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Olaf Build Guide by juhl112

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author juhl112

Olaf Damage & Health

juhl112 Last updated on January 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First i want to say that this is my first build!

Well i played LoL in some time and tried out a lot of difference champs. i got tired of the squisis and began to play tanks and melee dps. i began to like them but i wanted a champ were i could get a lot of dmg but still i would got the big amount of health. Olaf was the answer an im still playing him a lot.

CC - Crowd Control: slow, stun, silence.....
Dps - champ that makes high dmg per second.
tank - champ that can take a lot of dmg.

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Runes, Masteries & Summoner Spells

Greater Seal of Fortitude is the basic rune to olaf so he start with some more health and because of his passive this is an incredelble good rune to have early game.
Greater Glyph of Warding is making an fine defence against enemy spell casters early game, and when olaf doesnt need more mana or cooldown reduction then this is the best choice.
Greater Mark of Desolation armor penetration to olaf is really a good choice because of his passive to hit faster the lower you are in health points. the penetration does the last little thing to olaf.
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, well it is perfect to his passive

In Masteries im going 9/21/0 and i think its the best, because olaf have skills that make good dmg from early game and up. and with an 9/21/0 he is more tanky but still makes up good dmg with skills.

Summoner Spells
flash is better than ghost because olaf doesnt need ghost he got ult that makes him able to escape almost every time. flash is also a good way to make some distance to the enemy.
otherwise it is also good to assault but i recommend to use it if enemy is trying to fleed.
well exhaust is always good you can make the enemy unable to dmg you and it slows like f**k! its a must i think.

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Items & Why

Ruby Crystal makes up some good health early, im buying this instead of dorans sheild because i can use it to get warmogs faster. it gives more health than dorans shield so its better to my passive.
Regrowth Pendant gives the regen. to stay a long time in lane and it brings you one step closer to warmogs.
Berserkers Greaves give you the missing speed and attack speed these is the best choice to olaf without doubt.
Warmog's Armor is one of my favorites item's to Olaf, because of the health and Olaf's passive.
Atma's Impaler is simple great to this build, it gives some good dmg(because of the Warmog's Armor and then combined with the passive) and some armor this is a must i thing because when you get the frozen mallet as the next item Atma's will give you some heavy dmg.
Frozen Mallet well lets just say it gives you the lat needed health and its passive is helping you out. when you get this well lets just say the game should not be a problem anymore.
The Bloodthister it gives you 60 dmg and when it is stacked 100 dmg with this dmg and its passive life steal you would now be able to kill 2 or 3 in team battles.

Last Item
There is some Choice's:

If your against heavy Caster's:

Force of Nature if you have some problems with som casters then get this item BEFORE bloodthister! so that they wouldnt rape you when your attacking their DPS champ.

If your against heavy DPS:

well the Randuin's omen is realy use full if your against some heavy DPS.

If you just want to Run/attack faster:

Phantom dancer is great if you dont have any problem with their caster's or their DPS champs. then grab this and end game ;)

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Farming & champ kills

to farm is really important early game. try always hit the minions 1 or 2 times then wait to its low on health because your own minions are attacking them. then make the last hit to always get some easy gold.(while waiting on the minion to get low begin on another minon so you fast get 2 minion kills)

Champ kills
use first Undertow, after that use Reckless swing and then activate Vicius Strike this is the start. if they try to escape then you have exhaust to slow him and he cant attack you. at this point Reckless swing is rdy again use it and then use Undertow again. if they arent dead at this point use flash to come close to them again and make the last hit.

if the battle doesnt go good then use exhasut to make him unable to dmg you after you used the 3 skills. if he is undefeat able then use flash to get a little distance and if necesary then use ult to escape so that they cant use their CC on you.

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Team Work

Well Olaf should be laning with every body who has good CC or just supportors. if youre doing this then you are sure to win your lane olaf is to op then. but if your laning with another champ like ezreal were both is supposed to be carry no crowd control then you will have high chances to lose lane.

two fast games:

the 1st game isnt good because i were in lane with trynd and he doesnt have much CC only slow...

the 2nd game i were in lane with malphite he has silence and his ult hit the enemys into air and with my axe we had enogh CC to rape lane and win game!

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The game

Early game
try to farm a lot with last hitting minions. Olaf is strong already early game so if your in lane with any champ with good CC then you would be controlling lane and get alot of kills. it is easy to get fed so affter the 3 first kills you got then help the mid gank 1 time this will make the mid losing tower(if your teams mid champ is good enogh, else stay and help) and then back in lane and finish tower there.

Mid game
in this part of game you will alrdy make some good dmg and would be probely the one that have most health even if there is another tank on team. but your job now is to help all lanes(most mid). at this point you will be controlling game.

Late game
all the team fights is ongoing but your the one who get the kills in the fights but also the one that are destroying most towers and inhibitors.

plz vote and comment thx ^^ (will be updated)