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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kageit

Off tank Nuke

Kageit Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Many people have a hard time playing with Trundle and a lot of people think he's a worthless champion to play but that is not true, you just need to know how to build him and how to work his spells. In this build I will discribe why ive chosen these odd runes masteries and build. The way I play Trundle is I make him an off tank so he has insane survivability so that you dont ever need to get him any health items and you can focus on getting up his DPS (Damage Per Second). With this build you can successfully off tank and shred away at enemies armor before they knew what happend to them. While going through this I noted that I repeat the same things several time but that is because for building Trundle it is pretty much simple and easy straight forward stuff but when it gets to the items and fighting sequences it starts to pick up.

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The runes I have chosen look random but they go together very well. The health Quintessences are to increse Trundles Durability and the armor pen is to help shred armor when mixed with The Black Cleaver which you will notice a constant back and forth with the runes of attack and off tank qualities. Marks: Since Marks tend to buff DPS more than other abillities I have the Marks focusing all in that, the crit chance comes in handy the higher lvl Trundle gets and that mixed with the damage Marks makes it so I start hitting 800 dmg crits at full build which is pretty much a 1-2 shot minion kill and between 1/4 to 1/2 health on squishier champions. Seals: the evasion Seals help to dodge attacks to increase Trundles movement speed with his masteries so you can chase down enemies and stay alive longer and the armor Seals increase your off tankness. Glyphs: The cooldown Glyphs are completely optional, I personally perfer them because the faster you can get Trundle's Ult to come back the better, the magic resist Glyphs are once again for increasing the off tank side.

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With the masteries I find it important to go into the defense because all the items will be focused on Attacking so it makes it so you can take alot of dmg as well as dish out alot of dmg. It is very important to go into nimbleness for the speed boost, and the in offence going into deadliness and alacrity over sorcery because Trundle tends to attack slow at first if he doesnt have contaminate under him, then throwing 1 skill point into ignoring armor for obvious reasons.

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I like to start out with getting the starting boots and 2 health pots and 1 mana pot, I go for the NINJA TAbI for armor and dodge chance, after that I go for the FROZEN MALLET so that I can get a big health boost right out of the start and the slow on hit makes it so they can not get away from you once you start the fight (This makes it so you dont have to use pillar of filth to try to slow and you can focus on using it to create choke points against ur enemies). I get LAST WHISPER to combine with frozen mallets damage so you start hitting harder and the armor pen helps you to start shredding away at their armor. THE BLACK CLEAVER if you get this its pretty much GG, you destroy their armor and you hit them very hard while slowing them with the mallet. ATMA'S IMPALER at this point in the match you have a decent amount of health so the 2% increase is helpful to your dmg output as well as armor and a steep raise in crit chance so you can start busting out those 800 crits. If you make it long enough in the game to even get a last item (mostly because alot of games to last that long), the last item you choose is completely up to you depending on what you want/need. With this complete build you should be nuking hardcore at this point so if you want to make it so you pretty much can't die then you can go with GUARDIAN ANGEL for the second life and magic resist/defense, if you just want to make it rediculous you can grab other items (Seen after guardian angel in buy list up top), like THE BLOODLUSTER for more dmg and life steal or PHANTOM DANCER for the extra crit chance

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Skill Sequence

The first spell to get for ganking is rabid bite then I get either pillar of filth or contaminate depending on which one you feel like your going to need to use in the battle. if your using pillar more than contaminate then start getting bite and pillar and get contaminte every other time and of course grabbing ult when ever it pops. For getting skills i have a simillar motion i like to use as you can see up top for most champions, I get all 3 the first 3 lvls so I can use them all then I'll pick 2 that I want over the other one and focus on them so it ends up for example I want rabid bite and pillar of filth so I have all 3 of them then I go back and forth on bite and pillar until they are both lvl 3 and contaminate is still lvl 1 then I'll put 1 into contaminate so that contam stays only 1 lvl below them repeating this method once pillar and bit are both lvl 4 and so on until they are maxed then I focus on the one that isn't maxed.

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Summoner Spells

I like Ignites ability so I grab it I feel exaughst is usless with Trundle because of the way I build him, and I always have had a love for ghost's running ability, if you dont like these other alternatives that could work would be swiching 1 spell out for either HEAL or CLEANSE

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The one thing to rember when fighting is Trundles bite, it doesnt count with his auto attack so if you use it a split second after he autp attacks you will immediately attack again which is a great way to last hit minions and get a lot of money really fast and steal kills and yes im sorry to all the KS haters out there but just like twitch and evelynn, Trundle needs to steal kills and I find myself doing it all the time completely by accident just because I hit his bite just to make sure my enemy is dead, because if you can get items with Trundle nobody will be able to stop you. Now for using your other spells, pillar of filth, you need to be able to use this spell effectivly or youll be usless with Trundle. When an enemy is running away in the jungle watch what side they are closer to, if they are closer to the top of an edge place it right on the top so there is no possible way they can fit past it and will be forced to run to the other side of it just to get by being slowed by it the entire time. if they are out in the open make sure u place it directly infront of them, pretty much ontop of them just a tiny step in front of them and their auto movement will FREAK out and they will be trying to run around it and there will be no way they can possibly get away from you and your team, another helpful tip is to always watch the map if you know someone is going to come out of the brush to gank you or help the enemy in a teamfight try to use the pillar as a choke point at the brush so they cant join the fight and suffocate the enemy team. A thing to remember not to do with the pillar for any reason no matter what is never ever use it if it means it is going to accidently block urself in the process because then you might either die yourself or just look like a noob :P

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Pros / Cons

-The great thing about Trundle is that he is a major support player a very durable off tank and a nuking DPS all wrapped into one.
-He gets alot of money fast if you use his bite effectively
-And if used right he can support his team so much he is a winning factor in almost any match

-Kind of a stale champion he doesnt really do anything flashy and exciting but still really fun to play
-A great last hit champ kill but low levels can't dish out alot of dmg must get items first

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If you follow this guide completely you will definetly be happy with the outcome and you will be able to actually play a very powerfull and destructive Trundle

Comments always welcome and I'm srry this is my first Build so for the items I dont know how to link pictures in the items section so if anyone knows how to can you please tell me in the comments.
please and thank you :)