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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Simple Logic

Nunu - Ultimate AP/SP Carry

Simple Logic Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Utility: 21

Introduction"Don't make the Yeti angry. You won't like him when he's angry!"

Nunu was the first champion that I ever bought and he will always be my favorite. As my wins increased and my kill death ratio persisted I decided to share this with you, the mobafire community. Thus, this guide was born. I have been playing with this build for quite a few months now and I feel that this is the most effective way to play and win with Nunu. I have put a lot of time and effort into designing this for your success and it will become very in-depth and possibly overwhelming but if you are a true Nunu enthusiast like myself or just want to know more about Nunu and how to play him then I'm sure you'll find this to your liking. If you feel that I could add something in or take something out please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks for giving me your time and I hope you find this build as effective as I have. Good luck and have fun.

I: Pros and Cons
II: Summoner Spells
- Combos
III: Runes
IV: Masteries
V: Champion Spells and Breakdown
- Absolute Zero Tips
VI: Playing as Nunu
- Early game rotations: Harassment/Zoning/Lane Pushing
- Mid/End game rotations and combos
- Explanation videos
VII: Placing your ultimate
- Ultimate tip video
- Team fights
IX: Core Items
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter Controversy
X: Early Game Items and Breakdown
- Buy tip video
- Health potion tip
XI: Mid Game Items and Breakdown
XII: End Game Items and Breakdown
- Zhonya's Ring tip
XIII: Conclusion
- Tripple kill and g-g-g godlike screen shot

Only costs 450 Influence Points.
Arguably the best damage in the game.
Amazing health for such a good damage dealer.
Movement and Attack Speed increase.
2 Nuke abilities.
Significant survivability.
Nunu can also Consume Annie's Tibbers, Heimerdingers turrets and the very beginning of Teemo's mushrooms. This is very enjoyable and extremely beneficial.

Mana regen can be a complication early game, but not a huge worry.
Usually a main target. (Everyone wants you dead, especially if your fed.)
Your ultimate can be stopped by any by any stun, taunt, throw and push.

Summoner Spells

- I find that exhaust is very needed. Even though you do have Ice Blast which slows your enemy for a short time. Exhaust is a great spell because it not only slows them by 40% for 3 seconds it also makes them have a 100% miss chance for those 3 seconds as well which can be a life saver. Also, if you stack a Ice Blast with Exhaust you have a 90% speed decrease.

Speed decrease break down:
Exhaust - 40% speed decrease and 100% miss chance for 3 seconds.
Ice Blast - 50% speed decrease for 4 seconds.

- Flash is without a doubt the best summoner spell for Nunu behind Exhaust. With flash you can do various things. You can escape from confrontations with ease. You can use flash to flash through various walls depending on their size. This will take some practice to get used to. You can also use flash as a offensive spell by doing the various combo's below.

Flash Combos
1. Flash
2. Absolute Zero
3. Ice Blast


1. Flash
2. Ice Blast
3. Absolute Zero

These are very fun and extremely effective.

- Teleport can help your team in various ways; by saving team mates and your teams towers or if your lazy you can just tele to a minion incase you don't want to run cross map :P

Infamous Teleport Nuke
1. Teleport
2. Blood Boil (if needed)
3. Ice Blast
4. Absolute Zero

- Is a great damage over time spell to help you burn down your target or if they are running away from you. Or you need to burn them down faster because they have huge damage outputs. Also great to have against health regen and healers.

- Can be a very good spell for Nunu since he is almost always considered as main target and this spell can save your butt an awful lot.


I find these the most effective for a strict Nunu build you may arrange them to what fits your play style. These will give you everything you need throughout the game to succeed. Spell penetration, ability power and cooldown reduction.


I feel that 9/0/21 is the most efficient for Nunu because he already has enough survivability without having to go into the defense tree. While using the 9 offense tree you will find yourself coming up with extra AP and SP which is crucial for your future success. The Utility tree will help you with various things: mana and health regeneration, total experienced gained, base movement speed, cooldown reduction and summoner spell reduction and more.

Champion Spells and Breakdown

- This is a great passive because it will allow you to harrass and stay in your lane for longer periods of time. Use this spell with your consume, ice blast and absolute zero; your main mana drainers. Use Blood Boil after visionary proc's if you don't already have it on.

- This is your KEY TO SURVIVAL you are going to max this as soon as you can whenever your not maxing or The reason you want to get this before Blood Boil is because you are going to want to stay alive and stay in your lane longer than just running a little bit faster. It will also help you primarily with jungling. If you max this sooner rather than later you can get the upper hand on the competition by consuming Golem and Lizard and gaining those very important buffs as well as getting more gold which is always good.

- Once you get Blood Boil you need to use it every 15 seconds that you can. This spell will help you chase and get away from enemies. This is needed later because you are going to want more survivability from other than to be a little bit faster.

- Key nuke and slow spell. Try to harass champions with this as soon as you get it once you proc your visionary.

- This is a spell that is going to hit hard during mid and late game. Use it wisely, try using it in the bushes and in big team fights. Or the infamous... teleport + absolute zero = +1 Kill and 2 stacks :p Although you must be careful because your ultimate can be stopped by any stun, taunt, throw and push. So be aware of who you cast it on or the people you cast it near.

Absolute Zero Tips

If you find that your target(s) are running out of the circle of your casted absolute zero then you can wait til' they are barely touching the inside of the circle and then RIGHT CLICK to cancel the ultimate and it will hit them for however much damage they stayed in the circle for.

You can also cast Exhaust during your ultimate to ensure that for 3 seconds no one will break your ultimate and it will slow them even more on top of the slow from your ultimate. This is good for 1v1's mainly or if you know you have a heavy stun/silencer near you and you want them dead.

FUN FACT: While laning with Zilean he can use on you as you are casting your ultimate and you could die before it is finished and you will be reborn casting your ultimate.

Playing as Nunu

Playing as Nunu is quite simple, therefore I won't go into the details of how to play him as a champion. Although I will go through the simple rotations on how to kill enemy champions and gain stacks.

Early game rotations:

HARASSMENT/ZONING/LANE PUSHING: This is a quick little video on how to harass and push back your enemies using the rotations below. As you can see what I started out doing was just regularly hitting minions as any champion would and then as soon as my visioinary proced I would then harass and further push the other enemy champions all be way back to there turret. Then, once I leveled up to level 2, I immediately get to stay in the lane longer without having to recall for health. This skill is good because it allows you to have complete control of your lane. You control the gold, the experience, the kills etc. This is how you should start early game.

Early Game Harass
1. Ice Blast
2. Auto attack x7 Visionary (between minions and the enemy champion)
3. Ice Blast
4. Consume (only to regain health if lost)

How to use Blood Boil
Early Game Kill Combo
1. Blood Boil (to be prepared to catch up or to evade a champion)
2. Ice Blast
3. Ice Blast
4. Consume (only to regain health if lost)

Mid Game Kill Combo
1. Blood Boil (to be prepared to run in front of the enemy champion
2. Ice Blast x2 (if you can)
3. Absolute Zero
4. Exhaust (if they have a silence or stun while in the cirlce)
5. Ice Blast (if you haven't killed your target already)

Placing your Ultimate

This is a slightly bad DEMONSTRATION* but a demonstration none the less, enjoy.

The bushes are your friends, try to get your laning parter to lure the enemy target into the bush and as they are entering it, you hit it! Or you could just stake out an enemy and wait for the enemy to enter the brush and then hit it! :)

Team fights

- Try to get your teammates to stick close to the bushes, so you can cast your ultimate without them seeing you. In the amount of time that they know what is slowing them, they will either be dead or not have enough time to stun you to stop your ult. Which wouldn't matter because mid-late game your ult will hit well over 1k-2k even in the half amount of time it takes you to cast it.


- Run in and use your ultimate when you have your Banshee's veil up and you can catch the team on a blind eye. Also try to get your teammates to use all of their ultimates and silence as well so that way you can get a few kills off and what not.


OR Subsitute for if you are having a very strong mid/end game.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Controversy
A lot of people say that you shouldn't get this item with a Nunu because apparently that the unique passive doesn't stack with your spell Ice Blast well for that I have the break down of the situation this is a screen shot from the official League of Legends forums adressing stacking of items and the issues about them.
In conclusion, you can choose not to use this item in this build. However, the unique passive DOES STACK with your Ice Blast although, it is not the whole reason why I chose it. I choose it due to the extra health and ability power the unique passive is just a plus for my play style.

You can view to original post here:

Link provided by my good friend: Adonikam

Early Game Items and Breakdown

In the beginning you want to find someone that you feel comfortable laning with. If you can't find someone you can lane with then you just need to do your own thing. You should try to find someone to lane with that has stuns, silences, etc. After you find the person your laning with your main priority is going to be harassment but at the same time, staying alive. Nunu is very good with harrassment due to his Ice Blast ability, it provides substantial damage all game and has a incredible slow effect. While attempting to harass other champions you need to proc your passive "Visionary" which every 7 hits your next attack will cost no mana. Try using this with spells such as ice blast, consume or absolute zero. These are your main mana consuming skills, after using your free spell you then should use blood boil, if you haven't already.

Item Build for early game and description: Right at the start of the game you are going to want to buy a Boot's of speed and purchase 3 health potions. You are going to want the boots because you aren't that fast of a champion at the start and you don't get Blood Boil til' level 4. But you will be needing to harass and possibly get a kill or 2 early game. Thus, you will need speed for chasing and fleeing enemies. Not to mention once you do get Blood Boil at level 4 with just boots of speed it will resemble the same +2 speed from normal boots which is a plus.

After buying these items you want to switch your boots of speed and your heal potions positions to #1 from #2 for the reason that if you hit your 1 on your keyboard you will activate your potion which restores 200hp (x3) and if you hit 1 before a team fight this will maximize your killing potential or survivability.

After you get those you are going to want to build up a catalyst the protector around level 4-5 this will give you more mana and health. Also it can be very life saving as it increases your health by 300 and your mana by 250 upon leveling up. It will also help you stay in your lane and not have to recall so much and look like a noob.

Third - You are going to want to grab sorcerer's boots. The reason that you are going to get boots third is because your Blood Boil will give you enough run speed to catch up or evade an enemy encounter without these needed boots however, you will still need the boots of speed. But now that you need boots you are going to want to get Sorcerer's Boots for the speed and spell penetration.

Mid Game Items and Breakdown

Mid game you are going to have your ultimate and once you get it you will almost always get a kill, if not you will surely get a assist or two. Which leads to getting a even if you do not get a lot of killing blows in your game you can easily get 20 stacks on slight kills and heavy assists or just pure massive kill blows. During this period of the match you should have a solid K/D or rather horrible one, either way you should keep your head up and grab a I can not stress this enough on how important this item is, not only does it give you increased health and mana its passive is just incredible. It blocks a negative champion spell every 30 seconds which can stop a champion from preventing your ultimate from being casted and can ultimately help your great or horrible K/D.

End Game Items and Breakdown

Once you get a Banshee's Veil and your surviving the majority of team fights and or 1v1's its time to get some more ability power and spell penetraion! In which, I always get a next because it gives a lot of both. Depending on how the game is going mid game you can get either get your or in different orders. If you are doing pretty good and you have a few kills and you want to seek more then you should get the Void Staff. If you aren't doing so well but you may have a kill or two with a few assists but your still getting stacks but you are tired of dying then you want to get the Rylai's Crystal Scepter so you can get bonus ability power and more health. What also can help you out is the Rylai's Crystal Scepter has a special ability to where it can slow your opponent by 35% for 1.5 seconds which is plenty enough of time to use all of your slows or your ult and pick up your K/D. As your game is slowing and you are doing however you are doing you are going to still want more ability power. So at this point your final item should be which will give you a lot more ability power and has a very fancy 90 second cooldown. It places your champion into Stasis for 2 seconds, rendering you invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any actions.

Now for just as the very beginning with your health potions you are going to want to place your Zhonya's Ring at your 1 on your keyboard so that way you can quickly hit it and save your life. YOU CAN ALSO CAST THIS DURING YOUR ULTIMATE

If your game is still going after you purchase this item then just grab a so you can just rebirth and NUKE THEM DOWN AGAIN! :D

As this build comes to a end I hope that you have learned a few things about Nunu from this build but, if you have any comments or constructive criticism please leave them below and I will answer your questions as best as I can. Thank you for sticking with me if you have read this far, feel free to add me in the game (Simple Logic) if you would like to play or have any questions or suggestions.Sincerely,
Simple Logic