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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Umbre#133447

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Umbre#133447

Offensive/tank/killer Morde!!

Umbre#133447 Last updated on December 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I would like to inform you that this build is a hybrid build. If you want to play with this build. You Need to Know That Mordekaiser is not a primary tank. His first role is not to tank. I like to call this build ''offensive tank'' or ''secondary tank''. In fact, with this build, you can can handle a lots of damage and do a lots of damage if you are able to play him.

And this build make you realy strong in 1 on 1 fight with your ulti. You can kill carry with this build easyly in 1 on 1. And tank too, because you ulti make damage in %

Some advise:

- don't initiate the fight unless you are the only one that can do that.
- don't forget you shield during the fight.
- advise yout team (on skype or on chat) which person u will target with you ulti to get a ghost and be 6 vs 4.
- learn to farm with him and u will be rich!
- Perfect Lane player (learn to harass with your Siphon)

If you want more info, just read the other part of the build!!!

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3 different build

Like i said, in this game, you need to adapt your character. First 2 build have the same item, the only difference is the order that you buy it.

First build: use this one when you already have a tank in the team that will initiate the fight. You are a offensive/tank, a tough mage!

Second build: you are the one that will initiate the fight because your team dont have main tank. Look at the situation of the last chapter (teamfight) for example.)

Third build: this build make you a realy good damage dealer, you still tough and can take lots of damage, but u are not tough as the other build are. You are more offensive and can get kill rly easy with the third one. I use this build when we have a primary tank with cc in team (like Amumu, Galio, Allistar). Try it, its really fun build with Mordekaiser!

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Mark of insight: Magic penetration make a big difference in damage!

Greater glyph of force: give more ability power on short term and long term. Will help a lots at the beginning

Seal of Shielding: Its more hard to get magic resist than armor and with this build u already have enough armor soon in the game. Just boost you magic resist to make it more balance.

Quintescence of insight: Still more magic penetration!!

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My masteries are concentrate in defence, in fact the point that i got in offense is for get the 15% magic penetration. All the other masteries if for make Morde more resistant.

I know that its popular to use mastery in abilities for Mordekaiser, but i can promise to you that it will be more effective if you put it in defence with this build.

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First, the order that i choose for this build is to make you tank first. This is why i make you buy the part of the item that will help you to do that and after that invest in ability power.

It look like a expensive build, but in fact, in most of the game (if you know how to farm with Morde) you will be able to get the first 4 item easily (shoes, guardian angel, hourglass, and abyssal scepter). And these 4 item are the base and essential to your build. The item that you will buy after that is more of a situational item. Mean that you will change it following the context of the game

Sorcerer Shoes: u need this item, and u will see that when you buy it, your damage on champion begin to be good! You need it and, i rush it as a first item (more easy to farm and harass)

Guardian Angel: Armor and magic resist boost. This is the first big item that you will rush. I make you buy all the part of armor and magic resist and after then guardian angel. You want to know why? Simple, revive in team fight is insane. This thing is rly help ful early and mid game. You will make your team win the team fight only by reviving. And i will help you to get more resistant early in the game

Zhonya's Hourglass: perfect fit for a battle mage like Mordekaiser. Give good armor and good ability power.

Abysal Scepter: same thing as the Zhonya's hourglass. Good hybrid item. Give ability power, magic resist and the aura is useful!!!

The last two item are rly nice too and can be exchange for other item. Always depend of what is the situation right now in the team and against who you play. I suggest you to choose between this four item: Aegis of Legion or Rylay scepter, Warmog and Rabadon Death Cap. You can try to get it in the order you want.

Example of a situation: if you already have a good primary tank (Rammus, Shen, Singed, Allistar). You can take the rabadon death cap instead of the warmog. But if in the team, instead of having a primary tank, you have two offensive tank ( Example: Mordekaiser and Cho Gath), you will be better to take the warmog.

Like i said, if you have a primary tank in your team, rush the Rabadon Death Cap. If you want to be more tanky, use aegis or Warmog. At this point, the build can be modify to adapt.

Personnaly, i like the original one, but sometime i take the Rabadon Death Cap at the end (only if i see that im tanky enough to do my dammage). If not i use the original build.

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Skill Sequence

All people that play Mordekaiser know that the Siphon of destruction and his ulti do 3/4 of the job.

Ironman: passive of Mordekaiser is realy nice. This build make you a lots tanky and this skill is base on your armor and magic resist, It will save you to many time. And its realy useful to lane. People try to harass you and dont do any damage.

Siphon of destrution: primary skil, farm, kill, harass, this is the skill that u need how to use

Creeping death: Nice shield that boost a lots your armor and magic resist and can be use to farm at same time with siphon. Don't forget to active it in teamfight.

Mace of Spades: use it to farm with you two other skill, but if your health is low, dont do it, use it when your passive got a shield, same thing for creeping death. Last skill you will use in fight because this is a melee skill and because all of you other skill are better than this one for the fight.

Children of the graves: can be use to heal, if you battle two vs 1 and you are chase, do it on the tank and continu to run. But i like more to get a ghost. Advise people which carry you will target and with ur team all target him, you will have a ghost of a good carry and make this fight easy.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: good for evade and good for chase

Ignite: good with Morde in the contexte that u can harass people near tower with your siphon and dont be target of the tower. Somebody his low life near tower? ulti on him ignite and siphon, he is dead, matter of time!

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Mordekaiser is a really good character to have in a team fight. First you Siphon of destruction do area dammage and can hurt a lots vs carry. Your ultimate can be use for heal or for kill, with some ability power, you can steal about 40% of the life easily (useful to kill a tank)

All of your skill are offensive. Even your creeping death can hurt in fight.

Skill Combo: normal in team fight, i do creeping death before the fight start. After that, i use my siphon and mace of spades. Wait a little bit for use your ultimate, because if you play agsint wise person, he will flash and run away because he know that with his clone you will win the team fight.

Situational item: Some days ago, i play with this team: Nocture, Taric, Twitch, Morgana and me Mordekaiser. As you see, we did not have primary tank. Taric is more of a support/secondary tank and i am more of a offensive tank. Then i d├ęcide to begin de game with Regrowth Pendant

Why? realy simple, i need to hold the lane as long as possible. i continu the build with sorcerer shoes. But after, i rush Warmog armor and guardian angel. I change the order of my build.

Why? i need to initiate the fight and i will do it all game. Taric is not even tanky in the beginning to take this role and remember that Mordekaiser is a farmer. You will make the double of the money of Taric and be more effective early game.

As you see you role as change. Not a big deal, because at the end you will have the same build. Just change the order of the build when your role change!:P