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Olaf Build Guide by hansi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hansi

olaf : the badass

hansi Last updated on May 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, first i want to apologize for my mistakes , english is not my native language . Olaf is a great champ who can nearly beat any other champ .When i first played him i thaught hes useless but after i got smart and some levels he became my main champ . He is a tanky damage dealer who gets even more more dangerous the less live he has . Finaly i experimented with the pictures but i cant figure out how to use them in the right way -.- . :-)

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I chose these runes because olaf has a pretty strong early game , he can herras very easily and with the armor and magic resist he can beat nearly every champ . The armor penatration is very good in early and late game .

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I juse these masteries because Olaf is a Tanky damage dealer . With my runes he is pretty tanky so he needs a tree that grants him the damage in offence he needs .

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The items that i chose are very usefull .The wrigglers lantern is very useful , it gives you some armor , livesteal but the most impotant it helps you to farm which is the most important thing early game , also it helps you to control the map because of the free ward , use this every time you can to beware you from dying because of gangs . The warmogs improves your surviveability significantly . Also it improves your W . The Force of nature helps you to counter the mages and to heras because of the movement speed you gain .The atmas gives you the damage to kill . Since you have a lot of live because of your warmogs it will grant you a lot of damage . The tryforce improves your damage output alot , exept the ap you benefit from everthing it gives you . the passive improves your damage output and the herrasment because of the slow .The infinity Edge gives you amazing damage since olaf is crit based . It gets kind a funny when you see the health bar of your opponents melting :D . Shoes are ofcourse situational , they depent on your actions .

Of course all these items are situational ,this build is working of youre playing against a balanced team .The order is also situational.
if not here are my references :

-Aegis of the legion : You can get that if you want to support your team , you benefit from everything it gives but there are better items .

-Banshees Veil : This item is very usefull against a heavy ap team , you can replace the force of nature with it if you think you are very focused

-Frozen Mallet : Get this if youre team lacks of cc . Its a good item but you dont really need it . To slow you have your Q and your Tryforce.

-Executioner's Calling : This is useful if you play for example against a Dr.Mundo .

-Guardian Angel : Get this if you have to carry for your team and youre getting focused a lot .

-Last Whisper : This is useful if your opponents build up a lot of armor .

-Madred's Bloodrazor : Get this if your oponents are all ****ing tanky .Normaly your E should be enough to kill tanks .

-Randuin's Omen : Get this if your opponents have a lot of normal damage and when they have champs that depend on attack speed (the passive .

-Quicksilver Slash : This is like your ult as a item .When your opponents have a lot of cc its very useful . Buy this if you have to carry .

-Starks Fervor : This is a nice item but its more a support item . Your ult passive already give you armor pen. and there are better live steal items .The attack speeds from your passve is good enough .Get this if nearly your whole team grants from it ( lot of ad in your team )

-The black cleaver : This is a nice item but you dont really need the attack speed. If your dealing with a lot of armor buying last whisper is better , but this is still gettable.

-Sword of the occoult : I think this item is not useful . If you win for sure and youre just killing your enemies the game will be over too soon to really grant from all the stacks , and if you die often the stacks are gone and it becomes very useles .

-The bloodthirster : This item is very good on olaf . it gives you a high amount of livesteal and damage . I would always get this if i need more surviveablity and damage .

-Thornmail : Its the perfeckt item against fed autoattackers . Get this if a noob in your team fed for example tryndamere .

-Phantom Dancer : This item is in my opinion useless because you dont relly need the stats exept the crit chance

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Skill Sequence

I max my E first because it is your main damage tool . Q is very usefull to her*** . Always remember to pick up your axe to refresh your cd .Its also wonderful to lasthit if your cant reach the creap because youre a melee. W is usefull to gain some live back , but it becomes in lategame usefull when you builded up some health .
Your ult of course is very important , take it whenever you can .

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Summoner Spells

Normaly i take flash and exhaust cause you need an escape skill and exhaust hepls you to win again enemies who are a little bit stronger that you or to slow if theres the chance that they are going to escape .

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Ranked Play

Play solo lane top . He can beat nearly every top lave champ . Herras constantly with your e . Dont forget to ward .AND FARM , FARM , FARM.Farming is the most important thing early game ( 10 creeps nearly 300 gold = 1 kill (300 gold if youre killing alone ) ) .

-Dont take him against :

.Singed : The will throw you into his poison and you cant really counter this .

(other references will come soon , but since i have a reallive and there are so many other wonderful champs it will take a while )

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Creeping / Jungling

You can jungle with olaf . Hes a pretty good and fast jungler but i dont like jungleing . If you want take smite and a cloth armor and 5 health potions , max your Q first and gang a lot .

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Team Work

In team figts use your ult to ignore cc and kill the carry .This is your main mission ! If your team has no real tank you can of course initiate .

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Unique Skills

This build grants you the stats you need as a melee . you need to be close and survive a lot . You have a wonderful base damage (E,true damage ) so its the best to build off tank.

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Farming is the most important thing early game . Farm as much as you can . Last hit and outzone your opponents !

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Finaly Olaf is a great champ . Take him if your team solo top . Hes also good if you have no real tank cause of his ult and his tankyness . I apologize again for my mistakes ( german native language ) and i hope you get a good impression of olaf . I will ad pictures when i learned how to ad them . Also i will a other informations and correct the guide when my spirit is dry again