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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xanhast

Olaf - Danish Viking Powah

Xanhast Last updated on June 9, 2010
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So for this build your enmies will be facing the mighty Viking power of the old danish vikings! WRAAAARGH!!
For clearing out some basics: Olaf is a mean *****-*** hp tank/dps and can bust most enemies dead pretty fast, not just with half or lower hp, but also with full hp thx to all his mighty abilities + passive.
Basic facts:

- Your boots is applied after your lane oppenents. So if it AP casters, you go for magic resist boots as in the folowing build (since most ap casters have either stun, fear or slow. These lovely boots negates 40% of their ********!). And if you are against pure melee dps's/tank go for tank boots with armor and dodge OR 3+ movement boots just for the faster chasing.

- The more Health and base dmg he has, the more dmg he gets from Vicious Strike in 6 secs. 6 secs is not that much combat, but clearly enough to roll over an enemy or two! This is where Atma's impaler becomes handy, I would say at least 1, if not 2 if you REALLY want to, but you are kind fock'd with a decent base dmg and health in fights, so plz be careful when thinking about you 2 last items. One flaw really Does make a differ.
- Slowing with a throw, a bit like Dr. Mundo is a real nice harrash (if you can pick your fine axe up again ofc) and chasing ability doubled with Frozen mallet and Exhaust. You can really turn the tables in a 1v1 - 1v2 combat depending on what you are up against.
- For 1v1 your health once again comes really handy. Your passive gives 1% attack speed for 1% health you are missing, notice that it does not affect the effect from your Vicious Strike (pretty awesome!) so the more hp you are missing, the more attack speed you are gaining, so going for attack speed item is no go really since you can drop so much in health and gain about the 2.0+ attack speed very fast. And at this point you just go nuts with your ulti! When you are near the 1.7-2.0 attack speed you are THE TRUE VIKING, that in old histories were feared where ever they went, but now you are on the battlefield!! So, at this point you will go for the kill with first disabling your oppenents movement speed a lot with Undertow, chase him to pick up your badass axe, pop Vicious Strike, auto attacks and reckless swing + another Undertow which is again picked up very easily. And for instance, if you know what you are up against, and you know that they have disables, such as; fear, stun, slow, snare or what so ever, your best friend is always your ulti. It's a little smart thing that have been awarded to Olaf because of all those poisoned mushroom he have atten in the years. That's right, RAGNAROK people! A nice ability that provide you with the line" WHOS'S YOUR DADDY?!?!"

This little tactic all comes down to one, called "Raging Viking", which over again is slow spam, crazy chasing, enourmous dmg output and a nice kill in less than you can order fastfood from McD!

Now for some little mathmatic facts:

- Sitting with our Viking Olaf with 3480 hp your Vicious Strike gives you 1.6% + in dmg from your max health + 36 base dmg in 6 secs. This will give you almost 100 more base dmg for 6 secs. OH YEAH!

- Undertow dmg's is an axe throwed at target location which deals 245 dmg + 30% of your base dmg, which would be + 96.6 bonus dmg which is equal to 341.6 throw dmg WITHOUT Vicious strikes turned on.
Now WITH Vicius strikes turned on the throw dmg would instead be + 124.11 and not 96.6, which thereby means that your total throw dmg is 369.11 dmg. Not THAT much difference, but, it thereby also add more dmg on auto attack when chasing your enemy, so 6 more dmg is a "Go" for me. :-)
+ when popping ulti you get a HUGE amount of lifesteal and spell vamp, exactly, I know whatchu are thinking. 21% lifesteal combined with great dmg and attack speed and Atma's Impaler cant go wrong at all. Once again, Viking Power prevails!
Summoner spells:

I've choosed Cleanse since it is a great suvival ability when your ulti aint ready yet. But, if you feel really good at our lovely Viking, ignite would a sure go also.
Seccond, Exhaust is in here for joining our ultimate win combo, yes that's right, it's "RAGING VIKING!!" for just spamming slows at your target. Deadly, litterely dead-ly. ;-)

Also remember the great armor penetration from Runes, Black Cleaver and Ragnarok. That a wicked load of armor penetration right in DA FACES!!

Have fun with this build, I hope you've been able to get my points and builds' meaning. If not? Screw you. You are not worthy fighting with great warrior!

Cheers, Xanhast.