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Olaf Build Guide by lordnibbs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lordnibbs

olaf the bro

lordnibbs Last updated on March 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Olaf is a very strong jungle champion better in the jungle then in lane (matter of opinion) This is my first guide i hope you will enjoy it and find it helpful and if you have any ideas feel free to tell me any of your ideas and if your confused on anything ask and ill try to get back to you as soon as i can

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OK so this is where you might want to look at the most. First you want to grab Vampiric Scepter your W and smite will take down blue or red very fast (use smite while your W is still active to gain bonus life steal) after your done your route and maybe gotten a few Ganks in you want 1100 gold when you return to base for wriggles. After you get Wriggles you need Mercury Treads, I used to like Bezerker, but i feel like stunes/the lack of M.R was killing Olaf too much. After you get Phage you can go with what you feel like but generally go for Avarice blade then into Ghost Blade. Finish Frozen Mallet go into Warmogs to become a tanky kiling machine that does not die after there first wave of burst after get Atma's, with all the health you have you get more attack then from buying a B.F sword. Once you have all your items replace Wriggles for a Bloodthirster for more Lifesteal and more attack
by then you should have won the game.

If you find that the enemy team has too much AP or AD for you to handle get Thornmail or Force of Nature to help you survive and deal more damage because you in the team fights longer.

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I use flat health runes on my account but i would use the runes that i have posted instead if i had the IP to get them.

Greater mark of desolation will help you with tanks with lots of armor and with your "E" with tear through anything that stands in your way.

As you can see there is not a whole lot of MR with my Olaf build so getting Greater seal of warding will help with crazy high AP champions.

Greater Glyph of Resilience will help a lot in the early Jungling so you will come out with more health to be more of a force when you come in for a Gank.

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Summoner Spells

I find that smite and ghost are the best for Olaf for a few reasons why when you are jungling. Smite is obvious but ghost lets you run faster so you can Gank at the lower levels and run away from the opposing enemy's when needed. Olaf does not have any distances closers like Warwick Udyr Lee Sin besides his Undertow until Olaf get phage to stick to his enemy. Flash is good but for the most part it does not help in chasing down champions Flash is great if you are new to this champion, and Exhust is not needed because of Frozen Mallet and Undertow.

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Skill Sequence

After your first three skill upgrades you can go into what ever you feel you need depending on how the game is looking for you. After you get all three skills at one Stack put one more point into your Vicious Strikes then upgrade your Reckless Swing to max, so when you come into a early Gank you deal massive damage. Two points in your Vicious Strikes should be good enough for Damage and Life Steal when you return back into the jungle to farm.

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Pros / Cons

Attacks faster when at lower health
Makes a very deceptive bait for easy kills
Ragnorak Makes you stun casters worst nightmare

Very weak againts high AP users

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Team Work

Olaf screams KILL ME! when a team fight occurs because of his high damage output and his ult makes him so he cant be interrupted during team fights. Go in with you Undertow this will slow then enemy champs down and after that pop Vicious Strikes and look for the easy champ to kill or who every is the biggest threat to your team (AD carry or the AP carry) Dont forget if you are being chased down to throw undertow to slow down enemy champs so they will have burn flash ghost or there Spells to try to catch up to, you might even save a team mate from dying from do so.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle how you would normally jungle with any jungle Olaf can start at Red or Blue. (most of the time start out at Blue) Starting out at Red lest you do a Early level 2 Gank that most people will not be ready for Blue lets you go through the jungle much easier without worrying about not having the mana to get through to Blue buff if you don't the mana regen runes. Olaf's successful Ganks come from your ability to hit with your Undertow if you miss dont even bother chasing you will take time from farming from yourself and experience from your lane you are in. After your first round in the jungle and Blue buff comes back give it to your AP in mid you dont need Blue buff anymore and he/she will love you for helping his game become much more easier. Once you get phage you give Red buff to your AD carry so he/she can stick while chasing down there foes. Once you are level seven you can solo the dragon i would have your team come help you but if you are feeling like a boss that game go for it. (By then you should have Wriggles Mercury Treads Phage)

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I find Olaf a very fun champion to play once you get the timing of his skills you really need to land his Undertow to be successful with him jungling

Vote up if you liked it

Vote down if you didnt but at lest give me a reason why you didnt like it so i can make it even better

Hope you enjoyed this Guide and find this useful in the coming days you play Olaf and remember to smile when you hear BROMACIA!