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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AdricGod

Nunu jungle bells

AdricGod Last updated on August 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First a disclaimer... this is my first build here so go easy on me folks. Also if the runes/mastery don't seem correct that is because I am not even lvl 30 myself. This guide will be under construction as time goes on. A big thanks to DEWO for putting together a decent template for builds.

I usually wouldn't put a build up, but I haven't seen a decent Jungle Nunu build since the release of patch v1,0,0,98 and the buff to consume's CD. The main problem? They all follow the traditional WW build of going for Madred's. Nunu gets no benefit from these items, so I chose a different direction to go in.


I have crunched all sorts of numbers for Runes. All calculations are based off maximizing the damage potential of the lvl 6 Ultimate. As such I've traded in my mana regen runes in order to add that dmg potential to the ultimate.

Also including these new starting runes and 15% less magic resist due to masteries I have modified the core item base. These items maximizing your efficiency and damage depending on choosing the same rune set and masteries as specified within this guide. Also these calculations assume the Base 30 magic resist to start, 25 magic resist from boots, and up to an additional +20 magic resist from levels/items. (30 magic resist early game, 75 magic resist mid to late game).

The new item build results in a 1800dmg ultimate against targets with 75 magic resist at lvl 16. Which isn't too shabby considering there are still 2 defensive items (Banshee's Veil and Frozen Heart) still in the build.


Smite - Must have for any Jungle build. Helps take down Golem/Lizard/Dragon faster and some extra GP never hurt anyone from the 1 point mastery.

Heal - Not as "must have" for this build as smite, but I have tried almost all other summoner spells in this spot, heal is the only one that consistently helps me jungle. I only really need it once to kill the first Blue Golem, but making that fight easier is very helpful.

Ghost - Recently I've taken to Ghost rather than Exhaust as my 2nd ability. Why? Getting ahead of your enemies and swiftly navigating hordes of minions can make the difference between getting off a great ultimate and your enemy getting away.

Exhaust - Exhaust is good for keeping people still while your ultimate channels and can be used both offensively and defensively.

Flash - Another decent Nunu summoner spell, helps position your ultimate a little bit. But the short range on flash makes it semi-useless. Don't think you will turn into a Fiddlesticks flashing into the stack and immediately hitting 'R'. Typically you will fall short of where you thought it was going to put you and end up ultimating minions and getting laughed at.... trust me I know :)

For this guide I use Smite/Heal to make the first Blue Golem kill much easier.


Consume - What an amazing upgrade this spell got recently. Now on a 18/16/14/12/10 second cooldown. Consume is your bread and butter Jungling ability, deals massive damage to minions and heals you. This along with Nunu's passive of getting a free spell every 7 attacks makes you a very efficient laner and jungler.

Blood Boil While the movement speed is OK at low levels I tend to not grab this until late game to buff others attack speed. You're not WW, don't worry so much about MS/AS.

Ice Blast - Powerful spell on a short CD with a very good AP ratio. This is my #1 harassing spell in group fights. I try to level this right after consume as to make myself viable in fights outside my ultimate and also add more jungling dmg while you have blue buff up.

Absolute Zero - Probably the easiest ultimate to counter in the game. But hopefully you are understanding of this limitation if you are reading this and are interested in playing Nunu to begin with. With that said it is absolutely devastating. Catch a team fight midway through and you might find yourself with a quadrakill (my current best).

Visionary - Nunu's passive which gives him free spells every 7th hit. Fairly useless for the most part, helps keep you in the jungle for longer.

My skill priority goes like this:

Ultimate > Consume > Ice Blast > Blood Boil

Consume I will stop at lvl 4 until Ice Blast is lvl 5. This is only because at lvl 4 consume you can already take dragon so another level won't help you jungle too much more and Ice Blast will make your team not hate you so much.



Take the Movement boots so you can start building towards Sorc boots and a single healing pot.

A single healing pot you say!? Blasphemy... NO... cause of one simple fact. Consume one-shots all minor jungle minions at the start of the game. So not only does consume one-shot most jungle mobs, it also heals you for a substantial amount. In the beginning of jungling I highly recommend doing a hit and run style fight with consume to take out minor jungle minions prior to killing the bigger ones.

Make your way over to Blue Golem. Hide in the brush so no one makes a move on you. When the Blue Golem spawns you will consume his minor minion, then run until they leash. Then wait the remaining 8s or so for consume to come back up, and repeat on the 2nd minion.

Now after another 8s time for the big boy. Here is where taking heal will make things slightly easier. Initiate combat with smite and consume even if you are full health and pop your health pot. You want to consume first so it can come off CD before the fight is over. If you find yourself losing this fight kite the golem slightly until consume is off CD and finish him off.

You will now be level two. Grab Ice Blast.

With the buff you can spam Ice Blast and consume is on an even shorter CD. Head to the wolves. Depending on my current health I might hit and run the wolves again or just run in, consume the big wolf and attack/ice blast the small ones down.

Then I head to wraiths, then golems, then Lizards. By now smite will be off CD and you can use it to take down the Lizard easier.

Once Lizard is down and you have both buffs you have a choice. You can either go kill wolves/wraiths and then recall. Or cross the river and do Blue Golem/Wolves on the other side all depending on whether you are daring and your team.

Either way you should now have enough money to finish your sorc boots. And start working on your Blasting wand.

The jungling after this is pretty straight forward, go where the mobs are and eat them. If mid dies or recalls feel free to take over for him in the meantime. I've pushed back lvl 13 vlad as lvl 10 nunu cause he can't harass through consume so always make sure snacks are nearby!!!

My last note about jungling is the Dragon. Be very careful here. Because we do not take Madreds Razor the dragon is not as easy as he is on WW. Make sure to have Blue Buff for the CD reduction on consume and you are lvl 7.

MID GAME (6-13):

Keep jungling while your ultimate is on CD. If your ultimate is off CD then go for a gank attempt on one of the side lanes with it. Always pick your enemies carefully. Fiddlesticks is probably one of the best counters to Nunu with 2 interrupts at range so stay clear of him.

Kill dragon when he is up, and try to always have Blue Buff rolling for CD reduction. Sometime during this phase you will have enough for Zhonya's or Glacial Shroud. Need to get the ultimate on a minimum CD for your ganking and group fight opportunities.

LATE GAME(14-18):

Nunu has the best taunt in the game during group fights, the natural taunt... a devastating aoe that will deal 50-75% of your opponents health if they don't kill you, interrupt you, or run away. With group fights always be in the front harassing with Ice Blast. Consume minions as they come to you, I keep using smite on minions just to maximize my gp.

Many champions will overextend to kill you, you consume a minion to heal yourself and pop heal and they will end up dying themselves.