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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author brownie226

Olaf- the best guide on how to make kids cry

brownie226 Last updated on August 1, 2010
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Hey, this is my first build, be gentle, this is how i play Olaf and i have made kids cry from it, and i hope you do to once you try it ;)

Summoner Spells

Ghost- great for catching runners or for running from a sticky situation yourself use ghost. Ghost has saved me so many times i cant even count. Never leave home without it.

Ignite- amazing spell for FB and finishing kids off who might run away, take it for Olaf cause he doesent have much range to finish people off.


My reason for these runes are simple... Extra dodge- great. Extra evasion- awsome. Extra armor penetration- Superb


Tiamat- Great for farming, and also a great item for Olaf. Reckless Swing + Splash dmg = True splash damage going to your opponents. A great item which is also usefull for hp and mana regen. It can later be replaced with Black Cleaver or Blood Thirster if you are Uber fed or if your game lasts forever. *replaceable with BC or BT (whichever you prefer, i'd go with BC) but only in LATE GAME, build this item first no matter what*

Ninja tabi- More dodge, whats not to like? If you think beserker grieves are a better choice go on, but Olaf gets enough attk speed in my opinion from his passive, and if you can dodge a few hits instead of getting pounded on, its fantastic IMO. *replaceable with beserker grieves if wished*

Frozen Mallet (FM)- More damage, More health (which is great for his passive), and enemys movement speed is slowed?! This item is a must have for Olaf, no questions asked. *core item*

Phantom Dancer (PD)- More attack speed, crit chance, and movement speed for catching runners... YUM! *core item*

Warmog's Armor- A massive health boost, plus health regen, is great, and the uber health boost will sky rocket olafs passive through the roof. *core item*

Madred's Bloodclaw- Great attack speed, more damage, and inflicts 4% of opponents HP with each attack?! Its a must have, hands down. *core item*

Black Cleaver- can replace tiamat in late game only, amazing damage, and its passive is just pure ownage. This item + Madreds Bloodclaw = Everything dies. And tanks just start crying. *optional*

Blood Thirster- can replace tiamat in late game only, has an AMAZING damage boost that cannot be beat. *optional*

How To Play

Start game

Pick up farie charm nd rejuvenation bead nd how ever many health pots as u can with whats left over, head out to your lane (Always sidelanes, never mid with Olaf please) and try to get with another champion who has a slow, stun, or trap (ex. Morgana, Ryze) for this will lead to uber pwnage with your Recklace Swing and will almost garantee A FB on your part (even if they escape and pop ghost, you have your ignite ;D)

Early Game

Stay behind your creep waves and wait for them to make a move, untill then farm, if they do attack you, your Recklace swing will make them think twice. Continue to farm, at level three put only 1 point into undertow. This will provide great harrasment just to keep your opponents at bay and will also be a great to slow enemys who try to escape, but all other points should be alternating between Vicious strikes and Reckless swing. Head back when ur around 1k gold or your low on mana and hp and your Health Pot is gone, finish off tiamat or get your boots, choice is yours, but w/e you do next make sure you finish or get the other one.

Mid Game

Once it seeps into mid game, continue to farm/ push turret/def turret, or w/e it is you were doing before. Keep your eyes out for ganks because people love to shut down Olaf before he gets to powerful. Also keep your mind open to ganking yourself, Olaf is extemly good with ganks cause of his slow, and massive dmg out-put, but dont get to crazy and try to be superman. 2v1 are bad for you until ur built. By this time u will have tiamat, boots, and FM, and you are ready to enter late game.

Late game

Start of late game, star building your PD or Warmogs, either one is a good choice (I personally chose the PD since FM give you some decent HP already) at this point of the game, assigned lanes are gone and its total chaos, but thats alright. Always travel with a group and keep your lanes pretty well defended, if u happen to pass the elder lizard, pop in for a visit nd lop his head off, the buff will be great for future dmg output. If you see someone alone pushing, be close by for the gank, chances are that they are about to get attacked, and you can hop in steal a kill, get a kill yourself before you have to make your great escape,(and know your limits, if its hopeless dont even go there, if you can manage, go for it)but most important stick with your team, and get kills no matter what. Also by now the two teams will be going back and forth pushing mid, and you should have ur Pd complete and you warmogs near completion, which is when u go for your final item madreds bloodrazor. In big team battles when things are starting to get rough, pop your ulti and vicious strikes and the tides of battle will epically turn.


Well this is my build for Olaf, and my first time creating a build. I do amazing with it and i think it is the best way to play Olaf. Please leave comments good or bad and your reasons for a +1 or -1. Se onr sverdar sitja hvass!