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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clelond

Nunu - True Jungling Guide

Clelond Last updated on January 2, 2011
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This is my First Build on Mobafire. I do not yet know how to make fancy pictures or anything like that, unfortunetely. Now some of you may look at my skill sequence and go NOOB ZOMG. But please try it a few times before you bash it.(And try several times. One or two games will not be enough, seeing as how every game is played differently and you may obliterate one game, while "Epicly failing" the next, while playing the same exact way. I will go over eatch item I pick and why, Why I chose this Item sequence, and of course My prefered way to jungle.

Alright, so My runes may leave you going WTF NOOOB. but hey, These are the runes I had at the time and they have worked out so far, If anyone has any other suggestions I'd love the advice.

I go 9/0/21 To make your attacks hit harder, Get improved smite. Help with Longer buff duration and the neccesary Masteries for jungling.

Now onto Jungling. I know there are several ways to Jungle, You can start at blue, or not. I realize. How I jungle is pretty easy.

Start off with a Cloth armor and 5 Health potions. Go to the 2 golems either on top or bottom of the screen. When they first apear, engage in battle. As soon as one hits you pop a Health potion. Wait tell that same golem goes below 500 hp and use consume. And atk the other golem tell consume comes up and consume it. Use a Health pot now.

Put a point in Blood Boil. Run over to the Wraiths, Consume the big blue one and throw on Blood boil and attack the others. I chose to save the last for a consume on it but you don't have to. You CAN use another hp pot if you like.

Run over to the wolves, Blood Boil and Consume the big one, after that camp you should be level 3, Put a point into consume. Use a health pot if you need to but make sure you are at full health before engaging the Blue golem.

When you atk Put blood boil on, pop a Health potion on yourself and auto attack the golem. When you get around 3/4 health use consume. Keep attacking.(put Blood Boil on when it comes off Colldown)

After that Head over to the 2 Golems you first killed. Kill them, put another point onto Blood Boil.

Head to the Wraiths and do the same thing you did the first time you got to the camp. At this time you will want to Blue pill( Recall) back to base. at this point you should be able to buy MAdred's Razors a health potion and a Ward.

Go to the Wolves and kill them. You should be 5, Put the point into Ice Blast. Head over to the Dragon, Place the ward in the bush next to The bottom lane. Throw Blood boil on, begin auto attacking the Dragon, and hit him with Ice Blast, when you get around 3/4 health use consume. Remember to put blood Boil on after every Cooldown and hit the dragon with Ice Blast whenever it comes off Cooldown, at this point do the same with Consume. Use Smite to finish it off.

What you do now depends on where yur team is at. You can help bottom if you think you can, I usually only go if the enemy has atleast one with 1/2 health or less and my allies have 1/2 or more. You can help mid, be sure to consult with both before you enage.

At this point your solo side lane may have to Blue pill, ask him/er if they need to and if they do take it over. Don't go for a kill just get them off tower and consume Creeps (mainly the cannon one). The other option is to continue jungling.

Now yes, I do get a Madred's Razors, simpy beause it deals extra dmg to minions. This allows you to kill dragon at lvl 5. And throughout the game this will make your Jungling a million times faster.

After that I go into boots, I do not choose to upgrade them at this point because with Blood Boil you can move pretty fast. After shoes get Catalyst. Then upgrade boots.

Your next item depends on the type of team your facing. If your enemy team has heavy cc go with banshees, if not, or has just one, go with RoA. I never get both, seeing as how they both take around(not exactly) 3k gold to make I would not like to spend the gold on them both.

After that I usually get Mejai's Unless I don't think I will be getting into many fights. Move onto Zhonya's, any smart person would get this Item. I mean the AP gain is incredible plus the ability to go immune for a few seconds is unbeatable. It can save your life in many situations.

The next item I chose to get is Lich Bane, I don't see ANY Nunus out there using this item, Many say because you wont be auto atking bcause of you ult. I beg to differ, even with your ult You will still need to do dmg after because maybe some of your enemis got out or you made it go off before the cast can end, in any case, Your Ice Blast + Lich Bane should allow you to take out 1/2 of and opponents health. I must admit I have only gotten to this last item once, It usually will never happen.

I wish I knew how to make Videos and make pictures but I yet do not know, But I hope this guide helped for what it was, I will be touching it up. I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes i have made, I wrote this pretty fast. Also any advice is welcome, I would love to hear your critsism.