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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by oolongtea

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author oolongtea

Oolong Jungle Fiddletstick

oolongtea Last updated on July 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, I would like to thank you for taking a look at my guide. I have seen so many guides here that I am inspired to create one, just for the fun. I am still a greenhorn in this game, and I am just sharing how I build my fiddlesticks. Comments is greatly appreciated, and would give me a confidence boost to continue sharing.

The reason I am sharing this guide, is because i see alot of struggling fiddlestick users on the garena server. In fact, alot of people there have a misconception that fiddlesticks is a BAD pick. They go like "Ignite! Fiddle is dead" But that is really not true. If you know how to fully utilise fiddlesticks abilites it gives fiddle amazing survivability, and people will be feared!

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Magic Penetration and AP runes are important. More damage done = more hp regen = happy fiddle

Armor rune is to help fiddle survive in the jungle

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1) Doran's ring

10 Armor, 15 AP, mana regen. Without this I feel it is dangerous to jungle fiddle. At times I almost ran out of mana to drain when my hp is so low. With the Doran I feel my hp is always almost full after every drain.

2) Sorcerer's boots

I like to start early game with lots of mobility for my fiddle, as the enemy will try to gank you ALOT. On top of that, I feel with the mobility early game I can run faster and hit the fear or silence and position my ulti to get the kill with my teammates. Furthermore 20% magic pen makes a big difference

3) Hextch Revolver

20% spell vamp. Can you imagine turning on your ultimate and continue to hp regen while chasing your opponent in your crow. If crowstorm does 300 dmg per sec and it last for 5 sec. If you keep your enemy in your storm for 5 sec you would have regen 300hp. Pop a fear and a drain it makes fiddle invinsible for a period

4) Rabadon's Deathcap

Yes I know fiddle is squishy, and rushing this is pure madness, but! 20% Spell vamp makes fiddle AWESOME. Drain and Ultimate combo trust me, you'll stay alive.

5) Rod of ages

After getting some good AP its good to build defensive. ROA gives fiddle more mana, mora AP, and more survivability after 10mins.

6) Zhonya

AP and armor. But just imagine, 5 champion thinking they can just walk into your ulti and bring you down. While the crowstorm is activated, and their dishing out a lil attacks on you, activate zhonya at 1/2 or 1/3 hp left. Instantly the spell vamp will give you full if not almost full life again, and your still dishing out LOTS OF DAMAGE. After Zhonya, pop a silence, fear, drain.

7) Either more AP or Guardian Angel

You decide. If your dying really little and getting lots of kills get more AP. If your kills are fewer than your death get Guardian Angel. More AP gives you survivability if your domintating. If your not dominating, it is better to build GA.

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Fiddlesticks should Jungle!

I know there are really good lane-ing guides out there, but prefer jungle with my fiddle. Why?

1) Fiddlesticks is a very mana hungry champion. You must have the golem buff! If fiddle is able to have a constant supply of it he can continue to dish out silences, and fear, and drains.

2) No one is going to harrass you much in the jungle in the early game. Which means fiddle can fast farm for desired items, without interruption

3) Surprise attack! No one knows where you are!

4) Fiddlesticks is the only Champion that can jungle till lvl 6 and gank without a single item! Tested and proven.

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How to Jungle with Fiddlesticks

1) Golem Buff. If you are not lvl 30, not have runes, or full masteries, get a teammate help to hit about 5-8 times the huge golem while you drain and smite. After that drain the two creeps at golem camp

2) Head over to wolves and aim the smaller wolf. Add Dark Wind and use it and normal hit or drain.

3) head over to wraiths, Drain the big wraith and use dark wind. Normal hit or drain the rest

4) Head over to the lizard buff and smite it and drain, and finish off the rest of the creep

5) Head over to mini golems and drain, dark wind, and drain.


You can decide to gank or continue farming. I would usually either gank mid or side lane. Only gank if the enemy have 1/2 hp left. I would usually hide in the bush, push GHOST and run to enemy silence, and then fear, and drain while my teammates pick up the kill. Focus only 1 enemy, if theres 2 choose 1.

After you gank or decide not to gank head over to enemy camp's golem if they got no jungler, and get the golem buff. Farm a lil while in the jungle and go back grab boots. Repeat the steps and only be in lane for ganks or teamfights. You dont want the enemy to know where you are.

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Skill Sequence

Silence the enemy with dark wind so they cant flash or use skills. Hit Ghost and fear, and drain. Do this only with teammates, most of the time the enemy will run away before you kill them.

If you got ulti. Hide in the bush, and ulti from the bush on to the enemy champion and straight away fear so cant run and start draining.

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Summoner Skills

Smite - a must for jungling

Ghost - It suits my style as I liek the icreased move speed to catch or to run or keep the enemy in my ultimate.

Flash - A good skill. but I prefer ghost, than flash.

The rest of the skills. Dont consider for fiddlesticks. As a fiddlesticks you need a flash/ghost. Either to initiate fights or run.

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In conclusion

This is my first guide, I will still continue to improve on it. Please give me some comments, and try it out. Thank you for taking a look at my guide (: