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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doctor Graveyard

Olaf - The Terror of Lockfar

Doctor Graveyard Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Olaf - The Terror of Lockfar

Hi guys! Doc G here, This is my first build, though I've been playing for a while. Olaf has always been one of my favorites but its just recently I've started doing good. I came up with this after a long time of crying over how minimal Frozen hammer is early and wondering why I wasnt capitalizing on his ult.


Olaf is a melee physical DPS champion, and often one of the most under looked champions in the game. In reality, a well played and built Olaf will be able to tear apart entire teams on his own. The problem is, Many people play him wrong - trying to take advantage of Vicious strikes (and the occasional Atma's) to do a lot of damage with High life - 2 of the most easily countered strategies in the world (Thorn Mail and Madreds). THis guide is all about Having Olaf deal a lot of damage very quickly without being suicidal. Olaf - I find, has an INCREDIBLY strong mid game, a mediocre early game and a variable late game, depending on how much you capitalize on your ult.

Summoner Spells/Masteries/Runes

The way i see it, Melee characters have a choice of 4 spells - ghost, flash, exhaust, and clarity. Ignite is made for casters IMO and Exhaust is just better. Why should I try and get a kill that got away when i can just get the kill standing next to him? Anyways, I run Ghost and exhaust, but if you like flash, flash exhuast works just as well. Thanks to his ult, and the eventual Banshee, He doesnt need clarity - (we'll get into why later in the strategy section)

My Masteries are sort of unique. 1 point into each spell (another reason i run Ghost Exhaust) Obviously if you aren't running one of the spells, don't put a point in it. The reason i don't put full in to offense is because all we need is Attack Speed and Armor pen, so why not put the points into nice survivability? I run dodge seals, and as such i grab the dodge points. however you can also Run Flat health seals, in which case the dodge points are useless, feel free to put them elsewhere.

Skill Analysis

<read the skills above, i don't feel like re-writing them. Sorry>
Berserker Rage Not the worst passive out there - in fact it's saved me more times than i can count and actually got me a double kill in an pre-spawn gank. A rule of thumb is to use it as long as you have at least a 4th of your life, thanks to Starks + vicious you have 41% life steal - giving you A LOT of wiggle room.

Undertow Just got a buff! 24% slow @level 1! You get a point into this for slow. Some people live by it, but i never found its damage output to be worth it. It scales off of his attack, which is nice, but other than that, the fact it does magic damage really ruins this ability as far as doing damage

Vicious StrikesA core ability. Absolutely destroys turret. It gives you damage based off your life, but you really love it cause of its life steal components. the spell vamp is nice too, If you decide a madreds is needed (spell vamping 21% of 4% of a tanks health is a lot more than it sounds).

Reckless Swing This move DESTROYS. 340 damage to anythings skull puts a dent in it. People dont think its much but lets put it in perspective. Your average tank has a little under 4k health - unless shen or chogath. 340/4000= .085 It doesnt sound impressive until you think about the actual value of that number. That's just under 10% of the tanks health gone. Against non tanks (things you focus first) the average is about 2k.340/2000=.17 just shy of being a 5th. Again, The numbers are deceptive. But when put into action this move will destroy all through out the game, not just early - as everyone thinks.

Ragnarok Another amazing ability - free Armor Pen and immunity to CC is great. Throw in a flat damage resistance? You're ****ing set. No explanation needed. Though i will say this Learning to time this ability will help you SO much. Its a lot like Try's ult, only you're baiting CC not Damage, and you need to time it BEFORE you get stunned, as I'm 90% sure you cant cast it in CC like Try can. This isn't something I can show you - just practice it and it'll start being easy.

Items/Laning strategy

To start i get a Doran's shield and a health pot. The idea in early game is to farm conservatively. Communicate with your partner and try and get a early gank on your lane. Otherwise you should just be last hitting creeps. you want your first blue pill to be a Recurve bow and boots at least. The idea is to get Stark's asap. Its free 20 armor pen with IAS and life leach, what more do you need? You can turn your boots int o either tabi, merc, or swiftness depending on what you need. the most important thing to remember is this build istn set in stone. you *need* to swap things out per game. I tried to cover everything (armor, damage, health, MR and armor pen) but some times you need more armor than MR and a thorn mail is more useful than a Veil. Be dynamic. Anyways. After the starks, i usually run a brutalizer for Armor pen and CDR. Then go to Frozen hammer and atmas then Veil.
here's a list of my *usual* build in order:
Doran's shield+ health potion
Recurve bow + Vamp Scepter
Stark's Ferver + Boots1
Frozen Mallet
Atma's Impaler OR Banshee Veil
The other above.

And that's about it. When in team fights, remember you're no tank. You're offense. You want to go in *after* the fights initiated and Kill everyone while they're not paying attention to you. But dont back down from a fight. You can hold your own in one on ones, one on twos, and even one on threes against certain peeps.