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Olaf Build Guide by TrollBuildTom

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrollBuildTom

Olaf the Ungankable!!! (solotop)

TrollBuildTom Last updated on October 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Despite my moniker, I do not only provide troll builds to the community (however, this has been known to happen from time to time).

This is my build for somewhat tanky, but all around versatile champion that by no means has to be played the way I do. But as one of my main picks for my ranked team in which I am the main solotop, Olaf is a hard champion to beat.

Olaf can be summed up in two words...SMASH FACE!!!

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Pros / Cons


    Large amounts of health
    Extremely hard to gank
    Very hard to kill in team fights
    Immune to CC
    Capable of clearing an entire lane (+Baron Nashor) without the help of minions

    Somewhat slow start
    Doesn't do tons of damage late game
    Doesn't like to share lanes with other champions
    Has a stupid look on his face

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Passive: Berserker Rage
*Olaf gains 1% of attack speed for each 1% of his maximum health he is currently missing

This i part of what gives Olaf such great sustain. The closer he is to dying, the deadlier he becomes.

Q: Undertow
* Olaf throws his axe to a target location (via adjustable skillshot) dealing damage and slowing all targets it hits in a line. Olaf can pick up his axe to reduce undertow's cooldown drastically.

This is your main early game harassment. Use wisely.

W: Vicious Strikes
*Olaf gains attack damage equal to a portion of his max health, along with a large amount of spell vamp AND lifesteal.

In my opinion, this is Olaf's best move.Try to keep this active for as long as you are fighting an enemy chamion, tower, monster, small child, or whatever else was foolish enough to cross your path.
This is the main reason I stack two warmogs.

E: Reckless Swing
*Olaf deals a set amount of true damage to his target at the cost of a small amount of life

Some Olaf players swear by this move...Meh. I tend to only use it to last hit minions or deal a little bit of damege to a tank stacking tons of armor.
It looks cool though.

Ultimate: Ragnarok
* Olaf passively gains armor penetration.
*Olaf temporarily gains armor and magic resistance and is immune to all crowd control

This makes Olaf very,VERY hard to successfully gank. Combined with ghost, Ragnarok lets you escape almost any champion who tries to over commit and kill you.
Use this in team fights to ensure you stay alive long enough to annihilate the enemy team.
You would be surprised what all this entails. (read; EVERYTHING)

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Quick rundown of Runes, Masteries, Etc.

My mastery builds are, for the most part, used to maximize the damage of Undertow and Vicious Strikes.

Plain and simple. No reason to get much into it.

The same applies to runes.
(note: I do use the .5% health runes because they provide more life with this build.)

All in all, it's pretty standard

For summoner spells I use ghost and ignite.
Why? Because ghost prevents you from being ganked (more so than flash in this case), and,'s ignite.

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Main Items

These are the items IN ORDER that i build them (usually).

#1 Mercury Treads/Ninja Tabi (build as needed):
All pretty standard. I usually start with boots and health pots, but you can never go wrong with a doran's blade or cloth and five potions.

#2 Warmog's:
Warmog's, always a good decision. Essential to most solotop champions. Especially on Olaf, who has a near spammable AD buff that scales with max health.

#3 Frozen Mallet:
Extra health, extra damage; Whats not to love. The slow is nice, but secondary to
everything else.

#4 Atma's Impaler
The AD boost from Olaf's Vicious Strikes on all the time? Yes please! Extra crit chance? Sign me up. This item is good on all AD offtanks; and with all the health Olaf has it equals out to a decent chunk of Attack Damage.

#5 Infinity Edge
This item is for a bit of extra damage and to capitalize on the critical chance given to you by Atma's Impaler.

#6 A second Warmog's
By the late game, the enemy team should be building more and more damage. The second Warmog's helps negate that. Also on Olaf: Health=Damage

#7 Potions
Always buy the 250g potions once you have a full build.

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Other Useful Items

Any of these items can be used to replace the second Warmog's, or anything else you may not need. But personally I don't find much need to change anything up. Any of these items are situational and subject to personal preferance.

Bloodthirster: The bloodthirster give you more attack damage than most other items in the game. It's never bad, but Olaf gets these buffs simply from activating his W; so you needn't waste the gold. Getting this will sacrifice some of your durability.

Maw of Malmortius: The MR and passive shield are nice, but the reason some Olaf players buy this item is for the extra damage gained from having low health; which, combined with his passive is a great combo. There is however, one tiny problem... OLAF TAKES NO DAMAGE.
This guide turn Olaf into the league of legends equivalent of a honey badger.

Berserker's Greaves: Only get these if you are laning against a squishy champion with little to no CC...Otherwise, don't bother.

Guardian Angel: THE ONLY time i ever get this is if I am playing Anivia while laning with a Zilean and/or Yorick.

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Olaf is a very good offtank/ AD beastmode destroyer but falls easily to coordinated enemy teams and recklessness on the part of the player. Good Olaf players can turn recklessness into an advantage and teach enemy coordination into a warning to stay the hell out of my lane.
Be wary of ganks and overly aggressive opponents, and do what Olaf is best at; tuning a losing battle into a yourself...under a tower...while fighting baron...with one hand...unconsious....

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The end...?

I hope you enjoyed this Solotop Olaf guide.

is actually my first guide ever posted on mobafire and I would greatly appreciate any feedback so that I can improve these builds.

I plan on making more Solotop, Midlane, and AD carry guides; along with troll builds, fun strategies and builds that work even though they shouldn't.

Tune in next week and see what new crazy BullSh*t I come up with next.