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Nunu & Willump Build Guide by Myrcul

Nunu - The Damage Dealer

By Myrcul | Updated on June 13, 2011

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[icon] => Spell_SummonerHeal.png [level] => 1 [cooldown] => 240 [range] => 850 [is_classic] => 1 [is_dominion] => 1 [is_deprecated] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [comment_count] => 8 [last_comment_ts] => 2012-09-15 21:04:30 ) [1] => Array ( [summoner_spell_id] => 1 [client_id] => 3 [display_name] => Exhaust [url] => exhaust [description] => Exhausts target enemy champion, reducing their damage dealt by 40% and movement speed by 30% for 2.5 seconds. [icon] => Spell_SummonerExhaust.png [level] => 4 [cooldown] => 210 [range] => 650 [is_classic] => 1 [is_dominion] => 1 [is_deprecated] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [comment_count] => 6 [last_comment_ts] => 2011-09-23 06:20:03 ) ) ) ) [item_builds] => Array ( ) [ability_builds] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [display_name] => [ability_ranks] => Array ( [0] => 3 [1] => 1 [2] => 3 [3] => 1 [4] => 2 [5] => 4 [6] => 3 [7] => 3 [8] => 1 [9] => 2 [10] => 2 [11] => 4 [12] => 1 [13] => 3 [14] => 2 [15] => 1 [16] => 4 [17] => 2 ) [description] => [display_order] => 1 ) ) [threats] => Array ( ) [champion] => Array ( [champion_id] => 12 [display_name] => Nunu & Willump [url_str] => nunu-amp-willump [title] => The Boy and His Yeti [key] => Yeti [description] => One of the Notai, a nomadic tribe that long traveled the Freljord, Nunu learned from his mother, Layka, that behind every thing is a story. Together, they gathered tales that Layka turned into songs. For Nunu, nothing was better than journeying from village to village, hearing his mother sing of ancient heroes. With music and dance, the Notai brought one last celebration to everyone they met, as each winter’s chill set in. Riding the wave of frost spilling from Anivia’s wings, his heart beating the rhythm of a jubilant song, Nunu’s world was full of possibility. On his fifth nameday, Layka gave Nunu a special gift: a flute, so he could learn to play her melodies himself. In the safety of their cart, the two bundled together and followed the knotted string that served as Layka’s heart-song, recording everywhere they’d been together, as the years came and went. When the caravan was attacked by raiders, Nunu was separated from his mother. Dragged to safety by a band of Frostguard, the surviving Notai children were taken to a village near their towering citadel. Nunu was left to wonder what happened to Layka, waiting to hear her songs on the wind. Snow fell. Weeks passed. Nunu missed his mother desperately, but the Frostguard assured him no child could safely search for her. They weren’t even impressed when he showed them the flute he now called Svellsongur—the name of a mighty blade existing only in his imagination. Nunu spent more and more time alone, escaping into his mother’s songs—the legends and heroes of old. He yearned to be one of these heroes, a warrior like the Frostguard, who could have saved his mother. He even met their leader, Lissandra, who asked countless questions about his mother’s stories, always seeking information about one particular song. No one believed Nunu could be a hero, not even the other Notai children, who teased him for his flute when they now had daggers. But Nunu knew the songs in his heart, and one night, he realized how he could prove himself and earn the Frostguard’s help to find his mother. From Lissandra, he’d learned of a fierce monster that killed all who sought its power, thwarting the Frostguard who were sent each year, never to return. There was a song that Nunu’s mother sang… could it be the one Lissandra would always ask about? Suddenly, Nunu understood. Lissandra wanted to know about the yeti. Nunu could name the beast. It would answer his challenge, and feel the wrath of Svellsongur! Using his flute to tame a herd of elkyr, Nunu snuck out into the snow. One lonely child traveled to face a monster, finally living out a legend that not even he could imagine. An ancient and noble race that once ruled over the mountains of the Freljord, the yeti civilization was destroyed in a cataclysm of ice. Forced to watch his brethren descending into savagery after being stripped of their magic, one yeti swore to protect what remained of their power—a gem that swirled with the frozen dreams of any mortal mind nearby. As the last magical yeti, the guardian was also shaped by perception. Though he had been chosen to safeguard the magic until it would be needed again, he could find no worthy vessel. The men who intruded upon his ruined home had only malice in their hearts… and so a monster greeted them with fang and claw. But the guardian knew he was forgetting something. His name… and the names of those he had loved... Once, there had been song. That all changed when a young boy stumbled into the ruins. After centuries of unbroken vigil, the monster was prepared to end the boy’s life, snarling as he sensed the human approach. Unexpectedly, the gem brought forth images of heroes slaying dragons and beheading ancient serpents from the boy’s mind. The child roared, drawing his flute like a fearsome sword. But the blow never came, for even as the boy saw visions of heroes swirling around him, he realized the deeper truths of the songs his mother sang… When he looked at the guardian, he didn’t see a monster. He saw someone who needed a friend. Still enraged, the yeti did not expect the first snowball to the face. Or the second. Snowball fight! In anger, then shock, then joy, the guardian joined in, shaped not by fear, but by a child’s imagination. He was growing furrier and friendlier. His growl was becoming a laugh. Until the beast accidentally broke the boy’s flute. As the child began to cry, the guardian felt a kindred grief take shape around the gem. For centuries, he had looked into it and seen the end of his people—the threat they had buried, betrayal by the blind one—and now, instead, he saw a caravan burning. He heard a voice on the wind. He sensed something else within the boy, something he had never felt from a human, not even the three sisters who had come to him long ago. It was love, fighting back despair. In that moment, the guardian knew the Freljord’s only hope lay in the power already within this child. The magic he’d been guarding was a tool; what truly mattered was the heart that would shape it. With a gesture, the magic passed from the gem into the boy, giving him the ability to make his imagination real. To repair his flute, freezing it in dreams that hardened into True Ice. To imagine a best friend named “Willump.” Escaping into the Freljordian plains, Nunu’s heart and Willump’s strength now enable the pair to do what they never could alone: to have an adventure! Following the songs of Nunu’s mother, they snowball wildly from one place to the next, holding onto the hope that she is still out there, somewhere. But Willump knows that with magic and dreams come responsibility. One day the games will end, as the dark ice at the heart of the Freljord thaws, and thaws… [spotlight_embed_url] => [role] => Support [defense_rating] => 6 [magic_rating] => 7 [attack_rating] => 4 [difficulty_rating] => 4 [damage_rating] => 1 [mobility_rating] => 1 [cc_rating] => 2 [toughness_rating] => 3 [utility_rating] => 2 [health] => 535 [health_increase] => 108 [mana] => 284 [mana_increase] => 42 [movement_speed] => 345 [armor] => 23 [armor_increase] => 3.5 [magic_resistance] => 32.1 [magic_resistance_increase] => 0 [attack_damage] => 59 [attack_damage_increase] => 3.45 [critical_strike] => 2 [critical_strike_increase] => 0.3 [health_regeneration] => 5 [health_regeneration_increase] => 0.16 [mana_regeneration] => 7.4 [mana_regeneration_increase] => 0.06 [attack_range] => 125 [attack_speed] => 0.625 [ability_power] => 0 [ability_power_18] => 0 [attack_speed_18] => 0.738 [health_18] => 1980 [mana_18] => 998 [movement_speed_18] => 345 [armor_18] => 82.5 [magic_resistance_18] => 53.4 [attack_damage_18] => 127 [critical_strike_18] => 0 [health_regeneration_18] => 18.6 [mana_regeneration_18] => 15.9 [attack_range_18] => 125 [tip_playing_as] => [tip_playing_against] => [client_id] => 20 [riot_points] => 260 [influence_points] => 450 [icon] => /content/champion/312e302e302e37302d3230.jpg [is_published] => 1 [is_deprecated] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_buildable] => 1 [is_free] => 0 [views] => 20845 [view_count] => 5012396 [comments] => 5 [comment_count] => 5 [votes] => 8 [vote_count] => 11 [community_tier_list_vote_count] => 518 [community_tier_list_score] => 0.58417 [community_tier_list_rank] => 3 [score] => 11 [lastpost_ts] => 2010-12-27 08:36:16 [last_comment_ts] => 2010-12-18 17:35:23 [critical_strike_chance] => 0 [critical_strike_chance_18] => 0 [preferred_skin] => 314 [create_ts] => 2018-08-29 00:00:00 ) [skin] => [abilities] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [ability_id] => 895 [champion_id] => 12 [display_name] => Call of the Freljord [unranked_description] => Damaging enemy champions, large monsters, or structures increases the attack and movement speed of Willump and a nearby ally for a few seconds (prioritizing the ally with the highest attack speed). While Willump hears the Call of the Freljord, his basic attacks cleave the immediate area for a portion of the damage. [ranked_description] => Nunu's and Willump's next instance of damage dealt to an enemy champion, large monster or structure grants both Willump and the nearest allied champion Call of the Freljord for 4 seconds, prioritizing the ally with highest attack speed. Call of the Freljord: Targets gain 20% bonus attack speed and 10% bonus movement speed. Willump's basic attacks additionally deal 30% AD Attack damage bonus physical damage against the main target and to enemies around himself. Nunu and Willump cannot trigger Call of the Freljord from the same enemy again for a time. Successive triggers of Call of the Freljord will stack with duration, up to 40 seconds, after which the duration will be refreshed. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 0 [cooldown_rank_2] => 0 [cooldown_rank_3] => 0 [cooldown_rank_4] => 0 [cooldown_rank_5] => 0 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 0 [cost_rank_2] => 0 [cost_rank_3] => 0 [cost_rank_4] => 0 [cost_rank_5] => 0 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 0 [range_rank_2] => 0 [range_rank_3] => 0 [range_rank_4] => 0 [range_rank_5] => 0 [keybind] => Passive [video_url] => [display_order] => 0 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 ) [1] => Array ( [ability_id] => 58 [champion_id] => 12 [display_name] => Consume [unranked_description] => Willump takes a bite of a target enemy, dealing damage and healing himself, increased by 50% when below 50% of maximum health. Against champions, deals magic damage, and against minions and monsters deals true damage. [ranked_description] => Willump takes a bite of a target enemy. Against non-champions, he deals {340/500/660/820/980} true damage and heals himself by {75/110/145/180/215} {0.7} (+ 10% bonus health), increased by 50% when below 50% of maximum health. Against champions, Consume deals {60/100/140/180/220} {0.5} (+ 5% bonus health) magic damage, and heals Nunu & Willump by {60/96/132/168/204} {0.56} (+ 8% bonus health). [description] => The Yeti takes a bite out of target minion, dealing heavy damage to it and restoring his own health. [icon] => /content/spell/312e302e302e37302d32302d3 [cooldown_rank_1] => 12 [cooldown_rank_2] => 11 [cooldown_rank_3] => 10 [cooldown_rank_4] => 9 [cooldown_rank_5] => 8 [cooldown] => 35 [cost_rank_1] => 60 [cost_rank_2] => 60 [cost_rank_3] => 60 [cost_rank_4] => 60 [cost_rank_5] => 60 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 230 [range_rank_1] => 125 [range_rank_2] => 125 [range_rank_3] => 125 [range_rank_4] => 125 [range_rank_5] => 125 [keybind] => Q [video_url] => [display_order] => 1 [range_type] => ranged [target_type] => unit [comment_count] => 5 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2013-11-23 10:15:44 ) [2] => Array ( [ability_id] => 896 [champion_id] => 12 [display_name] => Biggest Snowball Ever! [unranked_description] => Willump starts rolling a snowball that grows in size and speed. Crashing the snowball into a wall, enemy champion, or large monster damages and knocks up nearby enemies. Reactivating the ability sends the snowball forward in straight line, damaging and knocking up minions in addition to champions and monsters. [ranked_description] => Nunu conjures a snowball that Willump begins rolling with increasing movement speed in the target direction for up to 10 seconds, increasing its size over 5 seconds. The duo is immune to slows during the charge. The trajectory can be adjusted over the duration at a highly reduced capacity that increases while turning in the same direction, resetting when changing direction. The snowball will hit enemies it passes through, and explodes upon colliding with an enemy champion, large monster or terrain, hitting enemies within range of the explosion. Enemies hit take up to {180/225/270/315/360} {1.5} magic damage, and are knocked up. The damage and knockup increase based on charge time. After 10 seconds, upon re-activation or if the duo are interrupted, they will let loose the snowball, sending it rolling forward for an additional 1-3 (based on charge time) seconds during which it will not grow any larger. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 14 [cooldown_rank_2] => 14 [cooldown_rank_3] => 14 [cooldown_rank_4] => 14 [cooldown_rank_5] => 14 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 50 [cost_rank_2] => 55 [cost_rank_3] => 60 [cost_rank_4] => 65 [cost_rank_5] => 70 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 0 [range_rank_2] => 0 [range_rank_3] => 0 [range_rank_4] => 0 [range_rank_5] => 0 [keybind] => W [video_url] => [display_order] => 2 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 ) [3] => Array ( [ability_id] => 897 [champion_id] => 12 [display_name] => Snowball Barrage [unranked_description] => Nunu rapidly flings up to three volleys of snowballs for a few seconds, damaging champions and monsters and marking them Snowbound. Enemies hit by all three snowballs in a volley are briefly slowed. When Snowball Barrage ends, all Snowbound enemies near Nunu & Willump are briefly rooted. [ranked_description] => Nunu throws a volley of 3 snowballs in the target direction over 0.4 seconds, each snowball shattering upon hitting an enemy, dealing {16/24/32/40/48} {0.06} magic damage to enemies in a cone. Enemies hit 3 times are slowed by 50% for 1 second. Champions and large monsters hit once are also Snowbound for 4 seconds, resetting on each hit. Damage per volley: {48/72/96/120/144} {0.18} Total damage: {144/216/288/360/432} {0.54} Snowball Barrage can be re-activated up to 2 times at no cost for 3 seconds. An enemy cannot be slowed more than once. After 3 seconds, it is Willump's Turn. Willump's Turn: Willump roots Snowbound enemies around him for 0.5-1.5 (based on level) seconds, dealing {20/30/40/50/60} {0.8} magic damage. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 14 [cooldown_rank_2] => 14 [cooldown_rank_3] => 14 [cooldown_rank_4] => 14 [cooldown_rank_5] => 14 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 50 [cost_rank_2] => 55 [cost_rank_3] => 60 [cost_rank_4] => 65 [cost_rank_5] => 70 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 690 [range_rank_2] => 690 [range_rank_3] => 690 [range_rank_4] => 690 [range_rank_5] => 690 [keybind] => E [video_url] => [display_order] => 3 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 ) [4] => Array ( [ability_id] => 61 [champion_id] => 12 [display_name] => Absolute Zero [unranked_description] => Nunu & Willump sap heat from the area around them for up to 3 seconds, gaining a shield and slowing all nearby enemies. Enemies caught in the area when the channel ends are dealt massive damage. [ranked_description] => Nunu & Willump sap heat from the area around them for up to 3 seconds. Moving ends Absolute Zero's effects immediately, and the area is invisible if the duo is not revealed. The duo gains a shield for {65/75/85} (+ {30/40/50}% bonus health) while channeling that refreshes each second, and enemies within the frosted area are slowed by 50-95% (based on channel time). Enemies caught in the frozen area when the channel ends or is interrupted take up to {625/950/1275} {2.5} magic damage (based on channel time). [description] => Nunu begins to sap the area of heat, gradually slowing all nearby enemies. When the ability ends, he deals massive damage to all enemies caught in the area. [icon] => /content/spell/312e302e302e37302d32302d3 [cooldown_rank_1] => 110 [cooldown_rank_2] => 100 [cooldown_rank_3] => 90 [cooldown_rank_4] => 90 [cooldown_rank_5] => 90 [cooldown] => 150 [cost_rank_1] => 100 [cost_rank_2] => 100 [cost_rank_3] => 100 [cost_rank_4] => 100 [cost_rank_5] => 100 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 575 [range_rank_1] => 575 [range_rank_2] => 575 [range_rank_3] => 575 [range_rank_4] => 575 [range_rank_5] => 575 [keybind] => R [video_url] => [display_order] => 4 [range_type] => ranged [target_type] => self [comment_count] => 24 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2017-03-03 15:42:55 ) ) [threat_counts] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => 0 [2] => 0 [3] => 0 [4] => 0 [5] => 0 ) [leaguespyStats] => Array ( [status] => 1 [data] => Array ( [champion] => Array ( [id] => 20 [mobafire_id] => 12 [name] => Nunu [url] => nunu [free_to_play] => 1 ) [lane] => Jungle [laneAlt] => Jungle Role [rank] => 13 [rankings] => 74 [rankingsCount] => 50 [winRate] => 54 ) ) ) 1


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Freljord is an unforgiving land covered in snow and ice. Travel, especially in the winter, can be very dangerous. The elements often claim even those who have spent their entire lives there. The boy known as Nunu is defined by such tragedy. One day when he was a young child, Nunu rode on his father's back as they returned from a trapping expedition in the mountains. An unexpected blizzard came upon them, forcing them to seek refuge in a cave. The tempest was the worst in countless years, and it lasted for days. Nunu's father left to find food, but he never returned.

The blizzard eventually cleared, and the young child lay dying on the mountainside. Fortunately for Nunu, this was the land of the yetis, who are powerful beasts with whom Nunu's father had secured an arrangement for safe passage. A young yeti boy named Willump found Nunu and brought him home. From then on Nunu was raised by the yetis, whose culture remains a mystery to most Runeterrans. The boy quickly discovered that the seemingly savage creatures were in fact deeply spiritual beings living in harmony with their environment. They are very territorial and unafraid of defending themselves if called upon to do so. The yetis have watched the rest of Valoran, and they can smell the change on the wind. When the League of Legends was formed, the yetis knew they needed a champion. Riding his brother Willump, Nunu became that champion. Those who follow the League know that the boy is mature beyond his years, but, while he appears human, his mind is that of his adoptive kin.

"If this is him now, imagine what Nunu will be like when he grows up!"
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Various Strategys

Nunu can be built as either ability power, tank or a DPS. It is recommended to not have mix of all three.
By combining a caster Nunu with a spell vamp item like Will of the Ancients Nunu can become impressively resilient, healing over a hundred hp from a single Ice Blast and potentially fully healing with Absolute Zero if enough enemies are caught in its area of effect.
Spell Vamp also works quite effectively with Consume, getting the heal from Consume and the spell vamp heal for doing 500-900 true damage to the minion.
With defensive masteries, runes and a Rod of Ages Nunu can be a teams tank without any tank items thanks to his high hp gain.
Although an ability power Nunu's Absolute Zero skill can be devastating for the enemy team, Nunu needs only to be silenced, stunned, etc. for the spell to be canceled. If this happens the skill will be put on its full cooldown having only done a small fraction of its damage. A Banshee's Veil is a must have item to avoid this. With Banshee's Veil, Nunu will have to be interrupted twice in order for his ultimate to be canceled.
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VISIONARY - This is a great passive because it will allow you to harrass and stay in your lane for longer periods of time. Use this spell with your consume, ice blast and absolute zero; your main mana drainers. Use Blood Boil after visionary proc's if you don't already have it on.

CONSUME - This is your KEY TO SURVIVAL you are going to max this as soon as you can whenever your not maxing ICE BLAST or ABSOLUTE ZERO. The reason you want to get this before Blood Boil is because you are going to want to stay alive and stay in your lane longer than just running a little bit faster. It will also help you primarily with jungling. If you max this sooner rather than later you can get the upper hand on the competition by consuming Golem and Lizard and gaining those very important buffs as well as getting more gold which is always good.

BLOOD BOIL - Once you get Blood Boil you need to use it every 15 seconds that you can. This spell will help you chase and get away from enemies. This is needed later because you are going to want more survivability from CONSUME other than to be a little bit faster.

ICE BLAST - Key nuke and slow spell. Try to harass champions with this as soon as you get it once you proc your visionary.

ABSOLUTE ZERO - This is a spell that is going to hit hard during mid and late game. Use it wisely, try using it in the bushes and in big team fights. Or the teleport + absolute zero = +1 Kill and 2 stacks. Although you must be careful because your ultimate can be stopped by any stun, taunt, throw and push. So be aware of who you cast it on or the people you cast it near.
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Skill Usage

* Consume allows Nunu to stay in a lane against ranged opponents, especially against Heimerdinger's turrets which can be destroyed with a single Consume. It also allows Nunu to be a very effective jungler due to its healing and true damage.
o You can use Consume to heal yourself if a fight is not going your way, or to heal some Health if you are trying to escape from an enemy. It can often help you avoid death if you Consume a unit while retreating.
* Due to the high slow and long duration of the slow from Ice Blast, it is often a good idea to get at least one rank early game to help get kills.
* You can choose to interrupt Absolute Zero early for partial damage if an opponent is about to run out of range.
* Ice Blast before Absolute Zero with a Rylai's Crystal Scepter or summoner skill Exhaust can lead to a very devastating combo.
* Absolute Zero can be canceled by crowd control such as a stun/silence/taunt/etc. Be wary of the enemy champions around you.
* Absolute Zero has one of the largest ability power ratios in the game (x2.5) - thus making him a very sturdy caster. Stacking up on ability power will greatly increase its damage. Use him in collaboration with Anivia to dominate AoE damage in a lane.
* Utilizing Visionary can enable Nunu to constantly harass with Ice Blast and heal with Consume. Blood Boil can also be utilized to trigger Visionary more often, especially if laning with a friendly ranged hero like Ashe or Tristana.
* Nunu's Absolute Zero is most effective when it is used alongside other ultimates such as Curse of the Sad Mummy, Grand Skyfall and Idol Of Durand.
* Consume allows Nunu to be an effective jungler at level 1.
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