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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSavior

Oops! Thats Karma!

TheSavior Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Authors Preface

Hello thank you for choosing to look at my build for Karma: The Enlightened one. I focus Karma on a Support/AP build, which will allow your team mates to stay alive for a LOT longer, and grant you kills early game.

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Even in her youth, Karma exhibited almost superhuman composure. While her peers explored the torrent of emotions that came with adolescence, Karma meditated in the Lotus Gardens. She was convinced that the true path to enlightenment was a journey inward, to a place within the self, overlooked by most. She exuded such inner contentment that she quickly became a go-to mediator and confidante in her village. Her instructors used to say: "That girl can not only weather a storm, but calm it." Karma did not live extravagantly; her parents owned a local business selling antiques in the Navori province and they often struggled to provide for themselves, though they did so with cheery optimism. Her most prized possessions were two exquisite fans taken from her family's shop.

When Noxian troops invaded southern Ionia, her village was one of the first to fall. The villagers who survived the assault were captured by Noxian forces. It was then that Karma found her calling. By exploiting the insecurities of the Noxian commander, she negotiated the safe release of the villagers to the northern lands. She was present at the Placidium, where the Elders had considered surrender until Irelia's impassioned last stand renewed the Ionians' hope. Karma used this hope to solidify the Elders' commitment to remain defiant against the Noxian onslaught. For her devotion and charisma, Karma was made the figurehead of the Ionian resistance. She never compromised, and she shared every hardship with her people, even when it came to combat. By tapping into her inner resilience, she discovered that she could bring great force to bear against her foes on the battlefield. She modified her fans into lethal implements, and was tutored by Janna to enhance their effects. The Noxians called her "The Enlightened One," a nickname she embraced, and one which they would come to dread. She joined the League to represent Ionia in the ultimate political arena.

"Her fan technique is a deadly art of grace and poise, but her truest strength lies in the hearts of those willing to die alongside her." -Irelia, the Will of the Blades

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Summoner Spells

-Reccomended Choices

~ An excellent choice considering she is a bit mana hungry early game, and will help you lane longer.

~ Karma has almost no way to escape by herself so I choose Flash.

~ Not so good if you are running randoms, but useful for junglers, ganks and lane checking.

~ This is one of the best Summoner Skills in the game in my oppinion, allows you to take almost no CC and get you out of sticky situations.

Possible to use

Not my favorite for her, but if felt needed go ahead. Works well for FB.

Once again not my favorite but it is really useful for early and mid game.

This is good if you decide not to take Clarity, otherwise I dont strongly reccomend it.

What NOT to use

Are you jungling? I didnt think so...

I dont ever use this, but In team fights it is useful, but let another player get it.

You should let your tank get this for the passive.

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Pros / Cons

- Very Good support character
- Nice little bit of AoE heal
- All of her abilities are used for support and do damage
- You have her ult at level 1 and is charged every 30 seconds
- Because of her ult, all of her skills can get to level 6 instead of 5
- INSANE damage at low health
- Hefty in lanes

- A little squishy
- CC = Dead
- Tricky to play
- Item and Kill/Assist dependant

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Heavenly Wave: Karma sends forth a wave of hidden blades from her fans, dealing magic damage to units in a cone in front of her.

�¢Mantra Bonus: In addition to dealing damage to enemies, Heavenly Wave will also heal allies in the cone. The amount healed is amplified depending upon the amount of life Karma, or her allies are missing

Spirit Bond: Karma bonds an ally or enemy creating a beam between them. Bonded allies have increased movement speed and bonded enemies have reduced movement speed. Enemy units that come in contact with the beam take magic damage, and champions who pass through the beam receive the same movement speed modifier as bonded champions.
�¢Mantra Bonus: Karma imbues the beam to grant bonus movement speed to any ally that passes through the beam. Any enemy that passes through the beam suffers reduced movement speedKarma strengthens the bond to double the effect of the movement speed modifier.

Soul Shield: Karma summons a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage.
�¢Mantra Bonus: In addition to the shield, energy radiates out from the shield, dealing damage to enemy units around the recipient.

Mantra (Ultimate): Karma empowers her next ability to do an additional effect. Mantra is available at level 1 and does not require a skill point.

Inner Flame (Passive): Karma gains increased Ability Power corresponding to her missing Health.

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HW = Heavenly Wave
SB = Spirit Bond
SS = Soul Shield
-M = A skill witch is using your mantra ult. Ex) HW-M = Mantra'ed Heavenly Wave
TF = Team fight
FB = First Blood
Port = Recalling back to base/ Teleport (Summoner Skill)

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Gameplay (Main)

Early Game:

When you begin the game grab your boots and pots and go to Bot or top lane, I dont to particularly go solo lane because she is squishy and you are a support, and have higher chances of getting kills (ie. first blood) when you are laned with someone. Try to lane with a Tank, that way you can do a lot better pushing wise and money wise. As for your first skill point, put it in Spirit Bond, that way you have a speed buff and a slow for your lane helping you with first blood and unworthy over extenders. When you have 2600 gold, head back and pick up your shroud and Ionian boots of epicness and return to your lane. Be saure when a fight is about to start to use SB on your partner and NOT on the enemy. Also dont throw out your Soul Shield in the beginning of a fight, its not very jugemental and it could be death to you and your team mate if you run out of mana using that spell instead of say HW-M.

Mid Game:

You should now be around level 6-8 with some decent cash and kills, and have your will of the ancients and/or Frozen Heart. You should also be starting team fights and team ganks. When this point in the game comes you need to be a little more cautious, people will start to realize your full potential and target you first. Because of this stay back in TF's not only for safty but for your Cone AoE heal.

Abusing Your Passive (Best early game)

Your passive aqs you should already know is extremely abusive. It lets you kill unsuspecting gankers with extreme ease and speed. When faced against a 1v1 and at low health ( not incredibly low) dont be afraid to stick around as long as you have mana ( CLARITY BEOTCHES =P), chances are you will win if played right. When this happends use HW on the enemy follows by a SS-M, and then a HW-M and then if still not dead use SB and back off a little bit and HW again. Chances are if they didnt die quickly they were either much higher level than you or they are fed.

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Optional Items

A couple Items that are also a good choice would be the following:

Mejai's Soulstealer:
A gamble in the game and only reccomended if you are familiar with Karma.

Banshees Veil:
A really good item that is better if you need more help with survival than team fights and damage.

Murcury Treads:
Useful if the enemy has a lot of CC, and as I have mentioned before, Karma is very vulnerable to CC.

Abyssal Scepter:
A really good item for Karma if they have a lot of AP Casters because it gives you Mag Res. and a lot of AP.

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- If you need to KS someone ( or want to) a very good way to do that is to use a SS-M on them, shielding them and dishing a last hit on the enemy. This also works with farming creep.

- If you need to return to your lane quickly use SB on a newly spawned minion to speed up your walking :)

- Kiting an enemy into a gank works fairly well with Karma, she has her insane passive which makes her do a lot of damage and your ganking team with also be there to assist you. This is better used on tanks and high AP champions that can easily shred you 1v1.

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Post Guide Rant

Finishing up here..I promise, just would like to say one more thing:

You will not be the BEST champion in the game by folowing this, you will not INSTANTLY be good at this champion by reading this. Nor is my item build used in EVERY situation. Getting good at the game and with a champion is based on how YOU play, nobody can do good with a champion unless you use YOUR jugment and play smart with YOUR brain. Other than that im fine :D

Thank you for choosing my guide..
PLease +1 if you like it, if you do not and -1 it please post a comment on why.

Also I am always looking for some constructive critisism so please feel free to say anything.

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Future Updates

- Pictures
- Pictures
- Pictures
- Different Situational Items
- Pictures
- Detailed game stategies based on the type of champion (ie. Tank, Carry, etc...)

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Patch Notes