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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RMH420

Olaf, Lord of Bromancia

RMH420 Last updated on February 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 8

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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This is my first build, so comments on how to refine it would be appreciated. Also please don't knock it till you've tried it.

This is a 3v3 build, though it can be used very effectively in 5v5 with a solid team. Either way I don't recommend the solo lane because I feel I get ganked more when I solo lane.

I hate math so I didn't do any. Everything I use is from experience, not calculations. If you want to do math feel free and post a comment.

Lastly, you will have some Mana problems before lvl 6 or 7. It's just the nature of the beast. You can either buy some mana pots or just play good cat and mouse with the enemy team.

Update: 2/10/11 - Added icons in the runes, items, and summoner's spells sections.
Update: 2/11/11 - Fixed spelling and grammar errors (that were pointed out to me) and began changing to format to be closer to Sixsonatas format.

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Olaf's life before landing on Valoran was carried out in the froze lands of Lokfar where life was as harsh and bitter as the winters. While finally awaiting a time when he can return home Olaf has embraced the glory and riches that a Champion can gain, spending his free time on his second favorite hobby, drinking.

One night in the Institute of war, Olaf was partying when he met a mysterious stranger. Clad in Aviators, popped collars, and fresh Tim's this stranger was broing out, hard. After his third kegstand, Olaf knew this was the guy to party with. That night would change the game forever. The next day the Berserker showed up to the Field of Justice like a Boss, poppin' collars and chugging Craggy. It would have been an epic fight, if the enemies hadn't bowed down in sheer awe immediately.

This build will focus on attack speed for Olaf. I see a lot of builds that run straight to Frozen Mallet, and while its a great item for Olaf, it shouldn't be a player's focus. Olaf's passive is great for gaining attack speed if you build HP, but you have to get to low for it to really kick in and by then someone with high burst is killing you. By building attack speed we make Olaf deadly with full health, and stupid deadly at half health. By end game you will have 2.5 AS at 1/4 HP.

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Pros / Cons

-The Brolaf skin is epic and everyone will hate you if you have it
-Good off-tank
-Good damage
-FAST damage
-Excellent at rolling over turrets
-Good survivability

-If denied early he takes forever to recover
-Expensive items
-Not great at farming till you've bough up to zeal
-Less HP than other Olaf builds
-Ryze will ALWAYS eat your face (I have no idea what to do about him)

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Ok so first up my runes.

Marks of Alacrity - Attack Speed, the focus of the build, get some.

Seals of Evasion - Who needs armor or HP when people can't hit you.

Glyph of Focus - Cause sometimes you can't chase down your axe but need it quick.

Quintessence of Fortitude - More HP which can really help early game.

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Ok so I change my masteries in different games based on who's on my team. If I feel like I'll get focused a lot I'll switch to a 8\22\0 build, but I usually run 22\8\0. In extreme cases where I'm worried I won't get enough minion kills I put the 8 points in Utility for the extra XP.

You should also feel free to adjust this based on you're games. If you die a lot, focus on Defense, and if you're not getting kills try Offense. If you're dying and not killing anyone you should consider your team makeup or play style.

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Summoner Spells

I usually take and , but really you should change these based on your team, and I change it up all the time.

I almost always keep because for a melee Champ, its just amazing.

I love because it lets me lane longer and make some riskier kills. But I'll take Ghost if I have teammates that have heals they can throw me. I'll often take Teleport in 5's to push over turrets while TF's go on elsewhere.

can be good if you find yourself ALWAYS out of mana, though I really only have a problem with this early game in 5's and I feel like its a waste since by lvl 11 I don't use it ever.

I mean use your discretion with the Summoner Spells, if you're a master the use it.

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Skill Sequence

Ok so I want to start by saying everyone underestimates . For Early Game that spell can do some big damage to squishies, and with the slow you should be able to catch anyone at lvl 4 and gank them with , , . People like to max ASAP, but with its short range it doesn't mean anything if you can't catch them.

This sequence maximizes Early game harassment and lane control, and then after lvl 6 switches to maximizing sustained damage.

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Ok so a lot of people think my items are all over the place, but I do this to balance cost vs results. Instead of rushing all my money to one Item I diversify so if I need to change the build to account for enemy items I'm already on a good foundation of my normal build.

The most important thing I want to stress here is while I almost always build these items you can't stick to it like a gospel. You need to be watching your enemies build and accounting for it. Build a Madred's Bloodrazor if they build HP. Build Last Whisper if they build Armor. I'm not going to try and tell you how to account for every situation because there is no set formula for every situation. Though I will mention, if they have a lot of Blinds, build the Sword of the Divine for its active.

The build order at the top of the page is how I normally build step by step. I go for a good boost to my AS first, then some lifesteal to account for not taking many ranks in Vicious Strikes, and lastly phage for some HP, DMG, and a possible slow.

The last 3 items I build in any order based on what I need. They all do well contributing to damage and survivability.

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At the beginning of the game after buying items and getting Undertow go bottom with your full team. Check the middle bushes and then dive at the bottom bush if no one is in the middle ones. With the metagame these days it should be a 3v3 team fight. Pick the person with the lowest Max HP and Exhaust them. Beat on their face as they try and run. When Exhaust ends immediately toss your axe at them and keep after them. They'll probably still keep distance between you but you should be able to get your axe again and kill them if they don't have heal. If they have just enough HP to live through it, they're at least so hurt they aren't rejoining the fight without you getting to axe them to death. See this is where you need a good team, because by now the 2v2 behind you has hit the point where everyone should be fleeing and you're just rejoining the fun. Axe someone as they try and run by and try for a second gank. Settle for another person having to B before minions arrive.

After that, split up and have someone go top. Now for the next 5 levels you're just gonna chill in bottom bush and last hit minions. Axe anyone that gets in range and run out to scare them off. Control the lane with harassment. If you don't control the bush then stand back by the rear minions and axe anyone who gets close. Always pick up your axe if its not miles behind their minion line. Try and get some ganks by using Undertow, Reckless Strike, Undertow on anyone who gets close enough that you're comfortable with the chase. DON'T turret run. You're not fast enough or Healthy enough unless you have Heal or Pots.

Once Midgame rolls around you should have up to zeal build and at least 1 kill under your belt. Now if top is doing fine you're gonna just keep on laning. If you did well denying early game then you should be pushing to the enemy turret no problem. DON'T do this. Go jungle a little or gank top while your partner turret sits and let them push a little and get confident. Once they've got a little chunk out of each of their HP from you're partner by the turret go back bottom and come in from behind and eat their faces. Do this a few times so their respawn timers go up, and then after a gank blast down a turret. Olaf + 1 and some minions can steamroll a turret after level 6 as long as its not well guarded. But Olaf is still to squishy midgame to run down a turret with 2 defenders even with a partner (with this build).

By late game you should have all your basic items done and at least 1 of the final three if you haven't had to deviate to account for enemy items. You should also have at least 1 turret down. But now things get really fun. Go get lizard buff, then go top and get the two little buffs, finally kill dragon. Now gank top and push it as far as you can till the bottom enemies come top, or they push 1 of your bottom turrets down. You should still have both bottom turrets, if you don't be more conservative and always leave 1 person back to play some D. At this point you should just be jumping lanes to gank then tower pushing with a partner. If they start rolling 3 deep at one of their turrets you roll 2 deep to the other one and send 1 back on D incase they try and counterpush the other lane. Watch for 3v2 attempts on you and your pushing partner. In these cases its really helpful to have 1 person on your team with Teleport. Once you manage to get one of their inhibitors the game should be yours. let minions deal with the lane that lost and inhibitor and attack the other side. If they play good D just keep them their till your minions are on their Nexus turret and have 1 person run in and take it down real quick. I think you can figure out what to do after that if this guide has gotten you that far.

The two best tips I can give you are:
1) Apply pressure early and keep it on always. If you can deny them early game, get some ganks and keep them a little frazzled it should be easy to win. Fight them on your terms not theirs.
2) If you're fighting someone and they're gaining the upper hand, run to the nearest bush and stop running. Try and pick a good bush that they can't see you run out of normally. When they run in expecting u to still be on the run, slam them with everything you have. Most people are taken off guard and you get the split second you need to turn the battle in your favor and get a gank. If you keep you're back turned and keep running they'll chip away at your health and gain control of the lane till you heal.

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I hope you guys like the build and give it a try. See you on the Fields.