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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Whorebitch

one of the highest dps builds in the game

Whorebitch Last updated on September 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is extremely economical while still doing some of the best dps you will ever see. Depending on how well you are doing, you can get your full item list before lvl 18. The premise of this build is utilizing bio arcane barrage to its maximum potential. Soon after you hit lvl 18 you should be doing about 12% of a targets max hp every hit with 2.5 attacks per second(the attack speed cap). that equals 180% of a targets max hp in dmg over 6 seconds before magic resistance.

early game

i try and take mid every game i can. level up bio arcane barage as fast as possible. kog isnt the greatest pusher right in the beginning so instead dont spend any of your mana on minions. constantly use bio arcane barage to harass before lvl 6. its ok if you only get 1 hit off with it as it will still do decent dmg and it costs hardly any mana. once you get your ult try and use it when the opponent is trying to last hit a low hp minion, they usually wont move and get hit. once they are around half hp use void ooze-artilary-bio arcane barrage-ghost-and artillary again as they flee. you may not get a kill but it almost always brings them fairly low. after i have enough money to buy berserkers greaves and a recurve bow(around lvl 9ish i think?) its time to start ganking. both of these items are relatively cheap for the amount of dps increase they give kog maw, so u will have an a high advantage right after u buy these.

its very important that u buy the madreds and then attack speed items first. these will increase your dps the fastest. you will notice your dps exponentially increase up until you hit the 2.5 attack speed cap. i get a nashors tooth instead of a second recurve bow because u only pay around 100g for 10% CDR which i think is a good deal, even tho CDR isnt the focus of this build. you could now decide to go attack dmg but i choose not to because it seems to be more efficient to compensate for an opponents armor/resistances if you specialize in only one of the two.

mid game

start ganking again right after u get a madreds and then again after u cap your attack speed. or just anytime u buy a new attack speed item.

end game

the only downfall for this build is that you will have alot of money left over if the game starts to last over like 40 minutes. i usually upgrade the stinger into a nashors tooth and sell the recurve bow for a second zhoyas or someting. alot of times i have to just end up buying alot of elixers to make use of all of my money. i am very highly against buying defensive items on krog maw because with your insane range, nobody will run through your whole team just to focus you except for a tank, in which case u have cleanse and ghost which will get you distance from them every time. you should rly rarely die with kog maw since you are so far away from the fight its easy to run once your whole team has died.

at the end of the game u can basically kill any non tank in about 2 seconds and tanks in about 5 seconds unless they get an obscene amount of magic resist.

just be wary of 1v1 fights. kog is much better when he can stand far behind his allies while they engage. end game u can even take alot of ppl 1v1 tho >> .

also dont be afraid to target tanks in teamfights as he is prob the most competant tank killer that i know of.