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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grogolog

Olaf for the insane

Grogolog Last updated on August 26, 2010
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This is my guide for the fans of Olaf out there that are a bit insane. If you want to be able to turret dive into 4 of the enemy team, finish off anivias egg, embarass their Master Yi and get out alive somehow, then this is the guide for you.

Summoner Spells:

I usually pick Ghost and Exhaust because Olaf is great at chasing and these help him do it better, you could possibly swap out Exhaust for Ignite but I personally dont think Olaf needs the extra damage and normally you can tower dive if they get away so its not really needed in my opinion. Ghost is also great for escaping teamfights when you need to.

Olaf's Abilities:

I always try to max Reckless Swing first as at low levels the true damage component means it will be hitting a lot. Next is Vicious Strikes, it gets better and better the more health you get and it also gives lifesteal and spellvamp, so its a great skill to get when you cant get Reckless Swing. I leave Undertow until the end since its not much of a harass and you get a much better slow from phage/frozen mallet. Ofc get your ulti whenever you can as it makes you an unstoppable killing machine late game.


Firstly i get Ruby Crystal as the health at level 1 along with your masteries makes you pretty tanky at the start of the game. I then build this into Phage for the slow and a bit more health before getting my boots. For the boots it really depends on the enemy team, if they are mostly casters or have lots of cc i would advise getting Merc Treads, but normally i get Ninja tabi for the armor, and the dodge is helpful too. Once you have your boots you can upgrade your Phage into a Frozen Mallet for lots of health.

Once you have Frozen Mallet I normally go straight for Warmog's Armor, as this pretty much gives you all the health you will need for the rest of the game. Since you now have so much health I like to get an Atma's Impaler next, the armor gives melee heroes an even harder time killing you, and the passive synergises really well with your Vicious Strikes.

By now most games are over but if your isnt I like to get a Phantom Dancer next, simply because you are already very hard to kill with your health, and you should hit a lot by now, so the attack speed on Phantom Dancer really ups your damage. The Dodge gives melee heroes an even tougher time killing you and the move speed helps you get to your target fast. Oh and the crit is nice too.

At this point you can get whatever you like for your last spot, I personally like to get a Gaurdian Angel because it lets me suicide to get a kill, pop back up, use my ulti and ghost and gtfo before anyone can touch me.

Lane Strategy:

Early Game:

Early game you want to preferably lane with someone who has a stun or a slow, as until you get your Frozen Mallet you wont have a real slow. You want to be agressive but not stupid, harass any melee champs that come into range with reckless swing, which even early game will hit a lot, and just try to farm until you have your Frozen Mallet.
If you do manage to get your Frozen Mallet before teamfights start dont be afraid to go for ganks, with the slow and hopefully a stun from a teammate its an almost garanteed kill.

Mid Game:

In teamfights you will want to be fairly near the front lines, at first the enemy might ignore you due to your high health pool and tankish gear. Thankfully, this stupidity will grant you a few free kills while they slowly notice that you kill their annie in about 3 seconds. Even once they do notice your damage and start to focus you, dont be afraid to be the first one in after your tank. With Frozen Mallet and Warmog's you will be very hard to kill and if they do almost succeed, just use ghost and run and they will have a hard time stopping you. If your smart and have good team backup you shouldnt die much at this stage.

Late Game:

At this point you will be hitting so much that most teams will try to focus you down asap, luckily for you your pretty hard to kill by this point, and you always have an escape or two if you need them, if your team coordinates well enough to focus down their carrys you shouldnt have anything to worry about. Once you have Gaurdian Angel,(if the game lasts that long), just do whatever you feel like. Run into their back lines first and scare them as you ignore there wasted stuns and focus down the enemy carrys. If they do focus you down Gaurdian angel resses you, and if you did your job well, by the time your alive again most of em will be dead anyway.

Anyway, thanks for reading my Olaf guide and I hope it helped you, Comment on whether its good or bad, and say why if it is bad, so i can fix it next time.