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Olaf Build Guide by Kremyl

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kremyl

Olaf, The penetrator

Kremyl Last updated on November 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners ! My name is Kremyl (it's hard to pronunce) and I'm bringing you my guide to Olaf, The Berserker. Olaf is a melee fighter, who specializes on dealing TONS OF DAMAGE to enemies even with a lot of armor, but also on his maximum health. I like him so much, because I can be very good early game, but when I do well, I can smack faces down even in mid-late game through out some good item, that I would recommend building, and item you MUST HAVE. I will disguss item choices in the Items chapter. The masteries aren't much to talk about, but I will disguss them as well. The runes set up, I have is a great mix of damage, and survivalability, I consider them a MUST HAVE thing again, and I disguss them in the Runes chapter.

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Now, you got to my Runes chapter, where I will disguss the runes i select by playing Olaf, and why i select them. So let's get started. For the Marks i take Flat Armor Penetration (alternativeley you could take attack damage, but image the armor you ignore, while having 9 armor pen runes:)
, because you ignore 14.94 armor !!! (thats not it, thats just for the marks :) Imagine playing against a Master Yi, who has the base armor of 20, i guess, you would ignote almost 15 armor, he's nothing left to defend himself :). Now for the Glyphs i take Flat Armor, i guess there's nothing to disguss, I just like being a bit more durable in the early game, because a lot of people use the Armor Pen runes, so they don't ignore that much of MY armor :). For the Seals I take Magic Resist per level, I take that on every champion, I'ts always nice to have some MR increased, because I'ts not that easy to stack, as armor. Fo the Quints (big ones), I take Flat Armor Penetration :). I just prefer taking armor pen, because it will add some stats to my item choose, and to my Ults passive(count your flat armor pen on level 6:), and AD is not that important for Olaf, and not so hard to stack. Ok so you know the runes I use, i hope you found this chapter useful, but i guess a lot of people use these runes for their fighters. :)

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Ah, the masteries, theres not much to say, I'ts important to take the armor pen in the offense tree, and health in the defense, oh yeah and the upgraded ignite and exhaust. That might be all, if you read my runes chapter, you know why to choose the armor pen :).

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Boy do I have some cool items, that i have discovered for Olaf :). A lot of people are maybe allready using these items, but i have never seen them in-game before.
My starting items are Boots of speed and 3 HP, for mobility, chasing power, and some regen against harrasment, then there are 2 choices, I either take the (only if I get a really good early game) Brutalizer first and then Phage, but i don't prefer that choice, because you wont really need that early armor pen, you have the runes :), so I take the Phage, then I upgrade the boots of speed to Bereserke's Greaves, just because Attack Speed is awesome for Olaf. After these i finish up my Frozen Mallet, you have insta slow on your basic attacks and on Q :), i guess that is useful, and you also get some AD, and a ton of health(the more health, the better:). Soon after i grab the Youmuu's Ghostblade, a lot of reasons why, FLAT armor pen (% armor pen is useless if your foes don't stack armor hard), cooldown reduction, crit. strike chance, AD, and a great active, increasing your AS and MS, for a few secs., and increasing that with basic attacks, I got a Quadra all by myself with these 3 items, at dragon :).
Ok now you have great damage, and some survavibility, now you need to look at the enemy team. If they're fed, take some defense item like: Randuin's Omen (against physical dmg dealers) or Banshees Veil (against magic dmg dealers), if youre crushing your foes and dont really need heave defense items, consider taking Atma's Impaler or even The Bloodthirster (yes, The Bloodthirster :), Atma will give you some DMG and critical strik, but also some armor, but The Bloodthirster will you MASSVIE DMG output, if neither you are crushing them nor they are crushing you, consider taking Zeke's Herald :). I know you haven't even thought that this is in the game, but trust me, I'ts a useful item for you, and for your team:), It has Life steal, AS, health and CD reduction. There's not much choices left, as you would probably crush the enemies so far, but you can consider taking the Force of the Nature/Atma's Impaler and a Warmogs... I hope deal TONS OF DAMAGE, and win every game :).

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Skills hmmm, the most important skill you will relie on is your passive :) it gives you 1% AS for every 1% health youre missing, so consider stacking healths, as well as some damage, because Olaf is especially deadly with his health below 30 or even less %. Gues the next important skill is your E, it deals true damage, great for getting killing blows on champs, as well as doing damage to tanks :), but it takes your health away, so watch out.. Next might be Q, because of the slow, only if you're not close anybody, the Frozen Mallet will do the work anyways, btu I'ts great for chasing an enemy down, the last would be the W (I'm not counting the Ult, always use it before going into TF), it gives you AD + % of your max Health, thats why Olaf is so good, when atacking health, and some life steal and spell vamp, which is mostly usefull in 1v1 battles :).

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I would say Olaf is my favourite champion:) Hes uniqe and so much fun to play :) Also a great jungler, i might forgot to add that, but I don't prefer to jungle with him, I either take the Bot or Top lanes to go. Thanks for rading and have a nice day summoners !!!