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Urgot Build Guide by deedrow

Off-Tank Heavy Hitter(MID/SOLO TOP)

Off-Tank Heavy Hitter(MID/SOLO TOP)

Updated on September 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author deedrow Build Guide By deedrow 3,602 Views 0 Comments
3,602 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author deedrow Urgot Build Guide By deedrow Updated on September 17, 2011
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Welcome to my Urgot build. This build requires a lot of farm so it is best used during a ranked solo top if each team has a jungler, or mid. Urgot needs his farm (and ganks) to do anything, so if you are going to lane, do so with a support/tank. I will add to this when I feel like it. I just wanted to get my build out there and see what people think about it.

*I did not come up with this build. My pro friend said I should try it because he saw me getting a CS upwards of 300-350 by the time the game was over.*

IMO this is the most expensive, best build for Urgot.
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AD Marks, Armor Seals, Cooldown Glyphs, and Swiftness Quints.

This build stacks mana/health, so you could go down the defense tree as well, but I usually go 9/0/21 for the added speed, mana regen, mana % added, and the 21st point. Urgot needs Flash to be up most of the time. It doubles the range of your ult. You can hit them with it if you flash in and smartcast (Very Important, by the time you get out of your flash, they start running so you have to cast it as quick as possible.)
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It uses the atmogs combo, as well as manamune/sheen. As far as the frozen hammer goes, I only get it if I'm dominating and the other team doesn't have that much CC. If they have CC I pick up a banshee's veil. I'm a speedfreak, hence the TriForce. All three of the items are good for Urgot, however. The Frozen Mallet is slow-overkill, but it adds to your damage because of the 500 health. I rarely even get the chance to build Frozen Mallet as it takes about 50 minutes/250 farm/10+ kills to have this build completed (yes, all of those factors must be met :\). If you just make it to Atmogs/Manamune/Sheen, that's okay. It does a good amount of damage and you are formerly known as the off-tank.
League of Legends Build Guide Author deedrow
deedrow Urgot Guide
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Off-Tank Heavy Hitter(MID/SOLO TOP)

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