feed if you don't die. I just don't think that Evasion or Force are any better than straight up damage prevention. Same with Warding. Quins and Marks are necessary. Others can be changed to fit playstyle.
Masteries are pretty standard. 9 in Offense for the 15 Magic Pen and extra AP. The rest in Utility for Health and Mana Regen, more XP, 30% longer buffs, more move speed (Great for any melee champ), and reduced CD.
Spells are by no means set, they are my personal favorites. I pick Exhaust mainly for protection of an Absolute Zero. It's a Slow and 3 seconds of 100% miss. Exhaust + Banshee's Veil + Absolute Zero= 1 kill. A lot of people like Flash instead of Ghost. Pick it if you want. I like Ghost for catching runners or Ice Blast and pop Ghost if you have to run away. I just think that a buff thats lasts for like 15 seconds is greater than a Flash that only happens once.
Couple of tips for Absolute Zero:
1. It can be interrupted by any stun, taunt, or push.
2. Learn to use the bushes to cast.
3.If target will escape your circle, right click to cancel and they will take damage proportional to how long they were inside the circle.
4. It gets 250% of AP.
With competent team mates, it's not uncommon for the other team to surrender. It's very rare when you get to fully build your items. Fun laning partners are anyone who has a Taunt or Stun. Stealth is also great. Healers are not needed very much thanks to Consume. It will be hard to gank you thanks to Blood Boil and Ice Blast. Make sure to eat those Lizards and Dragons and such. Warwick makes a great lane partner. Most will have Smite for jungling, so you can pick Consume as your first ability and take it to the lizard right off the bat. They Smite, you eat, Someone catches a red buff, and you go top and rape whoever decides to solo for the easy first blood.
Mid game when the team fights start your Blood Boil and Ice Blast will be invaluable. Cast Blood Boil on your DPS(you get the buff as well), Ice Blast for the slow, Ulty if applicable, then eat a minion if your health gets low. If the enemy decides to stick around to try and burst you down (it happens, everyone fears your ulty), remember that they catch a slow from Frozen Heart as well. Add an Ice Blast, and even if they Ghost they won't be able to catch you. If you are going to die, and your team mates are still fighting them, never forget about the active ability of Zhonya's. 2 seconds of untargetable is forever. That's about the time it takes to kill someone when focused. 9 times out of 10, you will survive, the other guy won't. To borrow a football phrase, Defense wins championships. Constant harassing with Ice Blast and slowing people will demoralize them. A frustrated person makes mistakes. Mistakes = death. Using this formula, I have a kill to death ratio of about 25:1. Just remember, the main goal is to not die, not going for the kill every time. You win games by taking out the nexus. Don't get greedy. A dead champ is not making gold or earning XP.
The items are not set in stone. Feel free to swap stuff around depending on who you are playing against. I like to throw in a Abyysal Scepter every now and again instead of Rylai's. I always keep Sorcerer's Shoes and Void Staff for the Magic Pen. Banshee's Veil is always a must for that pesky crowd control. I like Rod of Ages as well for those games I feel will last a good while. If I'm going up against a heavy magic team, I build Veil first and if I take a lot damage, sometimes a Force of Nature. Sometimes, you need cooldown reduction for those times when the guys walks right to his tower with 20 health and you've got 1 second till Ice Blast is ready. I pick an Innervating Locket for the extra health and mana plus the 10% reduced cooldowns.
Try to save mana by waiting until Visionary procs before using abilities. Visionary is your passive, whichs gives you a free ability cast for every 7 attacks. Low on mana? You can still stay in your lane thanks to this. Hit minions to get it up and you have a free ability cast. Awesomeness.
Have I mentioned Blood Boil yet? What's not to like about free move speed and attack speed increases? You should always cast this on your laning partner, because you recieve the buff as well. All physical damage dealers will love you for this buff. It's your ability to go to when you need to get somewhere fast. A typical 2v2 scenario would be: you and your partner are hiding in bushes. The enemy runs by you. You pop Blood Boil on partner, Hit enemy with Ice Blast, possible Exhaust + AZ and its GG.
Well, I hope this gives you some insight into a really great champion. Everyone should try him, he's incredibly cheap at 450 IP. He is also one of the few carries that has a decent Health pool. Mana is a little shaky at start, but with Catalyst up early you should have no problems. Patience is the main skill to acquire. Don't just use ulty because it's ready, wait for an ideal situation. To quote a Gumpian phrase, "That's all I have to say about that". It's been fun and I hope this guide will help you to improve your playing skill.
Tank you come agin!!!