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Sona Build Guide by Gardestrike

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gardestrike

Offensive instruments (AP Offense Sona)

Gardestrike Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Gardestrikes Sona offense guide!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Hello reader. FYI this is my first guide i would love some constructive criticism. Just a few things. Im not very good with runes so i would be glad if i could get advice on them.
Also this guide is not completely complete(...) though the items and summoner spells are fine its the theory bit of the guide that's not completed fully

Okay Sona was the 2nd champion i bought. She is listed as a support and i don't seem to be able to play her well as a support so a friend has shared me some items good for Sona and im now making it to a guide. So i hope you enjoy reading!

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Very good at securing kills.
Easy assist with her auras.
Great support how ever way you build her.
Automatic heal and damage spells.
Amazing unique ult with short CD with blue buff.
Good at getting blue buff.

Easily ganked.
No escape spells.
Only 1 damaging spell that's not ult.
Global cool downs.
Weak health.
Weak heal compared to other supports.

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Meki and 2 potions will undoubtedly help your survival early game while transforming it to a tear will help you spam late easily. You may find it necessary to replace it late game with something else. Lich bane will boost your attack which is just what Sona needs to secure a kill.
These items should aid you defensively and offensively

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Runes and masteries

I'm not that good at choosing runes so i advise you to try this or pick your own if your not comfortable. I chose mainly AP, mana regen, magic pen, mana and cd runes. AP is definitely important to Sona as it affects her Q,W and R. At this rate she can do at least 500 damage with her Q at lv 18 making kill steals extremely easy. Mana regen and mana is very useful for Sona at the start since she runs "OOM" (out of mana) very early at the start of the game. Mana regen and mana can ensure survival and kills early game. Magic pen will lower enemy magic resistance making your spells do lots of damage. With Sona Her Q and R need magic pen. Using your R then your Q can almost gurantee a kill if you have someone with you or in a team fight.
The same thing goes with masteries.

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Early game ++++++++++++++++++++
Just use your Q to harass continuously while keeping both you and your lane partner alive (i find it easier to go with someone). When the time is right and your power chord for Sona's Q is ready attack your enemy then use her Q. This will do lots of damage. Perhaps your lane partner tries to get the kill if you do just wait till the right time then use ure Q to secure the kill for yourself or use it earlier and leave it for your partner. I find i get first blood alot with this method. If your lane partner does not try to get the kill or fails use your ignite. Always be prepared to use ignite. It is good for first blood and kills in general. However don't always use ignite to last hit try to use it in team fights to.
Mid game

By now you have all your spells ready just try and push to the towers with your lane partner while keeping both of you alive and just harassing generally. If someone from another lane tries to gank you. try and lure them to your turret and keep your fingers ready to use R because this will get you the kill. Hoping the enemy is dumb enough. If their about to kill both you and your partner heal and use E to retreat.Then call some others for help. By now you should be building your arch angels staff or be close. Once you do continue to spam spells and leave the spawn with E.
Late game ====================
By now you should be able to steal most kills if your winning or keep your team alive and harass with your team to turn the tides. Use your ult as much as possible. Hope fully you can with your blue buff.

* Note don't always steal kills it will make your team underfed. Assist = 10% of gold and xp the killer gets so yeah...

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Tips on farming

Sona doesn't have very good farming spells so last hitting is very important. Use your Q to last hit minions and harass enemies. What i prefer doing is just harassing with Q and auto attacking minions at the right time and keep harassing. Sona is ranged making harassment easier.
Last hitting minions is your easiest way to get gold. The next is to occasionally kill steal. I don't see Sona getting her own kills often making this important to get gold. Or you could just go and get the buffs and even dragon. However i only recommend them at higher levels.

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Summoner spells

I like to go with Ignite and Flash.
You can substitute ghost, exhaust or clarity.
Exhaust will help all of your team in a team fight while ghost is a good combo with Sona's E and W for escapes or for kills. Clarity is helpful early game but it doesn't really help late game unless one of your team mates needs that little boost of mana to escape or get the kill.
Clarity and heal are chosen more by support Sona.

Revive: Just get out of my sight! Revive is one of the worst summoner spells honestly i mean you have to think wouldn't you rather chose a spell that makes you NOT die than a spell that is used when you die? I mean an instant revival and speed boost which is nice but you still lose your spree and feed the enemy just to use that spell!

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Sometimes kill steals are very cruel so only do it when you need gold or your sure you can get a penta which kinda makes the guide sound like a bot game guide... Sona is great for team fights just keep in mind no matter how Sona is built she still is a support. you will get blamed if you heal yourself and let a team mate die because apparently you can push a little and turret dive to get a kill. In the end you find out you bit more than you could chew and die instead.

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Thanks alot for reading please post constructive advice on how i could improve this build and improve my guide construction.