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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boztob1

Olaf, Atma's is gone, so build him like Noc!!

Boztob1 Last updated on August 27, 2012
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Team 1

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I'm Boztob1, I may not be a high elo player but I feel that I have enough experience to publish a guide on Mobafire, I do use LoL lingo in this guide and to some newer players it won't
make total sense but as you play more and more you will grasp the concept of this slang. This guide is different because it is exactly the same item build for two "different" champions. Olaf and Nocturne, Olaf is usually played as a Solo Top and Nocturne as a Jungler, however, Olaf is also a fairly common and well equiped Jungler. This is only the opening statement so I won't go into to much detail here, please read on and comments are always appreciated for a LOL, real constructive criticism helps too, don't downvote it till you read it.

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Marks(reds):The runes can be fiddled with, for example Armor penetration (ArP) Marks are great because of the fact that you will basicly be doing true damage early on and they scale great into late game Flat Attack Damage (AD) is also viable but not the most potent.If you are like me you will find replacing the ArP Marks with Attack Speed (AS) Marks might be better when jungling.

Seals(yellows):Jungle Seals will always be Flat armor, need I say more? Perhaps Scaling Health (HP) for Olaf but why mess with the tried and true Flat Armor Seals they are #1 for a reason.

Gylphs(blues):I perfer to run scaling Magic Resist Glyphs (MR) because the Ability Power (AP) threats tend to be Mid and Top, with the exception of Diana and Fiddlesticks, and you probably won't be to worried about their early game threat if your ganks go well in the jungle. But like I said before with the marks runes are flexible and if you wanted say, Flat Cool Down Reduction(CDR) for Olaf's reckless swing or Nocturne's Spell Shield that could work. AS glyphs are also viable but you give up a bit of tankieness for those and your a Tanky AD.... nuff said.

Quintesences(Quints):Movement Speed (MS) Quintessences are a personal fancy of mine because I play a very gank heavy jungler. Just run them, but since im explaining everything here I'll give some alternatives; Flat Armor, AS, Flat Ad, Arp, Flat HP, Experience (EXP) and even Gold per 10 (gp10). All of these are good options but for me the MS is too good.

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(9/21/0) is the mastery page I run on both of these champions regardless of where I'm placed according to the meta. I won't bore you with an explaination behind myselection of each mastery point but I will say that this page is also good on Irelia, Jax, Irelia, and other Tanky AD Bruisers either at Top or in the Jungle.

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For start items I suggest that you know your level of jungling experteise, as an experienced jungler I always start with Boots and 3 HP potions but if your just dipping your big toe into the jungling river might I suggest Cloth Armor and 5 HP potions. Both options are great but like I mentioned earlier when I was ranting about Quints, Movespeed OP. Now depending on the relative sucsess or failure of your early ganks, enemy counter jungling, and your leash the first time back to base is always going to be a bit confusing but you never want that first back to be meaningless. ALWAYS GET AN ITEM!! even if it is just a few HP pots because you got caught with your pants down at Red Buff by the enemy Shyvana and escaped with a sliver of HP. If you started Boots and did well grab yourself a Heart of Gold (HOG) and never forget about wards. If you didn't do to great get a peice of your wriggles lantern (long sword, vap scepter or cloth armor) a ward or two and some HP potions. If your early ganks went perfectly and each one yeilded a kill get a wriggles and go for an early dragon. Witts Ends is a core item and an Item that both these champiomns need to own so go get it ALWAYS sometimes early game sometimes mid game. Boots choices are Ninja Tabi, or Mercury Treads, nothing else. Frozen Mallet is another core item along with Randuins.
Final Item: Blood Thirster, Warmogs, Force of Nature, Banshee's Veil, Maw of Malmortis, Frozen heart or Last Whisper and finally Ageis of the Legion(which might be a mid game items you sell) each one of these options works in a different situation,BT if your ahead, Warmogs if your getting focused, FON/Maw for a heavy AP enemy comp, BV for LeBlanc, Frozen heart to counter a fed ADC or a heavy enemy AD comp and Last Whisper to counter and evemy FH. Comments and Criticisms much appreciated here.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is an obvious choice while jungling however the second summoner is where it gets complicated. If your like me and have a tendancy to gank alot then there is a tough choice to make every game exaust or flash? Ghost is a possible option but personally Ghost is something I run on two champions Vladamir and Singed. So since the jungle summoners spells have been explained lets dive into solo top Olaf. Ignite, Teleport, Exaust, Ghost, and Flash, which summoner your going to take is dependent on your personal play style and your lane match up. If your laning against someone like Irelia well you start to see the appeal of Exaust, you can completly shut down that consistent damage she is capable if doing because of her W Hinten Style. The section on Lane match ups for Solo Top is going to be in constructiong for a while. Any requests for me looking into a match up would be appreciated.

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Strategy / Jungling

This section is a wall of very informative text, I will try to get a video but for now to cut down the amount of study time for beginner jungler I'll suggest the Stonewall Route as it is the most effective for Olaf and Noc who both have mana and thus are slightly dependent on the first blue to get ahead but try to give Mid blues after you take the first blue. As the video shows starting at Wolves is a common thing which I do pretty much every time I jungle, but it isn't going to ruin your route if you don't start at wolves. After blue you have a few options, continue your jungling and head to wraiths red and golems or gank mid or top/bot. When playing Noc or Olaf I tend to press on with my jungling because early levels help them more then say Dr. Mundo who I should write a guide for too, I'll call it Jungling without mana, a guide to MUNDO, Shyv and Ree Sin. Now that I have strayed well away from the topic of this portion lets get back to it, Jungling.... after you clear the jungle for the first you should be level 4 or 5 and depending on gank sucsess of course you should be heading back to base to buy your very juicy or relativly dull first item. Items are explained in the Items section. Dragon controll is all so very important and in low elo tends to be less of a concern while raging tends to be the biggest concern. As proven by well every professional tounament game Dragons will set you ahead in gold of the enemy team and gold advantages will turn into kill advantages but never forget how to win... you have to kill their nexus and Baron Nashor is there to help believe it or not. 23:30 is a great time for a Baron attempt if you have the right team comp or have asserted yourself as a strong leader, which you can do by not dying and getting a few kills. More important then getting a kill is not dying, with 800+ ranked games under my belt I have noticed a trend that I like to call, Not Worth It. This tends to be the case for most tower dives esspecially when they happen at bot lane. Tower diving early is a no no and can turn the tide of the game away from your favor very easily. Think about Risk vs. Reward and DON'T TOWER DIVE EARLY!


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