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Olaf General Guide by eredil91

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eredil91

Olaf Beginner Offensive Build

eredil91 Last updated on October 15, 2011
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Is my first Build... so dont be bad with me :P
Ive seen lots of Build for this charachter... lots difensive, lots hp, lots money required...
this build let player see "cabum" on other player, rly lots in first timing of game, and more often in second part.
Can be little Expansive, but works early, after Vampiric Shepter you have "full" ur build, other item is only for do a good enemy healt/survavibility of damange and steal life.

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Hattack Speed and Armor Penetretion.
with this build the criticals hit are realy low, but Mutch hit, so, for good start (and easy first kill ;3) and good after that rune are the Top u can leaf... lowering armor and faster attack.

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Masteries... ive Tryed an Defensive build with more attack speed, but lowering damange... low psichal damange low build items'n runes, so ive tryed but dislike that. Preffer an Offensive Approc with enemy.

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the force of this building is fast damange.
become ur Barbarian a Machin that can Ra*e each lowering armored enemy.
suffer tank like that amumu or tarick, or rammus, but Black Cliver, can help you in your Destroyng Playng. so your sword of the divine help u anyway, like hit every 2/3 sec, pure damange, so can help u with every enemy, heavy armored or lower armored.
(if u see lots armored player can buy Madred Blodzor... fast 4% hp... can be good, like u see.

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Skill Sequence

at the beginning UnderTrow is pretty like for lowing enemys hp, at distance... so at right moment you "charge" him for pick your first blood...
ever first skill before u buy Frozen Mallet, so your enemy cant escape from your incoming. When bought u can us just for slow and near to him, after using when u near, for do some damange (not rly importanto in this build) help to low hp...
After u near the target first skill is Rekcless Swing.
Ever u can, spam it on target, true damange and lowing your hp, for hig your speed, with racial talent.
When u loss 20/25% hp, start up with Vicius Stryke, use that ever. u loss lots hp so with that and speed, u can regin lots hp. If u near minion or monster is pretty cool use Undertrow, for regin more hp, from target and near minion, and lower each hp (spammable if near) so easy hp...
one things: be carfull with heavy dps with Recless Swing, lots damange, but lowering ur hp. so if enemy have good burst, w8 to use tham, us when his hp is lower than your, probably he run, so u can do more "dangerous" playng.

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Summoner Spell

Ghost and Exhasust.
Ghost, pretty cool for running or going to enemy, maybe after luky trowh ;P.
Exhaust, good becouse some time ur axe can be away, rly often after a flash in other direction, so unable to slow it again.

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slow enemy from distance,
heavy to die,
hig hp,
cute damange with lower armor.

suffer from caster, hard to near him;
suffer with tank, heavy armor lower his fast powerfull/healing;
no CC;
can be slow to equipped, but good when bought right items.

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its a Rly Cute Character, can be noise if is enemy but realy fun to play, after expirience.
for fasting gold can jungle, if ur team can take enemy, help rly to fast him.
casters is hard to pick, but after near... rly low can stop u (final skill broke all stopper enemy skills) so, easy to "Eat"... can be hard with other heavy character, but equip and ur racial life steal can do difference...
so, i think is an assassin, with this build.
can be fun, try if u want Destroy fast ;D

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cerchiamo gruppo per Divertirci e per Giocare...

preferiamo la simpatia al nerdismo... siamo nerd, ma prima cerchiamo de divertisse!!!!!!!!!

detto questo ragazzi, per chi leggesse e volesse, anche solo scambiĆ  du chiacchere, contattate

Eredil91, Anvelicon o Niddux.

Ciao a tutti ragazzi, a Prestooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :)


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