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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Infamousneer

Nunu the Great!

Infamousneer Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I honestly don't play 5v5 much or well. It is just not my cup of tea so if you are looking for that kind of build you're in the wrong place.

I don't try to solo much because someone always calls it first so I have got used to being on bottom lane. You will get a lot of team kills 2v2 but mine end up being assists. If you want more gold then I suggest top unless Jax is top.... I hate Jax.....

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Skill Sequence

Well first, i am not sure about the process of getting them. I always forgot after I max out ice blast. Some people like to rely on blood boil or balance it out with consume but i usually max out ice blast, then consume. It depends if you want to 1v1 or 2v2. It also depends if you are facing tank, melee, or range. If you are facing a range period I would max ice then consume. If you are facing 1 or 2 melees I would max ice blast then blood boil. If you are facing two tanks you better hope you have a good player with you and save your ultimate for the perfect chance.

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I like my Nunu to be more balanced. I start out with health instead of shoes because it helps later instead of getting first blood which I never seem to get. I somehow end up with a whole lot of assists.

If you want you can easily change "Guardian Angel" and "Crystal Scepter". Either way works. I am just used to having Guardian first. If you want more ap early I suggest Scepter. I am more aggressive so I get armor and revive with my saving "Guardian Angel"

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Using Spells


I use Exhaust for the sole purpose of getting a kill. What's worse than getting ice blasted by Nunu and then Exhausted just to be ice blasted again. This guarantees a kill of a squishy if not a more armored character.

I also use Exhaust in 2v2 to slow both enemies and give my teammates the perfect kill setup. There is also the purpose of using Exhaust when using ultimate later game. This combo is sure to get you that much needed kill.


I use Ghost for two reasons. Both of which doesn't include running away. In 3v3 switching lanes is easy to do and therefore ganking is a lot easier. Using Ghost to catch up to the opposite lane and then using blood boil makes sure don's lose your enemy.

When you are facing a more armored enemy Ghost can let you stay with him if he tries to evade. It also lets you turret dive when needed if you have the applied health.

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Using Ultimate :D

Okay, there are 2 1/2 efficient ways to use Nunu's ultimate. One is the get your teammates to lure your enemy into the bushes and activating it right before that get into the bush. (not very good against people who can interrupt) Another way is the attack head on, Ice blast, Exhaust (to 1 or 2 people) and then unload the Icy Circle of Death. I would Exhaust the interrupter if there is one. The last and 1/2 effective way to use your ultimate at there turret. This is only effective if you are 1v1 with them and you have minions. Using Nunu's ultimate will inflict heavy damage onto your opponent and their turret cannot do anything until it's done. (Warning: this means you cannot attack opponent with Ice Blast or Exhaust before using Ultimate) Trust me. It seems like a stupid idea but I have gotten plenty of kills doing so. You wouldn't imagine how many chances you will get to do so.

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Again, I like a balanced Nunu between AP and Health. This way he becomes a good carry as both tank and mage. I stack masteries with health and let my runes take up AP. Some people might not like this because you want to stack everything under one thing. My build is more of a helping your teammate then getting all the kills, but don't worry you will still get plenty.

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First Build

I hope you like my build. I put a good amount of effort into this and registered to Mobafire just to put this build up. Please, any advice would help so I can learn Nunu better and share it with everyone else. Thank You for Reading :3

As you can tell I have little idea on how to do this. lol. Please inform me on how to insert the informative pictures and whatnot. I would totally appreciate it :D.( I have no idea how many character I have......)