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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baby_man

Olaf: Beat them with your axe

Baby_man Last updated on October 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I have used this build countless times and I rarely lose with it.

You may have a few questions like, Why would you use such an expensive build? -"It works?"- Do you ever finish the build? -"Hell no, do you see the cost of this *****?"-, How far in the build do you usually get? -"I can usually start on warmogs before we win."-, Why get infinity edge and not something that would make you live longer? -"With all of the health you have right now you dont really need much to keep you alive. VS and starks should be enough to keep you swinging away at the enemy. Also it looks ****ing awesome right?"-, Why do you only have health runes? -"It is pretty clear the focus of this build is to get as much benefit from VS and Atma's Impaler as you need to."-

You may also say this is exactly like other Olaf builds. I can't disagree because it is the right way to play him.


(early game)
When you are using this build the FIRST thing you need to look at is your teammates and who you are laning with. If you trust your partner than go for the First blood. It is extremely easy to do with Reckless Swing.

After you get the first kill ***es the situation. Are you going to be able to keep pressure on the enemy, or is it smarter for you to stay back? This is a HUGE part of playing as Olaf with any build. If your opponent is keeping you below 50% than you need to sit back and wait for an opening for a kill. When that moment happens pop ghost, run up to your target and unleash hell on them. I would suggest opening with Reckless Swing, then use Vicious Strikes, and save Undertow for when they run. exhaust will also give you the advantage when you attack.

(mid game)

When laning phase ends make sure you stay with your group. going off into the jungle for 10 minutes does not help anyone. By this time you should have the most health out of anyone in the game which means you may easily be the on initiating fights. There is nothing wrong with this. If you are initiating fights the best thing to do is to use ghost, exhaust the second biggest threat(ONLY IF THEY ARE MELEE) and demolish the highest DPS on their team. Save your ultimate for the right time. Dont use it when you start running in because no one will use their stuns or CC on you when you do that. Wait until you see, or know it is coming.

(late game)
By now the other team should be wondering how an olaf is steam rolling them so hard. At this point you will have so much health and be able to put out so much damage with VS that not many people will be able to stop you.

-summoner spells-

My reasoning for getting exhaust is that it is ALWAYS handy against people like trynd, WW, or Jax. The slow will also let you get some kills off of those lil baby men that like to run away all the time.

Ghost this is used as a great offensive and defensive mechanism. If someone is running, catch them. If someone is chasing you, run away.


All of the items I have are set in stone EXCEPT for the last item.

Always start off with PHAGE first. This item is extremly useful thanks to the health, slow, and the little bit of attack damage it gives you to begin with.

You cant survive long without any boots. I would always suggest going for BERSERKERS GREAVES on Olaf after Phage, BUT there are instances where you will have to go for Merc Treads(usually if their team is AP heavy).

STARK'S FERVOR should be the third item you get. The reason why is it gives you an abundance of amazing stats. The main use of this item is the life steal and *** it gives you but more stats never hurt.

After you finish starks get the FROZEN MALLET as fast as you can. You get more health, a bit more attack damage, AND the slow. What melee character wouldnt want this item?

When Frozen mallet is finished go for ATMA'S IMPALER. This item will increase your damage by a pretty good amount at this point in the game and give you a few good critical hits when fighting others. When building this item go for the CHAIN VEST so you can survive a little easier.

WARMOGS will increase your survivability and damage by a good amount thanks to Atma's Impaler and Vicious Strikes.

For the last item you can either go for INFINITY EDGE(my favorite) OR a Madreds. Madreds will make killing other tough to kill champs(like vlad, Cho Gath, or maybe even another olaf) much simpler and give you just a little bit of attack speed. Infinity Edge gives you a healthy amount of AD, lets you crit more often, and let you crit for a larger amount.


live longer hit harder

well this is not very detailed and I know that I have made some mistakes but I am short on time at the moment.

Leave comments if you want. If you have any tips for me I would enjoy that.