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Olaf Build Guide by TheLanzolini

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheLanzolini

Olaf the Unkillable

TheLanzolini Last updated on November 16, 2011
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This is a guide for a olaf tank. I play olaf like this every game and I refuse to use him any other way because this way just works so well. I originally bought olaf and got completely decimated my first couple of times playing him. I cast him aside and stopped playing him for a long time. Then one game i came across an olaf that destroyed us. I looked at him and saw that he had 2 warmogs armor. Then I thought olaf would be a lot better if he refused to die and had a lot of hp. I rarely die early game unless I make a stupid decision and dive for a kill. The armor, and magic resist allow olaf to be unkillable. I always get out of bad situations easily because i am un-nukeable. The trick is using his Reckless swing as your primary damage output. Most people try building olaf as an AD, but they always get nuked down effortlessly. The best thing about it is the True damage. Having peace of mind knowing you will always do 340 damage will allow you to make the decision of diving for a kill. Just stick to this and I promise you, Olaf will be one of your favorites :)

{Also included the jungling build as well. Simple jungle build stacking lifesteal, hp, and Attack speed.}

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Pros / Cons

-Doesn't die easily
-Can still do serious damage even as a tank
-immune to disables with ultimate
-he's a bro, what else do you want?

- sorta squishy early game
- having no mana will make you useless

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I use armor pen. because it allows for easier killing early game, a fed olaf is a happy olaf :).
I use the Attack speed because Crit doesnt seem as vital since olaf has a natural 1% crit chance. Since we aren't building AD, we might as well make up for it with Attack speed. I like the extra boost when farming and it increases your attack speed even more due to your passive. When you are low health you can use vicious strikes to gain some HP back and its better if you can get more attacks in before vicious strikes runs out.
I also use mana regen because mana usually runs out at the beginning. I use flat mana regen because mana isn't a big issue late game. You will be able to get more harass with undertow and be able to sneak in some Reckless swings to melee characters.

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I build olaf as a tank, so naturally points fall into defense, and utility for being more useful.

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Skill Sequence

Your E is your damage, if you do 340 true damage at level 8, then you will be able to easily cripple your enemies. You want to get undetow at lvl2. Having a ranged harass is very useful against someone like teemo. I always use this combo:

-Undertow(slowes them)
-Vicious strikes activate
-Reckless swing

If they are getting away, throw your axe again after you pick it up and ignite them if they are under protection.

Now in a teamfight you want to use Ragnarok as soon as the fight starts. The flat damage decrease and the immunity to disables allows for an unkillable olaf :). You can also use Ragnarok as a cleanse, it breaks you out of any disables(Veigar's ring of death) and keeps you out of them for another 5 seconds. If you have 5 people on you, pop your ult and ghost and run the hell away to safety.

Use Reckless Swing whenever its not on CD, especially on squishies if your fighting someone.

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The items are simple:
-Magic resistance
-Damage(if you get enough cash)

At the beginning grab a regen pendant and a health potion, if you feel more confident grab a mana potion instead, a health potion can save you from an enemy dive in some cases. If there is any ganking at the very beginning, use E and auto attack, thats all you can do anyways. Stay in lane until you have acquired at least 1500 gold. With the health regen, you will be able to "Bro" out in the brush while your hp regens. Therefore you will be able to stay in lane longer. Go back to base whenever you can and grab a giants belt and boots. Stay in lane from then on until you get enough for merc. treads. when you have those you can be more offensive towards some magic damage heroes(GAREN!!!). After you get the treads it is vital that you read the game carefully. If you see that everyone on the other team deal physical damage, grab armor first, if they have a lot of magic damage, grab some Magic resist. If you are still getting beat up at the end of the game, you might want to invest in a Rand's Omen or Banshees veil. Usually the game is over by the time i have Phantom dancer. It is also important that you get warmog's as soon as possible after treads. Having the massive increase of health helps sooooooooo much. If the game still isnt over by the time you have a phantom dancer, then get a frozen mallet, why not right?


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Be smart, don't run into a fight with doubt
only dive for kills if you know you can get them with ignite and true damage.
Having a ****load of health does not make you unkillable, you need resistance.
Playing olaf as a tank will make you want to play him because he actually gets kills.

Although I build olaf as a tank, having someone like alistar(tanky with CC's) on your team can help a lot, two unkillables are better than one :).

all the skins look sweet, i own all of them(waste of money in your opinion i bet). Brolaf is my favorite and is really funny.

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Please comment and rate :)

Also if you have any Videos or pictures you want to send me of your success I will be glad to add them to this page. I have a video up on youtube of me going 10/0 with it.(we were playing noobs :D) I would like to hear some feedback or constructive criticism, let me know.