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Kayle Build Guide by Gibonatri

On hit Kayle- new Meta

On hit Kayle- new Meta

Updated on January 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gibonatri Build Guide By Gibonatri 3,877 Views 0 Comments
3,877 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gibonatri Kayle Build Guide By Gibonatri Updated on January 9, 2012
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Hey all! my name is Gibonatri and ive spent plenty of time playing kayle over the past few months so i decided to make a guide for the crazy angel here!! Im not quite sure how you thought to play her as you first picked her up, or if your just starting with her and needed a little guidence, but here it goes! i play an on hit kayle focusing on skrewing the enemy team out of all their armor and magic resistance. its quite fun watching them all melt in your hands ;) ok ON WITH THE BUILD!!!
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    Highly underestimated especially at low elo
    quickly burst down enemys in those early teamfights
    the red ball of death shall kill all!!!
    supah shmexi champ u got here
if countered... its gonna suck
remotely squishy early game
if your team wants a support... QQ
takes some time to learn all the tricks
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Unique Skills

Kayle has a few pretty cool tricks up her sleeves, for one her passive shreds armor and magic resistance which is truely awesome, people on the forums always rage that its a stupid passive but it just makes you hit even harder which i wont complain about!! one trick you can use is hitting the enemy a few times before red balling them, this will cause more damage and scare them off.
Waiting in the brush for your enemy to get close before casting righteous fury will allow you to get your manas worth out of the skill early and as they run you will still be in range to keep hitting!
if your ever getting low on health you have a tricky little escape heal and a relatively low cd for your ult, making you deceptively durable to those high risk ad carries, i cant tell you how many kills ive gotten off of waiting on my heal and red balling for the finish!
now there are a few more tricky little easter eggs hidden in this complex champion but ill let you find those out on your own! i cant spoil the whole getting to know process for you now can i!?
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The runes i use are mainly based on keeping you safe and also giving you a little more boost on your magic penetration, for glyphs i have also switched out the magic resistance for ability power, you can do anything really with your rune page on kayle, but if your using this build i would suggest you stay with magic pen marks, and armor seals, thats the safest core build on runes for kayle ive found, quints can be whatever you prefer, as well as glyphs, i just enjoy the durability and speed ive shown
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for my masteries ive focused on more of kayles strong points, and thats building a hybred version of a classic champion, she preforms well with both attack damage and ability power, but her skills all scale off of ability power and only one off of attack damage, which is why ive itemized for ap slightly more than ad but ill get to that in a bit, notice i also mastered both exhaust and flash, just because i kinda like to know i have it a little better than some other people in game, no big deal as long as i have improved exhaust, flash is always a good pick, on anyone
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i build ON HIT kayle, with a malady to improve my passive, and madreds bloodrazor for taking out that health, other than that i try to get off as many of these devistating hits as i can before the enemy even realizes hes dead! so i grab stinger for attack speed and mana regen, with this build you really shouldnt have any trouble with your mana, your cooldowns are quite low to the point that righteous fury is off cd before it times out, making you a perma range for a small cost, easily refunded before its available again.
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Summoner Spells

i take improved exhaust AS A MUST on kayle, because she sometimes needs to run as all champions do, but shes also quite squishy until she can get off maybe three attacks, plus improving it loweers their armor and magic resistance even more, so they melt no matter what they build in their inventory!
flash is a good spell to take no matter what because it can get you out of many sticky situations, ive stolen dragon a few times and picked up a kill along the way, ive jumped walls to freedom, im sure we all have some great story about a flash weve gotten off.
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in the beginning i suggest last hitting as much as you can, even a red ball or two at the creeps cant hurt as long as your geting your monezzz you should be fine, large creep waves turn to mush and dead bodies with righteous fury activated, and harassing is a breeze with the red balls of destruction, try to pair yourself with a tankey dps like garen or xin, just so you have a little bit of beef to protect while you unleash your deeps on them all!!! good luck guys i hope my build is of use to you, and you learn kayle the RIGHT way ;) i hope to see you all on THE FIELDS OF JUSTICE
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gibonatri
Gibonatri Kayle Guide
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On hit Kayle- new Meta

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