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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XanderAl

Olaf - Tank/Dps build

XanderAl Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Ok ! so this is my first build, be gentle. I decided to make it about the LoL favorite viking, the OLAAF !!

Im not going to be as detailed as the other builds, but im going to try to explain how this amazing champion works.

First of all, masteries are your choice, i decided to go defensive, you can make him 21/9/0 too, you can do with olaf whatever you want to ! but as long as you own, because ive seen some bad olaf's, and believe me, i feel sorry for them.

As you can see, i decided to go tank/dps, look at my runes.
Marks : Armor Penetration
Quitessence: Armor Penetration
Seals: Dodge (these runes have saved my life endless times)you can go flat health if you want to.
Glyphs : CDR, why ? to help the CD of your Reckless Swing.

Skill Sequence :
- Level upASAP, this is Olaf's TradeMark, the true damage is just insane.

-can be spammable, only if you pick up the axe, and sometimes that can cost you your life, so be careful. And you have to learn how to aim it, this is pretty important.

-: the spell vamp early game is not that good, but with health items as warmogs, frozen mallet, and atmas impaler, believe me, you will deal a G-R-E-A-T amount of damage.

-: well, what can i say about his ulti ? armor penetration.. reduced damage, and i think i might be forgetting something... OH, NOW I REMEMBER !he CANT be disabled !! no slows, taunts, snares, silences, for 6 seconds, oh yeah,i know, you feel like Chuck Norris for 6 seconds, but this ends, keep that in mind. I have escaped from ganks (from 5 enemies) whit this one, just know how to activate it, if someone stuns you before you activate it, our viking is finished.


These are the ones i use, and they havent betrayed me ONCE, i have a combo, when the enemy least expects it, ghost + exhaust + ulti, i always get the kill i want, no one can stop me.

Item Build
Before starting, i want to say something, this build can change, depending on your enemies.

Example : If they are ability power based, go for mercury threads,Buyinstead of,(but still buylater) olaf has a great variety of builds, just find the once that suits you best :)
- it helps on staying in the lane early game, try not to recall that much, you loose farming and you will find yourself underleved as the game goes by.
- why ? the dodge and armor, the dodge has saved me many, many times.

The core of this build :,and. These ones are a MUST.

Madreds and Randuins just finish the Tank/Dps build, they are the cherry at the top of the pie. (Is that how you say it ? Sorry for my english, not my first language).

Lane Strategy

If you are going to solo ( if someone is jungling) i recommend leveling undertow first, to keep your distance and still being able to farm. If you are searching for first blood, go for reckless swing. Undertow is important for last hitting minions, you HAVE to last hit minions, or else you are not going to get the items you need as fast as you want to.

Don't spam abilities early game, or you will find yourself out of mana, Olaf has a mediocre mana pool, so be careful.

In team fights, always go for the squishy dps champs, with 3 reckless swings, they should be really weak, or dead.

Something that i like about Olaf, is that i always engage first in team fights, i activate my ulti and target the squishy champ (this doesn't mean u wont die, so be careful, know how to use it, and when to use it !)

Note : When you reach level 9, with your Reclkess swing maxed, go to the blue golem camp, the cooldown and mana regen are very necessary, this will help you spam Reckless Swing even more !!

After you get Atmas, you are going to be pretty much unstoppable.

The game is over when im about to build atmas impaler, sometimes i win and sometimes i loose (obviously), if you get enough time to build Madreds, this means the game has been really long.

Keep in mind that you will have bad games too, everyone has bad games,and dont get disappointed!!

-Great Combination of health and Damage.
-His Ulti.
-Brolaf Skin.

- HE is slow, many players have escaped from me, somethimes undertow is not enough. He is not a good chaser

Ok, so this is all i can write for now, ill see if i can edit the build later, it all depends on how much you guys like it, RATE AND COMMENT, if you see something you don't like, let me know !! i hope you find this build useful :).

P.D = if you buy the BROLAF skin, you will win 99.9% of the matches, the skin makes him OP :D.