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Olaf Build Guide by corador

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author corador

Olaf Swag Swag Swag

corador Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Olaf Swag Swag Swag

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Well after playing Olaf so many times i found the best build for him. i took other builds and made them my own. With this build, if you like having crazy health and unstoppable power then go with this build. I have found most build on here to be good but this build is far better. most build have you buy health potion, but i have found it to be a waste of money, the amount of health you get and how long it takes will not be worth your time. Most people think that sense you have health potions you can take way more hits at the start,THAT IS FALSE. If you are not sure about the build try it out, if you like it use it if you don't well then don't. With this build i have went 28-1-11 in 3v3 and 32-2-9 in 5v5 so if you think you can do better with other build try it and find out that will not happen. If you like owning NOOBS,soloing turrets and take less damage then you get, this build will do you good.

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Summoner Spells "DUB SWAG"

Well, why is ghost and exhaust the best picks? Easy, sense you are a fighter you deal lots of "BUT KICKING BLOWS" which will make the person you are fighting have to run, now with exhaust they are not getting far, now this works great low level for some quick OP gold. now just because you have exhaust that doesn't mean that they will be dead before exhaust wears off, now this is where your skill will come in to play, sense you have a stun don't use it till exhaust wears of so it's ready. now on the flip side with ghost it makes it easier to go in for the solo turret kill and the quick get away, also it works as a good get away tool for when you have some punk down and out in a close fight and the team try's to GANK YOU. If you don't like the ghost exhaust combo plate or you are new to Olaf then i would suggest going with heal and ghost.

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Game Play "SWAG PLAY"

As Olaf you always need to be fearless, don't run from something you can't escape (unless you have you ult). You often are far better off fighting things out or just not getting into those nasty situations in the first place. Olaf is one of the best 1v1 champions, that is because of his passive which makes you need to be a little reckless sometimes. But remember sometimes you can't be too reckless, like around a caster.

Using abilities:

Undertow: Throw this thing only as far as it needs to go, don't throw it full length 100% of the time because then you will have to go farther to get it. if you spam it to much you will have huge mana problems.

Vicious Stirkes: Use this ability against squishies when you do not have full health. This will give you much more health and will rip them up. If you have to use it against a tank.

Reckless Swing: A great move, it goes right trough resistences so it is a great way to start and finish a battle. You need to be careful, don't use this if your running away from somebody.

Ragnarok: This is beast! You become immune to disables, go faster and gain resistences. This is the perfect gettaway out of almost anything.


Early game
try to farm a lot with last hitting minions. Olaf is strong already early game so if your in lane with any champ with good CC then you would be controlling lane and get alot of kills. it is easy to get fed so affter the 3 first kills you got then help the mid gank 1 time this will make the mid losing tower(if your teams mid champ is good enogh, else stay and help) and then back in lane and finish tower there.

Mid game
in this part of game you will alrdy make some good dmg and would be probely the one that have most health even if there is another tank on team. but your job now is to help all lanes(most mid). at this point you will be controlling game.

Late game
all the team fights is ongoing but your the one who get the kills in the fights but also the one that are destroying most towers and inhibitors.

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Abilities for a SWAG


You throw a line nuke that deals a moderate amount of physical damage to all units it passes through. It also slows these units, and the axe provides a small instance of vision wherever it lands. Good for checking brushes, but the cool part about it, is that its cooldown is lowered by 6 seconds if you walk over the axe again. Using it for chasing becomes very much possible this way.

You gain a moderate amount of lifesteal and spell vamp for a reasonably long duration. This is what will keep you alive throughout low-health fights. It keeps your health at the same level all the time, whilst your enemy will just keep on trying to harass you, and fail horribly at it.

You deal a GIANT amount of true damage to a single enemy, at the cost of quite the amount of health. But 300+ TRUE damage is more than damaging to enemy champion, especially squishy DPS carries. The cost becomes more and more every levelup, but it's more than worth it. The sad part of it is though that I haven't seen it being affected by the spell vamp provided by Vicious Strikes.

You're like Alistar but without slow attack speed and rediculous cooldowns. You remove all CC from yourself, and become immune to all forms of disables (except Silence and Blind) for a duration. You'll know how useful it becomes once you face off against a Malzahar or Warwick. You also passively gain a ****load of Armor Pen, going up to 30 Flat Armor Pen.

Berserker Rage
This is why Olaf becomes more and more dangerous if you deal amounts of damage to him. He gains 1% attack speed for every 1% health he is missing. Without any attack speed items, you are at about 1,5 attacks per second at 'visible' low health. Making good use of this in combination with Vicious Strike makes you survive 2v1 ganks.