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League of Legends Build Guide Author UrbanDanger

Olaf Jungle S4 with Feral Flare!

UrbanDanger Last updated on October 25, 2014
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Hello my name is UrbanDanger and the following Guide shows a hidden op Champs called Olaf. The most important Thing is the Build and the Build Order. Cause it'll help or destroy you in several situation. It's my first Guide. Lets start!

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The Build

Before you start build in this Direction start with Madreds Razors. Then get Ninja Tabis and Hexdrinker as recommended!

1. Feral Flare : This is the Item all Afk-Junglers buy. And thats what you will do. You'll Farm, Farm and Farm. Why? Cause Olaf is an AutoAttacking Champ with INSANE ClearSpeed. His ClearSpeed is similar to Udyrs Speed. At about 15 - 17 minutes Feral Flare should be ready. IMPORTANT: If the enmy got high amounts of Armor in Lategame sell this and get Last Whisper.

2. Blade of the Ruined King : Blade gives the stats you need. Also it sinergizes very well with your w. Its the only Attack Speed Item ypull get get cause you dont need more. Dont get Hydra it'll make you slow.

3. Randuins Omen : I dont think i have to say much about this Item. Of cpurse Olaf needs to get Tanky and this is the best Armor Item in the Game. Also its Active is useful.

4. Maw of Malmortius : Now is the time where you should get Magic Resist. This Item synergizes EXTREMLY well with Olaf and this Build because while your Enemy tries to destroy your shield you just heal up because with Blade and W level 5 you have about 33% lifesteal.

5. Options: Warmogs Armor, Spirit Visage, ... (If your enemys Midlaner is fed of course get Spirit Visage. If you want to have overall good resist get Warmogs.

6. Boots: The Boots Choice is Situanal. You can get Tanky or Offense Boots. Its your Choice

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Skill Sequence

Start with Q and get W at level 2. If you started Blue put a second point into Q. If not put it into W. Than skill up W,Q and than E.

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