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Olaf Build Guide by Zarrgon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zarrgon

Olaf The Brutalizer

Zarrgon Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The Story of our Nothern Friend

On an uncharted continent beyond Valoran's grasping clutches, the conqueror named Olaf was born to a long tradition of soldiers unlike most others. Berserkers, as they tout themselves, are warriors who channel fury deep from their cores, unleashing pure and savage wrath upon their enemies. This fearsome evolution is a product of their unforgiving home, Lokfar - a barren tundra where all creatures must vie bitterly for every resource. Olaf belonged to a seafaring clan known for ruthlessly pillaging any and all villages within reach of their dragon-crested longboats. The last time he saw his icy home, Olaf was embarking on an expedition to pioneer and plunder a distant land known only to legend. However, while underway, a terrible storm sprung up and Olaf and his crew were thrown to the mercy of a roiling and pitiless sea.

His ship destroyed, his crew nowhere to be found, Olaf miraculously washed up untold miles from ''friendly'' waters on the foreign shores of Valoran, south of Demacia. This unfamiliar place stunned and frightened the Berserker, for Lokfar is not privy to such potent magicians. Approaching them, Olaf hoped that they could use their mysterious powers to send him back to his people. A bargain was struck. Olaf would use his awesome prowess as a warrior to serve the unusual wars of Valoran in the League of Legends, and in exchange the sorcerers would find him a way to return. Despite his participation in the League, Olaf knows better than to trust the ''finger wagglers'' that run the Institute of War. He deliberately keeps details of his life and home from them. After all, with enough information, they would most certainly find the Lokfarians and dominate them as they have dominated all of Valoran, keeping both quietly -- and unwittingly -- in their thrall.

Beware the war cry of the Berserker. What surges toward you is unyielding, free from the shackles of reason.

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Hey is that my first blood kill all over your boots?

HELLO! and welcome to my Olaf build. The best defence is a good offence and so sticking with thatDoran's shied will give you an extra umph! in your survive-ability for first blood.Undertoe is a great spell but the best way to use it is to throw close to your feet and stay in close range of enemy champions. You have enough health to withstand a good few hits, and if your throwing the axe close enough to auto pick it up then you should be able to spam undertoe at least 4 to 5 times. Feel free to throw the axe to hit any enemy chasing away with low health but if theres a closer champ throw it at him/her. Every Viking needs his axe close at hand just incase there's more pillaging to do. With that's said just be careful of getting ganked, stick with tam members and first blood should be yours.

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Tips to keeping a well balanced Viking

What kind of Viking would hit like a sac of feathers? NONE that's who! You need to smack those bully's arround and you might as well give em something to be afraid of. Using Undertoe first it should cleave a big portion out of any champions health pool, and remember we are keeping the axe close and spamming it for first blood. The armor pen comes in handy also because of Reckless Swing you can easily one two combo undertoe with reckless swing taking big chunks out of baddies.
Only 5 Greater seal's of defence because you want to have a high ammount of armor at end game but in the beggining you still need flat out armor and hence the 4greater seal's of resilience. Dorans Shiels isn't quite enough armor for olaf in the beginning and heeds some push along the way.
In the mdst of battle you can't be too sure who you are going up agains even if theres an all non magic using group you don't want to risk the chance of being to much of a squish Olaf against magic nukes like Veigar,Fiddlesticks, or Annie. Magic resist can save you in team fights and gives you a higher chance of surviving long enough to popvicious strikes and keep you alive long enough to sew the benefits of the health regain.

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The Master of Battle

Olaf tends to want to stay in battle for long periods of time and should be treated as a tank. But that as it may he doesn't need points in the deffence tree naturally he just has survive-ability, tying in with the reason for using mostly deffencive ruine's we can allow the offence tree to add to olafs attacks. Offence tree is more beneficial because your pairing olaf's natural tanking abilities with his ability to smack baddies arround with ease if spec'd into defence it would make olaf a harder champion to get kills with alto swapping to become a weak yet big distraction.

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Olaf doesn't like messing arround when it comes to hitting his target and going in hard. HisBerzerker Rage will automatically increase his attack speed when health is lost but its not quite enough to get the point across that his auto attacks are heavy hitters we just want to emphasise them by making them occur more often so mostly attack speed items will bring out olaf's good side the attack speed increase also help when you pop Vicious strike you can heal up off of enemies faster ,you will be hitting them and they wont be doing much of anything to you. I also keep item builds simple, i don't like to have too many of little ammounts of %'s being added all over i'd rather stack them babies. Buying most items with attack speed critical hit and armor pen. Having enough armor pen doesn't exist you can always make a wound go deeper in my opinion. (if not just cutting straight through) We have a little life steal for survive-ability and it pairs nicecely with the attack speed we have and vicious strikes. armor pen and crit for his other two attacks andForce of Nature Will be a constant health regen and should replace doran's shield. If you havent won at this point in the game olaf is just a hard spanker with shmexy health regeneration, i have no problem with soloing team fights of 3 on me i can either run and have enough hp to get away or i can kick some butt and stay in battle till an ace happens. If going up against heavy magic users buy the Force of Nature before the B.F. Sword. That should help wage the battle and make you less squishy.

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Summoner Abilities

Any and all melee champions ie: xin,tryn,and yi should useghost andexhaust. Both keep the enemy closer to you and easily accesable to get into the midst of battle after all that is where Olaf belongs.

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More Axe-bell!

Olaf's Palate
Undertow : Damage: 65/110/165/200/245 + 30% of Attack Damage
Slow: 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 40 %

Using undertow at a close range makes the spell a 2 sec c/d and is a very hard hitting slowing usefull spell. The faster you can cast it the better, keep that axe close my friends. You don't want to have to run through enemy lines to retrieve your property, nor do you want to get stuck with the whole c/d timer.
Vicious Strikes : Damage: 12/18/24/30/36 (+ 0.4/0.7/1/1.3/1.6% of Max Hp)
Lifesteal: 9/12/15/18/21% Spellvamp: 9/12/15/18/21% Last 6 seconds

We've got items to boost your health regeneration this spell amplifies how quick you can recouperate without needing a recall.
Reckless Swing : Damage dealt: 100/160/220/280/340
Damage taken: 40/64/88/112/136

Altho you can't speed up the cool down of this one its important to level first because it's the hardest spell on olaf. Taking a chunk out of the enemies hp is always a discouragement to get locked in battle with Olaf so even if used once it should scare any champion away. We have crit and armor pen stacked and ready to go for this spell to whollop down upon the derverving enemies noggin.
Ragnarok(Ulti) : Immune to disables, Flat damage absorption:25/45/65
Passif : armor penetration 10/20/30

Only pop ult if you cant take the heat of the current fight or if you can spot an easy kill the added armor pen comes in handy. never waste it against 2 champions unless our running away and need the damage absorbtion.

When i bring olaf to a team fight at lvl18 or when you have all 4 spells you want to ghost in and throw that axe slow down the enemy ehaust the target your downing pop vicious stikes for health throw the axe asap and keep it close!!!, reckless swing, more axe throws!, auto attack and chase them down rinse repeat ordeal with the vicious strike every time its off c/d. Use ultimate as directed and there should be no problems. (;D)

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Any questions on how my build works or if you need assistance in detail don't hesitate to email me at with any questions, remember folks there are no stupid qestions only stupid feeders. To all who read my build GL and HF with every game you play and keep in mind no game is too serious.

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Team Work

Lee sin is a prefered and favorite team mate of mine as well as any support champion with a stun or heal. Good team mates to keep in mind are those who can stay near the battle with you, you dont want to be paired up with champions that constantly recall for health/mana But being as your\your the tank make sure you hold up to your end of the deal. Nobody likes a tank that brakes his nails and cry's about it.