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League of Legends Build Guide Author ParanoidSquirrel

Nunu, The Unbreakable Snowman

ParanoidSquirrel Last updated on December 14, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey! This is a build for Nunu :)
I prefer to use this cuzz u get good with Ability Power which gives you an insane damage on champions!
I use the Void Staff and Sorcerer Boots for a nice penetration which is nice for Nunus Magic Spells...

The Skill Secquence i've set up is not totally right i think but here is how i prefer to upgrade:
R -> E -> Q -> W

If you have difficulties with surviving (something that i bet u dont) you can swap the Zhonya's Ring with an Guardian Angel to help u survive the last fights in the end game battles. But i would not recommend it.


Early Game: Lv. 1-5
In the start of a game go with a Amplifying Tome and 1x Mana Pot
Its very important that you play a defencive-nunu in the start, even tho he is a tank.
At level 1. You start out with the Snowball-Skill... It helps you to gank your enemies that you probably meet in the grass at the start (use to be played like that)
Just hit and run with the Snowball to lower their health, maybe you dont get any champions killed. But get them to 100-200 health is also nice, because then they will have to recall to heal. That gives you some time to help push the turret. ^^,
Maybe some of you wonder why i pick the 1x Mana Pot instead of the 1x HP Pot. But thats because when you HnR with the "Ice Blast" you will lose mana pretty fast. Thats why i choose the Mana Pot, since nunu is a tank builded champion he does have some health that makes it better to have the mana back than the health.

At level 3-5. You can start play a little more agressive, but still watch your health all the time, because its not strong yet. But you keep HnR (Hit n' Run) with that Snowball and you will maybe get a kill or two :)

Now you will have enough money to upgrade the Amplifying Tome to a Mejai's Soulstealer
And it will probably stack you some ability power. DONT DIE! :D Then u loose 2 stacks :( buuhu

Mid Game: Lv. 6-12
Now you got your Ultimate ready and its time to have fun. Try to hit your champions so often as you can with Ice Blast. You dont need more then 1 but i prefer to wait for 2 champions to kill with your freaking awesome ultimate skill that gives an i-i-i-insane damage with or without good items, but if you havn't died yet you should have some stacks with Mejai's Soulstealer. So that will help you good in your ultimates damage, 1 Ability Power = 2.5 in your ultimates damage. So if you have 100 Ability Power you will get (+250) Magic Damage in your ultimate. Try to ultimate 1 or more champions, and with help from a good lane mate, it will be a easy kill for you to take down.
Now try to use your Q skill to farm a little bit in the jungle. And take down the lizard and the golem to get yourself some buffs. Helps your mana regeneration too :)
Well, try now to get the Sorcerer's Boots pretty fast, you will need some speed and Magic Penetration after that you are going to be attacking pretty often now as you got your ultimate too. And keep following the item build to get throught it.

End Game: Lv. 13-18
Now you have your Blood Boil in level 2, helps you abit and its nice if u have much mana left, then you can always help your teammates :)
This skill is the reason why you won't have to buy boots right away and once you did you can even keep up with Master Yi and his ult. Combined with Ice Blast makes Nunu the fastest Champ in this game from there's no escape, except for stealth.
But since they use to have some magic resistance in the enemies team, i prefer to get the boots pretty fast after Mejai's Soulstealer anyway.

Keep doing the same to kill champions as earlier.. Harras them with Ice Blast and try to get some multikills with your ultimate. ^^
Try to kill dangeous champions such as Master Yi, before he gets too powerful.

IF WINNING : Get your last Zhonya's Ring
IF LOSING/GETTING PUSHED : Guardian Angel ( helps u survive ever longer )

Yeah, have fun as nunu! :D