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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tmellberg

Nunu the Mid Bruiser

tmellberg Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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"Don't make the Yeti angry. You won't like him when he's angry!"

Most players wont even consider Nunu to be an effective mid champion. This build and these strategies will change the way people see Nunu forever. Nunu can be more effective at mid then almost any other champion because of his sustainability. He has great heal and harassment capabilities. Follow this guide and you will be one mean Tibbers eating epic Nunu.

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I picked 9 in Offense for the 15% magic penetration, and 21 in Defense for Nunu's survivability. To complement Nunu's harassment capabilities, i chose ability cool-down runes and speed boost Quintessences.

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Champion Spells and Breakdown

This is a great passive because it will allow you to harrass and stay in your lane for longer periods of time. On every 7th attack hit, your next speell will cost you no mana.Try and use this passive to your advantage when you harass the enemy champion. After you get Tear of the Goddess you shouldn't have many problems with mana.
The reason you want to get this before Blood Boil is because you are going to want that sustainability and be in your lane as long as possible. It also helps with jungling. Maxing this ability first can decide if you live or die in the lane.It is also helpful in doing massive damage to creeps for buffs and gold.
After you acquire Blood Boil you need to use it every time it comes off cool-down. This spell will help you chase and get away from enemies. This is a helpful skill later because you are going to want to be able to boost your companions attack speed and movement speed.
Try and harass enemy champions with this as soon as you get it. It does quite a bit of damage in the beginning of the game. Late game, your opponents will have a very hard time escaping you. Use this spell with before you consume a minion or nearby creep in case they retaliate and you need to heal.
Because this spell does so much damage, you really do not need that much AP to be effective in battle. Be careful because your ultimate can be stopped by any taunt, stun, push and throw. So be aware of where you cast it. If you hide in the bush, the enemy can not see the spell animation, and before they know whats going on, they take massive damage.

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Summoner Spells

Even though you do have Ice Blast which slows your enemy for a short time.I find that exhaust is very needed. Exhaust is a great spell because it not only slows them by 40% for 3 seconds it also makes them have a 100% miss chance for those 3 seconds as well which can be a life saver. Also, if you stack a Ice Blast with Exhaust you have a 90% speed decrease.

Speed decrease break down:
Exhaust - 40% speed decrease and 100% miss chance for 3 seconds.
Ice Blast - 50% speed decrease for 4 seconds.

Flash will save your life and get you more kills than if you had any other spell. It is without a doubt the best summoner spell for Nunu behind Exhaust. With flash you can do alot of different things. You can escape from confrontations with ease. You can use flash to flash through various walls depending on their size. (Try and stay next to a wall in a fight) This will take some trial and error to get used to. You can also use flash as a offensive spell by. by flashing in front of where the enemy is going to catch up for the kill or an ult.

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First minute with Nunu.

As soon as the minions spawn, you should consume the strongest banshee next to mid lane. This will give you an experience advantage and almost put you to level two. As the first line of minions perish, you will have reached level two, out leveling the enemy champ and now able to harass.

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Har*** the enemy in mid with your E ability whenever you can. A soon as they start hiding by their turret. Wait till the 7th attack on a minion and then use the E on the enemy hero because it will not cost you any of your mana. Level up your consume first, this will allow you to stay in team fights longer, and out hp your opponent. Your ability cool-down spec and the increased movement speed will allow you to hit and run allot faster. If you get in a tough spot, go back to the banshies and consume one.

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First blood

If your lucky enough, the enemy hero has not retreated and they are at half health. Let them harass you until you are at their health level and are pushed back to a turret. Consume a minion, hit them with E, then exhaust, flash behind them and cast your ult, then finish them off with E and maybe one or two hits if its a tougher hero.

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Team fights

With this build you want to wait a few seconds for everyone to use up their stuns. Hide in a neighboring bush (enemy can not see animation) and use your ult. Before they realize whats going on you do massive damage and you team can finish them off. Try and stay next to a wall during team fights so if need to retreat you can flash over a wall.

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Creeping / Jungling

Whenever you can after you get to level 14 you can easily kill the dragon. Take advantage of this whenever possible. If you see the enemy hero leave mid lane, call mia and go get one of the two buffs. After you acquire Tear of the Goddess, you should not run out of mana that often, making it easier for you to harass and able to kill minions and creeps instantly by consume on your way through the jungle giving you some health/gold/xp.

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Unique Skills

Your consume ability enables you to deal massive damage to minions and creeps. But also allows you to consume enemy summons, such as Annie's Tibbers and Malazars Voidling. Although it will not allow you to eat Shaco's clone or Mord's summon.

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* Nunu is the name of one of the developer's dogs. He also uses it as a pet name for his wife.

* Nunu's joke is a reference to Theodore Roosevelt's famous quote, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

* Nunu's taunt is a reference to "The Hulk."

* In thermodynamics, "absolute zero" refers to a state where the temperature of a system is at the lowest possible limit: approximately -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, -273.15 degrees Celsius, or zero Kelvin.

* Nunu's dance is a reference to Michael Jackson's famous Moon Walk.

* Nunu was designed by Guinsoo.

* The Yeti's name is Willump.

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Last words

Who wouldn't want to eat Tibbers?