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Nunu Build Guide by Mad Hater Shaco

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mad Hater Shaco

Nunu - the c0ckblaster

Mad Hater Shaco Last updated on September 10, 2016
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D1cksplitter Nunu

Nunu Build

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Hi! I'm the head-builder and Dev of HungryCraft! We are a small community with a hub-based server and a wide variety of unique minigames! We also have a unique survival, creative plots, and skyblock!


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Getting to know Nunu

Nunu is a "Jack of all Trades"-character, he doesn't have any significant weakness and he does not excel in any particular way either, very much like Ryu from Street Fighter.

This makes him the ultimate warrior, capable of going against anyone in any lane, able to fill any role and able to one-man entire teams.

Nunu's kit is very unique, allowing him to handle any situations that may occur in-game.
He has the sustain of an ethiopian farmer, the damage of an african warlord and the speed of
one thousand shinobis.

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The choice of runes for Nunu is almost unlimited, but being the platinum 2 Nunu main that I am, I think I know what runes are best for him.
Marks: Nunu should capitalize on his brutal c0ck damage, and go with full magic penetration runes.

Seals: Nunu should use GP10 seals because it synchronises well with his Shotokan karate fighting style.

Glyphs: Go with full magic penetration for this one to maximize your hadoken damage.
Quintessences: Magic penetration is Nunu's bread and butter. Use greater quiuts of magic penetration.
Your runepage should look something like this when you are complete.

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This is the optimal mastery page for ex-convicts aspiring to master Nunu's complex fighting mechanics.

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Items Build - The C0ckblaster

The optimal choice for the best c0ckblaster experience. Without these items Nunu will just be an empty shell of his former self.

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Item Build 2 - The Pus$yshanker

This build is purely situational, you should only use this when you're losing your safespace.

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Skill Sequence

Start with your Hadoken fireball (E), this will be your go-to waveclear, then put one point into Red Fists of Fury (W). Don't level the Cannibal Maneuver (Q), and max your Hadoken first.

Priority: R > E > W >>>>>>>> Q

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When playing Nunu you want to maximize your damage and minimize your defense, I can't stress this enough. Nunu is not a tank, he is a deathbringing killing machine of terror and devastation.
Pick Ignite and Exhaust and do God's work.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Girthy c0ck
[*] Ultimate Warrior
[*] Nice pranks in lane
[*] Diamond 1 champion
[*] Used a lot by the pros
[*] Gets you the ladies
[*] Wields the Nocturnal Blade
[*] The Gaming Chieftain
[*] Big strong black hands
[*] Hails from the holy land of Africa

[*] Nothing

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Nunu is a true patriot, utilizing his god-given abilities to smite evil and bring bandits to justice.
Due to this, he is one of the strongest champions at the moment.

When playing Nunu, all your focus should be to c0ckblast your opponents with your Hadoken and then use Red Fists of Fury (W) to quickly escape because you probably overextended while trying to Hadoken the enemy.

Do not be afraid of overextending as this puts fear into people's eyes; They will know you fear nothing, not even turret aggro.

In teamfights Nunu should Hadoken the ADC or the fed midlaner, this will cause absolute terror as they witness your unholy damage. If you feel like you want to blast some c0cks right away do not be afraid to activate Red Fist of Fury (W), walk into the enenmy team and use Red Ring of Death (R).

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Dangerous Combos for the bravehearted

Amumu + Nunu ultras: Double c0ckring combo attack - Extremely lethal as this allows Nunu to blow his load onto the entire enemy team without fear of being injured.