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Olaf Build Guide by UN0R1G1N4LxN4M3

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UN0R1G1N4LxN4M3

Olaf - Leave Nothing Behind!

UN0R1G1N4LxN4M3 Last updated on August 16, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

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Hello everyone, this is my first build ever on mobafire. I have used so many build on this site so I thought I might give back with my way of playing Olaf. Like I said, I used this site a lot so I have borrowed a lot of ideas from other people. I hope you find my guide to be sufficient.

MR=Magic Resist
MS=Movement Speed
AD=Attack Damage
AP=Ability Power
CC=Crowd Control
HP=Hit points/Health Points
AS=Attack speed
Crit=Critical Strike
Q=Undertow Ability
W=Vicious Strikes Ability
E=Reckless Swing Ability
R=Ragnarok Ability

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Pros / Cons


More HP=More damage, best of both worlds
Huge armor penetration
Hard hitting true damage nuke
Amazing chasing capabilities
Built in lifesteal and damage buff
Insane AS without building any AS


Countered hard by people with executes
Requires low health to do high damage
Makes you feel stronger then you are, which can cause you to be reckless

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I choose the Greater Marks of Desolation for my runes because with this build, you will have insanely high armor penetration from your runes, your ultimate's passive, and Brutalizer/Ghostblade. I think that his passive and his E makes him strong enough early game, so he doesn't really need the flat damage from Greater Marks of Strength.

Nest, I have Greater Seals of Resilience. Now since you are Olaf, you should be either solo top or jungle. With these seals it will help you survive against the enemy bruisers in the top lane and the jungle creeps.

For my glyphs, I have Greater Glyphs of Shielding. These glyphs are just amazing and work well on just about any champion. For Olaf, since you are gonna be in the middle of the fight wrecking everything around you, the extra defense will help you stay at that precious threshold that us Olaf players love so much.

For my Quintessences, I choose the Greater Marks of Desolation for the exact same reason I choose my marks.

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My Mastery tree really isn't anything special. It's a simple 21/9/0 AD tree. You may notice that I didn't put a point in Lethality, and that is simply because you don't get a lot of crits with this build.

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Skill Sequence

I pick up one point in Undertow because it is a very good poke and can stop early aggression. If someone tries to walk up and harass you, lets say pantheon is going in for a spear throw, you can toss it right into him and walk away, leaving you unharmed and him feeling stupid. Make this your second priority when leveling up your abilities.

At level two, I pick up my W buff so that I can stand toe to toe with pretty much any other bruiser that is top against me. You let them drag you down to that threshold and then pop it and use the lifesteal to stay alive while you melt their HP and then undertow for no escape. The increases in this ability is minimal compared to what you could gain through putting the points into undertow, so max this out last.

At level three, I start putting points in my E, which is ridiculously strong early game. It is amazing for harassment which works well if you grab cloth armor and 5 health pots. This ability will dominate early game, but will drop off later game, which is why we max it out first.

Your ultimate should always be picked up whenever you can, the passive is an amazing buff and the active is a godlike lifesaver and can pick up that Singed that thought his adhesive would save him.

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Wriggles Lantern- It gives a little of everything that Olaf could need. Damage, armor, life steal, a passive for better minion farm (even if it can be irritating sometimes), and a very useful active during the laning phase and for warding baron/dragon mid to late game. You will eventually have to sell this item, but it pays itself off by then.

Mercury Treads- Most of the time, the enemy team will have a lot of CC so this item is almost always the best choice. There are other options as far as boots go, but these are a very safe choice for any game. The tenacity is amazing because it is the only viable item that has tenacity. The MR is a very nice little bonus and of course the MS is necessary.

Frozen Mallet- A huge HP boost, a little damage, and a passive slow on hit? Yes please. Olaf wants it all. Not only is Frozen Mallet absolutely amazing, phage will make your early game very strong.

Maw of Malmortius- This item works really well on Olaf for a few reasons. The damage and extra MR are both very nice for making him more tanky and of course, do more damage. The bubble passive helps him stay at that precious threshold against those magic damage dealers. Lastly, the extra damage for lower health makes you that much more deadly on low health.

*Side note- By getting Phage and Hexdrinker early, you get a decent amount of survivability and damage which you can use in conjunction with your passive to snowball hard.

Bloodthirster- The extra lifesteal will make you near impossible to kill on that threshold of health, and of course the damage is absolutely amazing

Warmog's Armor- Extra Health for your Atma's damage and your W buff is only one good reason to get this item. Another good reason is that with the higher max health you have, you can get those buffs from your passive and Maw and still have around 300 health as apposed to somewhere around 150 or 200 which may not seem like a lot, but it is.

Atma's Impaler- The icing on the cake after finishing your Warmog's. By taking advantage of your high HP with this item, you should probably have between 60 and 70 extra damage. That damage is good enough already for such a cheap item, and you also get extra armor and crit chance.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite- A basic ability that is helpful for finishing enemies and can help against lifesteal heavy champs like Irelia.

Ghost- This is my favorite Summoner Spell on Olaf. Pop this and your ulti and you can chase anyone you want or escape any situation.

Other options:

Flash- Personally I don't like this as much as ghost, but it is a respectable choice.

Teleport- Another ability that is up to personally preference. If you love this ability, take it. This is just a guide, you don't have to do everything I say

Exhaust- With frozen mallet, you will get all the slowing you will need, so this ability isn't as strong as other choices, but you could get it if you really want it.

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Creeping / Jungling

Olaf has a very quick jungle clear time and his ganks are pretty decent as long as you can land your Q. You can use the exact same build for laning, just replace you starting items with a vampiric scepter and ignite for smite. You start at wolves and stand near the corner of the C shaped trees. Throw your axe so you hit all of the wolves. Throw it the shortest distance possible so that you can walk one step and pick it up. Time it out so you can maximize your damage by auto attacking in between steps. After that pick up blue, ask for a leash if you can, and then go wraiths, wolves, red. As long as you hit all the creeps with your axe, you jungle clear should be very easy. Also make sure your W is active when you smite because it gives you spell vamp, so you will gain a decent chunk of hp when you use it.

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Olaf is all about his HP. His W scales off of it and his passive makes him do insane DPS on low hp. During a small fight, if you think your foe will run, you should start the fight with your Q. Keep track of where it lands. After this charge in and hit him with your E as soon as your can. Just before you auto attack, buff yourself up with you W. Make sure to pick up your axe because once they start to run, hit them again, pick it up again, hit them again, pick it up again, and repeat until you have cleaved their skull. Do not activate your ultimate until they have applied their CC on you. Watching an Olaf begin the fight with his ulti active is just embarrassing to watch.

If you think your opponent will stand their ground against you, unless you are underfed, take him head on. You don't need any fancy footwork to win, you just auto attack, keep your W on, E when you can, and let your passive do the rest. Their are only a select few champions that you don't want to do this to and those include Darius, Garen, and Pantheon. All three of those champions can take you down despite your threshold, so be more careful around them.

During a teamfight, wait for it to be initiated and then charge straight for their squishy. Hammer him/her down. If they try to kill you, that's gonna be their mistake because they will bring you down to your favorite amount of health. Once the carry is down, the other team should be retreating, so just wail on them and finish off everyone you can.

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Just a reminder that this is my first guide and that any feedback would be amazing. Thanks for reading this guide and a thumbs up would be very much appreciated.