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Taric Build Guide by Noytron

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noytron

Offensive / Supportive Taric

Noytron Last updated on August 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi, and thanks to those of you who toke the time to check out my guide. This is my first guide and i know some things could be changed a little but i'm just showing how i play it for the sake of it = )

The thing about this build is that, you won't be forced to just stand back and heal your allies all the time. With this build your part of the team will be to deal high dmg and make the target's easier to kill.

-Noytron "Can't win everytime"

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- Quintessence: By getting the early hp from the and a little buff to the ability power means that you will dominate always any combo at lvl 1.
Some would most likely recommend Mana regen or Cooldown reduction to improve their game. And i'm sure that would work just as well so by all means give it a try if you don't have the exact same runes as me and won't spend the ip on getting them.

- Marks: Agian the ability power purely to improve early game i mean by having the runes ive shown furture up then you got 15 ap at lvl 1 without any items and furture more then you have +100 health and 3,27% cooldown reduction with those runes.

Now i kinda regret setting it up as "Quintessence / Marks" anywho move on .D

If you don't have the exact same runes as me then it wouldn't be too bad with runes like Greater Glyph of Replenishment Because they will be just as good as or even better.

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Since i'm not using any mana regen runes then i feel like i need the , this will also make it possible for me to use my spells just about whenever i wish to, without needing right away x). It will also help you getting the quicker. The reason why i get is to make sure i get both cooldown reduction quick and some mana regen.

- Boots: I always choose my boots from how the battle goes fx. if the other team got 3-5 stunners / silence bla bla bla all those disable spells then i tend to go for Mercury's Threads but if i find myself in a position where my team is doing fine and i'm getting a fair amount of kills/assists then i go for or .

- Third item: After the boots and the evil tome you get loads of opportunities, to go for either some better sustainability (the way i like it) or some better magic dmg / heal. so if you feel like you are doing great then i would advice to get something heavy like to boost the dmg output.

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Summoner Spells


I find a need for almost any champion in the game it gives a huge advandtage but it could be argued to be changed with

is not a full need if you have a laning partner with it or if you chose those mana regen runes i don't have x ). But i tend to change it with for the sake of boosting the burst i make. In ranked you would most likely be forced to take and you should by all means, to help out your jungler (more map control)

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Skill Sequence

: The reason why i pick Dazzle First is to make sure i can deal some good dmg while being able to stun and Dazzle scales with 1.0 ap ratio so when you start with 15 ap then you will get a bonus of 15 ap to that spell which at lvl 5 means 400 magic dmg + your amount of ap (if you stand close to your enemy, which you should try to do every time you use Dazzle)

: Since this is an offensive built then i wait for lvl 4 before i grab the heal because the heal won't help you deal any damage to the oppenents and at that early stage of the game you won't need to heal all that much. i managed to heal more than my friend with rank 1 heal than him with rank 5 heal (Nidalee) all because of the ap ratio.

: Some would obviously say that shatter is better because it deals a good amount of dmg and it provides armor bonus to you and your teammate x), But! it doesn't deal quite as much as Dazzle and it won't stun xD.

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The Masteries completely depend on which summoner spells you are going for. So since i'm going for and then and is almost a need. But if you choose to go for something different like i do sometimes (hint ignite) then you obviously won't waste a point on . Even though i go for then it doesn't mean i need since the point in is better and the new point you get from the can always be used on something else in the Utility Mastery.

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Team Work

- Lane: You should always make sure to be bottom lane since top tend to be solo lane.When you go bot then try to make it work so that you get an ad carry or a strong combo like fx. An old combo which also works fine would be and

- Farming: While going for this build you should always let the carry / teammate take the minions, the only reason for you to attack the minions would be if the oppenents have been killed and you got a chance to get their tower down. As offensive Taric you will be spending your time trying to find an opening for your to course some harashment and thereby get money from assist / kills.

- Finding an oppening: Since i have to assume you follow my advice and go bot then use the bushes to hide in and jump out when you and your teammate is rdy to kill someone. Instead of standing behind your teammate waiting for the other team to attack. You should always be the one starting the fight while in bot lane (early game) with ofc x)

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The End

Thanks for trying my build, if there is anything you think i should change like runes then feel free to write a comment below and explain why it worked out better for you than with my runes. If there is any questions then i would be happy to answear them.

I hope you liked it, i spent a lot of time putting this together so by all means if you liked it give it a vote and write why you liked it = ) Goodnight
PS: i won 5 out of 5 games with this build x) beat my so far record hehe and prove that you are "The Taric player"

-Noytron "Can't win everytime"