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Nidalee Build Guide by Anchor Navy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anchor Navy

*On The Prowl*

Anchor Navy Last updated on July 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, my names Jay. And I've been playing league of legends for a long time now. I've played many carries, many tanks, many supports. But there is one champion that sticks out the most. Thats my good friend Nidalee! Nidalee is by far, one of the best characters in League of Legends.

Her pushing capabilites, burst, poke, laning potential, as well as carring skills sky rocket among any other character in the game.

Nidalee is so good, yes, however, she is by far the most difficult character in the game. Yes, the riot games "recommended skill level" Is far from right.

Though Nidalee is very hard to learn, she is very fun to play as well as extremely benefical to the team.

Get ready to play the greatest pusher and escape artist the league will ever know. Get ready to get on the prowl and make the other team fear the wild!!


Get Ready to make them say GG. HOTSHOTGG!

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These items make Nidalee a pushing machine. During a game I push around 8-9 turrents. Nidalee is the best pusher in the game and these items help tremendously.

A few pointers on the main items:

Guinsoo's Rageblade: By far one of the greatest items in the game. At max stacks you gain 60 ability power plus 45 from the flat it gives you leading to a excellent 105 ability power from a cheap item. The extra dmg as well as the attack speed passive makes turrents fall in seconds with your heal persistent attack speed effect.

Lynch Bane: After you have pushed for a long time, and your creeps will show it. I adverage around 350 creeps a game, lynch bane is the ultimate turrent destroyer. After this item nidalee is able to take out a turrent in under 5 seconds. And an Inhibitor in Under 8. This item is insane. Trust me, after this item, your chances of winning are so high.

Void Staff: This Item is great. No really, it is. 40% spell pen is amazing. Without this item your spears will not deal as much dmg as they should. If you haven't noticed that if you were to hit a target at max range with a spear without this, the dmg will be almost 300 dmg below. This item makes your spears Over Powered. They will hit HARD.

Mercury's Treads: Oh good ol' Mercs. These boots are nidalee's pride and joy. These boots are excellent at making Nidalee the greatest escape artist in the game. Watch as a 3.5 second ashe arrow stuns you for only 2 seconds. 1.5 seconds off can save your life.

Rabadons Deathcap: This item makes nidalee's heals Over-Powered. Nidalee's heal with just a rabadons will heal almost 700 health. That is insane with only a 5.05 second cool down. This item is amazing.

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Nidalee sadly is a very rune dependent character in order to thrive :'(. However, her runes are very versitile and fit well with other characters.

Marks: Magical Penetration: There is no better mark in the game. These runes are insane. They cause your spears to do insane dmg late game as well as let your cougar abilites farm very easily. This along with 15% spell penetration from masteries makes Nidalee a force to recon with.

Seals: Ability Power Per Level: Though these would be the runes you could change on your own I personally perfer them over any other seals for nidalee. Nidalee doesn't have mana issues if you use your abilities correctly. The extra 17 ability power plus your masteries putting you at 27.8 more ability power. That is a lot considering the ap ratios on your spells. The extra dmg from those spears could be a kill or a miss. Trust me they help.

Glyphs: Cool Down Reduction Per Level: These are by far the best glyphs in the game. This cool down reduction is insane combined with proper masteries. These glyphs judge between a heal being up to save you or an ally. You need to heal your team, these glyphs will help you do it.

Quintessences: Flat Health: Though these runes were lowered quite a bit, I still personally think they are the best Quintessences in the game, you could never go wrong using them. Nidalee is so squishy early game without them. Early game dominance is what judges a Nidalee highly, these will help you tremendously.

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Nidalee is a caster. This means most of her abilites are ability power. That is why the 15% spell pen. is a must. If I had to choose the most op mastery in the game this has to be it. 15% makes your spears hit very, very hard. You can not pass it up.

The Utility tree has everything that Nidalee needs. Cooldowns, Movement speed, Improved summoners, as well as the most important one, utility mastery.

-Buffs are Nidalee's best friends.

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Skill Sequence

I laugh so hard at nidalees that max spear shot and wonder why there spears aren't doing a lot of dmg.

Always max you heal first, your heal is amazing. This heal is why Nidalee is the best solo lane out there at the moment. Low Mana cost and extremely effective heal.

Placing a point in bushwack: You will want 2 points in bushwack. Why? The little extra dmg on the bush wack believe it or not helps a lot. In some cases it will net you a kill. Level one bush wack's dmg is quite pitiful. Level 2 really buffs it up.

Maxing Spear 2nd: Nidalee's main poke tool. You should max it second because by this time you should have a nice pool of ability power.

Maxing Bushwack last: Bushwack is good for one thing. Pushing. Keeping bushwacks everywhere warns you if when your pushing your going to be ganked. It also gives away vital postioning, as well as netting free jungle kills. Silly Junglers trying to steal our blue :]!

Maxing you Ulti last: Nidalee's ulti doesn't change after level 1. You don't wanna waste points. Trust me, you don't...

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Summoner Spells

Want to know why Nidalee is so good at pushing? She can escape anything. Literally anything. I've escaped 5 man ganks without a scratch. So its only fair to increase that chance of survival by getting Ghost and Flash.

Ghost: This tool is great. Allows you to escape ganks, get to a team fight, push a lane, save a lane, just about anything. Use this spell whenever its up, it helps.

Flash: This spell is so over powered and is so useful its not even funny. Flash spear kills, flash over walls, flash pounce, flash your boyfriend, things are infinite! This spell is great! Use it!

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Pros / Cons

*Amazing Pusher

*Mobility Star

* Huge Support Heal

* Huge Poke Nuking

* Unstoppable Solo Laning

- Tad bit Squishy

- Focused much
(However you shouldn't be in team fights anyway)

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Creeping / Jungling

Make sure you jungle as much as possible. Buffs are Nidalee's best friends. Repeat, Buffs are nidalee's best friends.

Going up top to push?
Wolves Golem
Wraiths Red Golems

Going to Gank?
Where ever your going

Jungling is awesome. Use it effectively

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Team Work/ Laning

While your team is in a team fight you should be pushing. Now you at first are like WTF NOOB thats 5v4. Wrong. You see, your opponets will learn really fast that they cannot afford Nidalee to push. They will have to send someone to deal with the push lanes. 4v4 right there. And guess what. Guess who leaves to clean up Nidalee's mess.

Usually a carry. ^^ Easy win for your team mates.

The only time nidalee should be near a team fight is turrent poking. Poke with your spears then after awhile go back and push those lanes!

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Unique Skills


Nidalee's pushing potential is so off the charts its not funny. Her insane mobility from her passive and from her aoe cougar form is off the charts. Here are a few tips to pushing with nidalee:

1. Always bushwack. Always Bushwack. See a empty brush? Bushwack. Bushwacks will save your life. They act as wards for you. Use them. So you can push without worry


3. Remember when fighting a turrent to always have your heal running. 60% attack speed melts turrents. *The attack speed stacks with Guinsoo's rageblade. * Your heal activates items like Lynchbane. *At higher levels you are able to tank any turrent except the Nexus turrents, which you shouldn't be anyway...

4. In the earlier stages, if a enemy reaches the lane, leave to push another. In the later stages try to land a few Javalin tosses and you'll scare them away easily.

5. The maximum Nidalee is able to handle is 2 enemy champions with her spear shots. No more.

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There are a few laning cycles that Nidalee is able to pull off.

Solo Top Lane:

Best pick for Nidalee. Use you bushwacks to ward important key points. Last hit as much as possible. If your going a 1v2 last hit under your turrent and heal as needed. Do not use spear shot durning the laning phase because your heals are dire. Call mias. Note: The codes to hitting under turrents is: 2 shots/auto attack for melee minions. Auto attack/ turrent shot/ Auto attack for caster minions. And most of all. CALL FOR GANKS. If they're auto attack noobs, call the jungler.

Solo Mid Lane:

Second best pick for Nidalee. 90% of champions you can out lane. Focus on last hitting. Despite cougar form do not gank. Last hit. Heal as needed. Use cougar form to harass. Bushwack key points. Leash for your jungler. Throw spear shots for kills.

Duo Laning:

Of course, if you have a caster that wants to mid, or no jungler, duo laning is fine for nidalee. In this case you will want to Harass more then last hit. You will be pushing with cougar for to catch up on last hits. Last hit as needed. Harass with your auto attack and cougar form. Through spears if you know it will deal plenty of damage. Support your duo lane Partner.

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Final Remarks

Please give me feed back. I really hope this helps you become a better Nidalee player. If you have any questions or concerns ask in the comments.

Sorry for the lack of imagery, this is my first guide and are not familiar with functions.

Hope to see you on the prowl!,