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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jsquared

OLAF HUNGER! -~*tank build*~-

Jsquared Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is made so that you can (as I have) tank up to 3 nukers at the same time. Although i have never been able to complete this build in game it works like a charm because as soon as I have the thornmail the tanking season is in. Olaf is the opportune tank so let me explain how to work this. You want to start with undertow because it slows the enemy its ranged and you can get it come back in 3 seconds or less XD. Undertow is a great harassment tool. So for your first skill point go with undertow. Next point is going to go to your reckless swing. Early game its great for doing high damage and is useful to scare off harassment noobs. What I do is i will throw the undertow to slow them then rec swing them when they come to hit me even with their ranged attacks the UT is good enough to slow them so you can catch up. The combine dmg form the UT and the RS is good enough to make them pull back especially when you are only level 2. I go with a rec swing point for my third then as a forth i get my vicious strikes. This is just so you can get a bit of life steal and lane longer, it will especially help in a fight against either a nuker or another tank. Your passive makes you attack faster as you loose health so when your fighting a nuker and you survive the initial attack (which of course you will) its your turn to smash them. Pop your VS and start hitting them 2x per second stealing health add in a few RS and maybe an UT or 2 and game over for them. This is especially true when fighting tanks. Most tanks don't have a life steal and if they have life steal in their build they really arnt a tank. So having VS will be ridiculous against them because you can have a full tank build with an added life steal. I like to max out my RS as fast as possible and then follow it up with my VS and UT.

The summoner skills that I chose are based on the team that I play with. the heal is so that I can tank harder early game and the ghost is so I can easily chase people down and turret dive. Also the ghost paired with your ult and game over? your an unstoppable Olympic sprinter good luck killing you XD. My skills also help with my group role. In my group we rotate but we always know that when you are the tank that means your not going to get many kills, your going to be baited a lot, and your the dude that's gonna tank that full hp turret..... With that said you need to learn my philosophy.
"There is no such think as a kill steal! We are a team and everyone has a job and if we all do our own job correctly we will win, try to do a job that is not yours and lose."
Now that you know that here is your job as the tank. If your team mate is going to get ganked and you can get there to distract their whole team and let your guy get away DO IT! This build has no stacks specifically for playing the tank role. Your undertow can save players very well if you know how to do it. Remember that your the one that's walking around in over 300 armor and the other players you have are not. If your both lit step up take the damage and save your friend because you might still make it out you never know.