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League of Legends Build Guide Author Karvitch

Nunu Tank/AP splash

Karvitch Last updated on March 22, 2011
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This is my First Build on here so please forgive the lack of Images/symbols etc.

Nunu was the first Character i unlocked and since then I've grown a tendency to take him over "better" Champions. I'm still fairly new to the game but hear me out.

I've missed the Rune Part of this build since they are still new to me and I am not sure how to work them :) again another Newb factor. (edit: Runes have been added)

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With the Masteries, Stack as many as you can into Utility, trying to get down to the bottom of the tree. I'd concentrate more on the experience and mana side of this tree, trying to maximise the speed on my levelling up. Ability Cooldown reductions is always nice as well.

I'm not yet able to actually unlock the entire tree yet but obviously someone who can would benefit from this.

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For the Runes I have gone for Greater Seal of Potency for Ability Power, Vitality for Health, Glyph's of Force for Ability power and Quints for Ability Power also.

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Ok, I know I'll probably cop a bit of flack for the items I've chosen but I found them effetive for the most part.
- I start off with Cloth Armour to just reduce their damage early on, & buy a couple of Health Pots and a Mana Pot just to stay out there as long as possible.
-Straight onto a Ninja Tabi to get the armour up and get movement faster too.
-As soon as I can I but a Kindlegem to increase HP and start on CDR.
- This is where i start to deviate from what Others I've seen do. I head for a Sunfire Cape to increase HP and Armour Further. With its Passive Ability I find it a good item for killing minoins for the gold and also annoying combat champions to close to me.
- Next on the Shopping list is Sherulya's Reverie for a bit of Health & Mana Regen while increasing CDR.
- I usually then go for a Thornmail, Increasing Armour further while Damaging them back while they are trying to attack me. (The amount of Times I've got Tryndamere with this, I've lost count)

After these 4 Main Items is where I change from Game to Game, I'll usually try to get a Lich Bane to Increase AP and Mana, Usually Combined with a Nashor's Tooth or Void Staff. If I'm on the Defencsive and there is a bit of Magic on the Opposition I'll swap out the Void Staff for a Force of Nature or a Banshee's Veil to increase Magic Resistance - Usually when that Happens my team is getting hammered Left, Right & Centre.
Sometimes Stark's Fevor is Thrown into the mix for a bit of Life Steal and Staying Power for a bit of fun.

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Skill Sequence

What can I say - Ice Blast, Ice Blast, Ice Blast (with Consume on the side). I'll usually only go for Blood boil when I need to unless I'm playing a supporting role to a better player, I'll then swap that for Consume.
I'll upgrade Ice Blast at every possible point. This is because with the CDR i try to be able to hit them again before the last one wears off. As soon as i catch them they won't get away. Usually combine it with Absolute Zero for devastating effects.

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Summoner Spells

Again, these are different to what I've seen around.

Exhaust - Awesome for Nunu so he can stop anyone trying to get away from the AOE of Absolute Zero, also allows him to catch up with Victims for Ice balst Attacks.

Heal - To me, invaluable. The amount of time this has saved me skin for a few seconds to get a consume in or deal the last bit of Damage to a champion trying to Gank me.

Other Spells i use are Ghost to escape/catch Champions and Teleport (since I haven't unlocked Flash yet)

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Play Style

Early game you should be trying to assist as much as possible. I've noticed the best results in a lane when with an assassin type Champion (Twisted Fate, Master Yi etc). You may get a couple of deaths early on but this is ok if your laning partner does his job and land the kills you died for.

Mid game is where Nunu starts to wind up, if farming minions right you should be nearly finished the sunfire cape or Thornmail. Time to start drawing the attention of some of the other players. I've been in a few situations where I've had 4 of the opponants on me trying to get the gank. This is good if your teamates are on the ball to come in and finish the fight. I'll then turn around and Absolute Zero and knock a fair chunk of health for the assists.

Late game try to finish off your items and go nuts.

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Nunu is Simple to play and found that this build (although a rough one) really brought out the best in him.

Some of my better games have been around the 11/2/18 mark with 250 minoins slain

That's Basically it for me. Obviously feel free to comment and Leave Critics. I'll take all in my stride and try to improve my Build.