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League of Legends Build Guide Author pizzailike

Olaf blitzkreig style

pizzailike Last updated on December 3, 2010
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This build aims for survivability through a balance of damage, lifesteal, attack speed, and health and you can jungle.

Hello all, this is my personal build for Olaf. Many of you will disagree with this build since it makes olaf neither tanky nor, very offense, but instead a great off tank that ace a team if he has the right conditions.

Pro'sVery quick jungler (better than Warwick)
Has a free ward to block others from getting the dragon
Good amount of life
Good damage output
Very fast/ Great chaser
Can mess people up in teamfights
Cheap to a point. (The late game items are expensive but you have a lead with cheap early items.)

Con'sWithout your ult, you are defenseless/helpless child in a teamfight
Doesn't dish out Amazing damage like LeBlank or Yi
Low magic defense (your runes are your only defense :( )
Your not as amazing at jungling as the bloody scarecrow (damn I hate that guy)
Your late game items are expensive and you probably will never get them all.

First things first disclaimers:
This build is made to work with a fully build team, aka has a tank and a dps. You are not making yourself into a dps or a tank but with your ult and you can do both at the same time. You are weak against large burst damage aka Leblank and Annie but you're good against low magic damage like Ryze and Morgana. ;0 Olaf is not a tank. He scales well with health, but bad with armor and magic resistance. So get health and more health but don't go for lots armor or magic resistance. PS yes I know the claw will hurt you then more but the claw hurts regardless and your ult negates the claw!

Usual Rants:
No warmongers, no problem. Warmongers is expensive and I like cheap stuff. Get it at your own peril. Frozen hammer is better since you can chase people down and get more kills that way if you ask me.
Why don't you upgrade your boots first thing? Olaf will be faster than every character anyways. I like the boots of speed for a reason. But only late game because I need the attack speed, critical hit early game more than 10 movement. Late game, however, being able to reach the squishes fastest is an amazing help because then they cannnot run from you fast enough to live.
Why no tank? Olaf is not a tank. Period. PS it's also really expensive. You'll waste 10,000 gold just to get through the hammer, warmongers, atmas, and boots when you could have almost all your items by then and sell and upgrade later. :) There ya go.

Jungle, jungle and more ganking!
Olaf may not look like a good ganker but with good timing, good teammates (ones with a stun or a hold spell), you will kill them. As for jungling, Olaf is an amazing jungler. Do not underestimate him. Go to the small golems first. Kill them by using the axe throw, smite, and damage. You should be at half health. This is where you want it to stay. So you must be careful, even in your own jungle. Beware people like shaco, they can mess you up fast but you can jungle faster this way too. Go ghost next, use new skill for life steal and a health pot. This shouldn't take long. Then go for the wolves. Do not use the smite if it is back up. Go for the blue buff now. Most teams are not smart enough to ward, blue buff so there shouldn't be anyone there. Get blue buff and go back and repeat your rounds. At this point, you should check the situation. Most of the time, your soloer needs to shop and heal to stay alive. Go and replace them after you shop for a claw and some boots. This gives you a chance to level up and catch up in levels and get more money. With the claw, farming is made very easy and you regain health like non-other since you have a 15 percent or more spell vamp :). You will regain health quickly so if they do no damage, let them waste mana on you while you farm. It's amusing to watch them squirm doing you no damage, while you just stand there and take it. If not, move around a lot and dodge while you farm. Your soloer should be back now, and if he can, gank the enemy, do it. He's a higher level, they should have no level 6 person if all things went according to plan. So your gank may succeed or at least you force them back into defense. Either way. Leave your soloer for just a bit to get the dragon. Your team may never thank you but killing 4 dragons and 4 towers which is my average = 4 thousand gold for the team and some much need experience. This gives your team the advantage. Especially if they have a carry. Carries mean the team is unbalanced, and if the carry dies, so does the team. Do not try and carry, it is useles as a good team will still shut you down.

Mid game:
Once a tower goes down, which is usally about the time you have the lattern, and boots, you should be out of the jungle. The early team fights will hurt you if you get involved. You are utterly bad right now. You have mobility, damage, and lifesteal but you're a LATE GAME CHARACTER. So go farm, and push their towers. They'll need to come after you to stop you from back dooring, you'll farm and get rich faster, and you may help your teammates. :) all good things. Only get involved in the team fights, if you have too or your team is already winning heavily. Then it can mean more kills for you. Try to kill steal. I know I say don't carry, because trust me, you won't with this build but early kills mean you have more health and attack speed which = survival late game.

Early late game (aka around level 12 or 13):
You are now a power in you own right, so now time to own. Your ult is your best friend. Most dpsers must charge headlong into the fray with nothing more than a hope and prayer. You have an anti-stun, anti-damage ult. It will not help you do damage, but it will help you survive. But remember, your ult only affects things not already cast on you. So if you are stunned, you will not get out of it because you can't cast your ult. Cast it before this happens and people spam those annoying aoe spells. Then just kill the squishies on their team. My favorite is Ashe or Annie because they have stuns, will use them and fail, and low hp for both of them. Take them out of the teamfight. Hopefully take at least 2 of them out of the team fight. Between your lifesteal, fast attack speed, and lots of health, you shoudn't go down easily. Only things like Annie's stupid teddy bear or Leblanks spells can one shot you. Keep the savage strikes on as much as possible just wish for some luck because if they focus you, your team should kill them all. You're much hardier than your squishy teammates but softer than your tank. So pray for the best, now it's in lucks hands really. Your lifesteal percent * your damage * percent of damage your actually do to your enemy is what you'll get back. Just pray your team does enough damage that if you get focused you can shrug off enough of the damage and come through alive. Many times I live through team fights with little to no health left. Maybe 50 or 200 life left. Most importantly, DO NOT RUN! DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT RUN!!! Running is the primary killer of teams and Olafs. You're best in the fight. Not running like a *****. Kill your enemies, don't run from them. The lower your health goes, the safer you are.

Late Game:
You are a tank, a dps, and amazing all at the same time. Be proud. If you're behind in kills like I usually am, you're gonna make it up now. You're a carry for a reason. Most of the time, they aim for those with lots of kills but at this point, it doesn't matter anyways because everyone is close to being completely built. And if you farmed properly you should be rich. Now you rack out 250 damage without vicious strikes, 400 or so with it. You're naturally armor piercing, and you're fast. This is key because now ghost and speed make the difference. You want to ambush your prey. This is key. Ambushes are better than being ambushed because they snowball into wins. One person dead throws off the whole team. Because you're fast, you can slow, and you hurt, your good at this! Also this build can solo baron, if you feel like you're brave enough do it. It's hard, but you shouldn't need help. Ult at the end to avoid being thrown up in the air if you need it. That's about all. Experience and some good luck and you should have some good games ahead.

PS. I'm sorry if someone else came out with this build ages ago, but I'm lazy and do not feel like looking through tons of olaf builds, I just looked through the high rated ones. If that's the case, sorry for build stealing, it's a jerk move.

Side notes for those who like this build or do not like this build.
This build is changable and I highly recommend doing this. If you see their team is full of mages, get magic resistance with a cross or hex blade. If you see they're full of tanks, get armor penatration or the armor reduction. If you see they do not damage to you or are ignoring you in team fights, then go for more damage (I wish this were an option for me, they ALWAYS target me :(. I have no luck.) If your team lacks a tank, get the frost shield and warmongers along with atmas. But be sure to change it up. This build is for ranked games where there are balanced teams and people know their roles well. Other than that, be sure to give me any updates. I love to know how well this works for other people or whether there are changes you think should be made if you're a brolaf like myself. Gl and hf. Be a rage hater and a mad hatter.