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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mabl

Olaf Tank(dps) Build

Mabl Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Olaf's killing spree

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Hello guys, This is my first build and thus i hope that many people tell me their opinions about my build and please do not just -1 without leaving a comment.

Build 1 ( Tank )

Masteries & Runes

Armor penetration is my opinion is pretty important for dealing "True damage" other tanks or Squishys with a bit of armor.
Reduced Cooldown is important for olaf's Reckless swing mostly so that you can keep recklessly swinging your enemys to death!
Magic resist just logicly i didnt buy too many magic resist items so my runes will give some.
The reason that i like having so much health is because it will give olafs skill even more extra Damage and later when you get the Impaler even more damage.
I go for 9/21/0 just because hes tanking and will get less dmg in fights :)

Cleanse saved my butt several times when somebody tried to slow/stun or put some DoT on me while i run away.
Exhaust for when melee using Champs with high att speed come at you and slice you to ****.
You will throw some Exhaust at them and they will start missing :D.. or you could use it for if somebody runs away but ussualy u got Throw/Frozen mallet for that.


Yeah the thing you all have been waiting for.. ITEMS!

If you dont aggree with my item build please do tell me in a comment and tell me what i should change. ( I did pretty well with this item build tho.. 22/2/8 first game and 14/3/11 the second. too lazy to start writing all my scores here tho xD.

-Boots of speed + 3x HP pot <- for the speed to try and get first blood at start and Hp pots so you dont have to go back untill like lvl 6.
-Aegis of legion <- for some pretty nice hp/armor/mag resist/damage for early game ( Works pretty nice tho)
-Mercury's thread <- You can choose shoes yourself but i ussualy take this because im tanking and i want some reduced stun effect and slow and that stuff. Also rly nice mag resist.
-Frozen mallet <- Start with Phage and then finish it off to Frozen mallet for the slowing effect.
-Starks <- Huh? why Starks..? Well some increased attack speed works well and the lifesteal also so you wont die so fast and because of Olafs W skill this will give you even more lifesteal.
-Warmog's armor <- Great health & regeneration.. works perfecly for Olaf's W skill and later for Atma's impaler.
-Atma's impaler <- This is when olaf gets immortal. You will have around 4k+ Health wich means that you well get you Attack dmg increased by about 80! That truly is worth the money for Atma's impaler. And thats not all.. it also gives really nice armor and some critical strike chance.

Playstyle :

Mostly i lineup with somebody else ( favourite is Ashe )
also.. you can go solo up "Mid" and play defensive.
like everybody else says try to get Last hit on minions. This isnt for nothing! it Really helps if you get the last hit on minions because the more money you get the faster you'le get to the Atmas impaler :D.

Build 2 ( DPS )

Masteries and Runes:

Nothing much to explain, for masteries i go 21/0/9 because its a dps build.
For the runes i go attack speed allot coz it just owns on olaf and specialy when u activate the W skill. Also lots of armor penetration is very nice for olaf for the True damage! People mostly think that Armor penet is not needed but trust me if u can do 30% more dmg each hit because u got some nice armor penet you're really gonna kick some extra ***es xD

Just the same as for the Tank build.
Cleanse for escaping when ppl chasing you and trying to DoT/Stun/Slow.
Exhaust for letting you're enemys miss and for slowing down you're enemy.
Also exhaust saved me pretty many times when some Melee guy ran after me and i just did some exhaust on him so he got slowed and i could happily run back to base ;P.

First of all:

-Shoes +3x hp pots <- for speed and survival
-Phage <- for health and damage and later for slowing enemys.
-Berserker greaves <- for attack speed
-Frozen Mallet <- health for W skill , Damage, Slowing effect.
-Emblem of Valour <- lifesteal
-Brutalizer <- damage + reduced cooldown
-Starks Fervor <- turn emblem of valour into starks fervor for more lifesteal and AS
-Yuumus ghostblade <- dmg , crit , armor penet , reduced cooldown .. just perfect.
-Soul shroud <- Extra health for W skill and reduced cooldown.. you can now Reckless swing all over the place.
-Phantom dancer <- this finishes your build with some AS, Crit , Dodge , Move speed.


Go solo or go with some teammate who can slow or stun your enemys for some easy kills,
If you go alone you should get your first skill into Throw so you can harras your opponent and keep him away.
Never be too attackive because we dont want to risk too much going into a failure because then ull lose time to get exp and money and your enemy will gain exp and money.

Well this is my first build so please be kind and leave a comment and tell me what i should change or even better.. tell me that it owns xD.