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Warwick Build Guide by DeathRezzer

OPwick Solo Top Off-Tank

By DeathRezzer | Updated on March 22, 2012

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[icon] => Spell_SummonerIgnite.png [level] => 10 [cooldown] => 210 [range] => 600 [is_classic] => 1 [is_dominion] => 1 [is_deprecated] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [comment_count] => 13 [last_comment_ts] => 2016-07-12 02:55:20 ) ) ) ) [item_builds] => Array ( ) [ability_builds] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [display_name] => [ability_ranks] => Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 2 [2] => 1 [3] => 3 [4] => 1 [5] => 4 [6] => 1 [7] => 2 [8] => 1 [9] => 2 [10] => 4 [11] => 2 [12] => 2 [13] => 3 [14] => 3 [15] => 4 [16] => 3 [17] => 3 ) [description] => [display_order] => 1 ) ) [threats] => Array ( ) [champion] => Array ( [champion_id] => 11 [display_name] => Warwick [url_str] => warwick [title] => The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun [key] => Wolfman [description] => Warwick is a monster who hunts the gray alleys of Zaun. Transformed by agonizing experiments, his body is fused with an intricate system of chambers and pumps, machinery filling his veins with alchemical rage. Bursting out of the shadows, he preys upon those criminals who terrorize the city's depths. Warwick is drawn to blood, and driven mad by its scent. None who spill it can escape him. [spotlight_embed_url] => [role] => Fighter [defense_rating] => 5 [magic_rating] => 3 [attack_rating] => 9 [difficulty_rating] => 3 [damage_rating] => 2 [mobility_rating] => 1 [cc_rating] => 2 [toughness_rating] => 2 [utility_rating] => 1 [health] => 593 [health_increase] => 98 [mana] => 240 [mana_increase] => 30 [movement_speed] => 345 [armor] => 25.9 [armor_increase] => 3.5 [magic_resistance] => 32.1 [magic_resistance_increase] => 1.25 [attack_damage] => 62.4 [attack_damage_increase] => 3.375 [critical_strike] => 2.6 [critical_strike_increase] => 0.4 [health_regeneration] => 8.4 [health_regeneration_increase] => 0.16 [mana_regeneration] => 8.1 [mana_regeneration_increase] => 0.05 [attack_range] => 125 [attack_speed] => 0.679 [ability_power] => 0 [ability_power_18] => 0 [attack_speed_18] => 1.011 [health_18] => 2259 [mana_18] => 750 [movement_speed_18] => 345 [armor_18] => 85.4 [magic_resistance_18] => 53.4 [attack_damage_18] => 119.8 [critical_strike_18] => 0 [health_regeneration_18] => 22 [mana_regeneration_18] => 18.3 [attack_range_18] => 125 [tip_playing_as] => * Follow your Blood Hunt trails to low health enemy champions. * Infinite Duress (R)'s distance scales with any movement speed you gain, even from ally buffs and summoner spells. * Jaws of the Beast (Q) will follow enemies who run, dash or teleport if you keep the button held down. [tip_playing_against] => * Warwick's attacks heal him at low health. Save your disables to finish him off. * Warwick is empowered versus low health enemies. Manage your health to keep him at bay. * Warwick's ultimate cast range scales with his movement speed. [client_id] => 19 [riot_points] => 260 [influence_points] => 450 [icon] => /content/champion/312e302e302e37302d3139.jpg [is_published] => 1 [is_deprecated] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_buildable] => 1 [is_free] => 0 [views] => 34775 [view_count] => 10668826 [comments] => 7 [comment_count] => 14 [votes] => 19 [vote_count] => 26 [community_tier_list_vote_count] => 581 [community_tier_list_score] => 0.413425 [community_tier_list_rank] => 2 [score] => 16 [lastpost_ts] => 2011-02-28 16:16:01 [last_comment_ts] => 2018-02-13 11:28:22 [critical_strike_chance] => 0 [critical_strike_chance_18] => 0 [preferred_skin] => 505 [create_ts] => 2009-02-21 00:00:00 ) [skin] => [abilities] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [ability_id] => 800 [champion_id] => 11 [display_name] => Eternal Hunger [unranked_description] => Warwick's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage. If Warwick is below 50% health, he heals the same amount. If Warwick is below 25% health, this healing triples. [ranked_description] => Warwick's basic attacks deal 10-44 (based on level) bonus magic damage on-hit. While below 50% maximum health, Warwick's basic attacks also heal him for the same amount, with the healing tripled to 30-132 (based on level) while below 25% maximum health. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 0 [cooldown_rank_2] => 0 [cooldown_rank_3] => 0 [cooldown_rank_4] => 0 [cooldown_rank_5] => 0 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 0 [cost_rank_2] => 0 [cost_rank_3] => 0 [cost_rank_4] => 0 [cost_rank_5] => 0 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 0 [range_rank_2] => 0 [range_rank_3] => 0 [range_rank_4] => 0 [range_rank_5] => 0 [keybind] => Passive [video_url] => [display_order] => 0 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 ) [1] => Array ( [ability_id] => 801 [champion_id] => 11 [display_name] => Jaws of the Beast [unranked_description] => Warwick lunges forward and bites his target, dealing damage based on their maximum health and healing for damage dealt. [ranked_description] => Warwick dashes to the target enemy and bites them, dealing 120% AD {0.9} (+ {6/6.5/7/7.5/8}% target's maximum health) magic damage, applying on-hit effects and healing himself for {30/40/50/60/70}% of the damage dealt. If Jaws of the Beast is held, Warwick will lock his teeth into his target and use them to swing around to their far side. Warwick is unable to act while swinging around his target, and will move wherever they move until he jumps off. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 6 [cooldown_rank_2] => 6 [cooldown_rank_3] => 6 [cooldown_rank_4] => 6 [cooldown_rank_5] => 6 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 50 [cost_rank_2] => 60 [cost_rank_3] => 70 [cost_rank_4] => 80 [cost_rank_5] => 90 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 350 [range_rank_2] => 350 [range_rank_3] => 350 [range_rank_4] => 350 [range_rank_5] => 350 [keybind] => Q [video_url] => [display_order] => 1 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 1 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2017-01-27 21:01:02 ) [2] => Array ( [ability_id] => 802 [champion_id] => 11 [display_name] => Blood Hunt [unranked_description] => Warwick senses enemies below 50% health, gaining movement speed toward and attack speed against them. When they fall below 25%, he frenzies and these bonuses triple. [ranked_description] => Passive: Warwick gains {50/65/80/95/110}% bonus attack speed against all enemies below 50% of their maximum health. Enemy champions below that amount are also Blood Hunted, granting him {35/40/45/50/55}% bonus movement speed while moving toward them as well as highlighting their position to Warwick in the form of a scent trail. The bonus movement and attack speed are tripled against enemy champions below 20% maximum health. Active: Warwick briefly senses all enemies and then Blood Hunts the nearest enemy champion within a large radius for 8 seconds, regardless of their current health. Blood Hunt cannot be activated while in combat with a champion, and cools down twice as fast if Warwick is not Blood Hunting. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 120 [cooldown_rank_2] => 105 [cooldown_rank_3] => 90 [cooldown_rank_4] => 75 [cooldown_rank_5] => 60 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 70 [cost_rank_2] => 70 [cost_rank_3] => 70 [cost_rank_4] => 70 [cost_rank_5] => 70 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 5000 [range_rank_2] => 5000 [range_rank_3] => 5000 [range_rank_4] => 5000 [range_rank_5] => 5000 [keybind] => W [video_url] => [display_order] => 2 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 ) [3] => Array ( [ability_id] => 803 [champion_id] => 11 [display_name] => Primal Howl [unranked_description] => Warwick gains damage reduction for 2.5 seconds. At the end, or if re-activated, he howls, causing nearby enemies to flee for 1 second. [ranked_description] => Warwick reduces all incoming damage by {35/40/45/50/55}% for up to 2.5 seconds, or until Primal Howl is reactivated. Once the damage reduction ends, Warwick unleashes a howl that causes all nearby enemies to flee for 1 second. Landing Infinite Duress will automatically reactivate Primal Howl, but the target will not flee. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 15 [cooldown_rank_2] => 14 [cooldown_rank_3] => 13 [cooldown_rank_4] => 12 [cooldown_rank_5] => 11 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 40 [cost_rank_2] => 40 [cost_rank_3] => 40 [cost_rank_4] => 40 [cost_rank_5] => 40 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 0 [range_rank_2] => 0 [range_rank_3] => 0 [range_rank_4] => 0 [range_rank_5] => 0 [keybind] => E [video_url] => [display_order] => 3 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 ) [4] => Array ( [ability_id] => 56 [champion_id] => 11 [display_name] => Infinite Duress [unranked_description] => Warwick leaps in a direction (scaling with his bonus movement speed), suppressing the first enemy champion he collides with for 1.5 seconds. [ranked_description] => Warwick leaps in a direction (range = 250% current movement speed), suppressing the first enemy champion he collides with for 1.5 seconds. Warwick channels over the duration, dealing {175/350/525} (+1.675 per bonus attack damage) magic damage to his target and applying on-hit effects 3 times, while healing himself for the damage dealt. Warwick is unstoppable during the leap but can be interrupted during the channel. [description] => Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them and dealing damage for a few seconds. [icon] => /content/spell/312e302e302e37302d31392d3 [cooldown_rank_1] => 110 [cooldown_rank_2] => 90 [cooldown_rank_3] => 70 [cooldown_rank_4] => 70 [cooldown_rank_5] => 70 [cooldown] => 100 [cost_rank_1] => 100 [cost_rank_2] => 100 [cost_rank_3] => 100 [cost_rank_4] => 100 [cost_rank_5] => 100 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 700 [range_rank_1] => 0 [range_rank_2] => 0 [range_rank_3] => 0 [range_rank_4] => 0 [range_rank_5] => 0 [keybind] => R [video_url] => [display_order] => 4 [range_type] => ranged [target_type] => unit [comment_count] => 2 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2012-07-07 11:08:07 ) ) [threat_counts] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => 0 [2] => 0 [3] => 0 [4] => 0 [5] => 0 ) [leaguespyStats] => Array ( [status] => 1 [data] => Array ( [champion] => Array ( [id] => 19 [mobafire_id] => 11 [name] => Warwick [url] => warwick [free_to_play] => 0 ) [lane] => Jungle [laneAlt] => Jungle Role [rank] => 11 [rankings] => 78 [rankingsCount] => 50 [winRate] => 52 ) ) ) 1


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Well this is the Guide how i play Warwick.I usually play Warwick in Solo Top because he has all what you need to dominate top and help to win the game, but you can still play him as a Jungler.In my opinion Warwick is one of the best champions because he has his passiv and Q to get back life and has a stun with his R.With ignite Ulti and a Q you will get most of your kills and u can always dominate top.With the Defense Masteries you are allowed to stay top for a long time and farm till you can go back and buy your items the first and importants item is the Madreds Razor for farming Gold and later for farming your Warmogs but its easy with the Madreds Razor.In the Late Game you are just so Tanky and your damage output is very high so you can easliy get the most of your oppenents down.
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Warwick The Beast

Rock every 5v5 Solo Top game with Warwick just follow this guide :)
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Pros / Cons


-Great sustainability in lane.
-Near-guaranteed win in lane.
-Massive damage out-put.
-Great hybrid, cannot be properly countered.
-Blood Scent can give you some great map awareness


-Hard to get a kill until your ultimate is up.
-No escape capabilities.
-Silences, fears, stuns, suppresses and taunts will cancel his ultimate if he's
using it.
-Not a good initiator.
-Has small range, and gets easily kited.
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Vigor - More Health Regeneration for staying on Solo Top
Meditation - For more spaming his Q.

And the other in Defense because its easier to stay top to farm.
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Greater Seal of Clarity
More mana regen is perfect for the Q spamming beast Opwick. Later on in the game you should have absolutely no problems with mana. These can be replaced with FLAT mana regen runes. Both are good, viable picks.
Greater Mark of Destruction
ArPen and Magic Pen. The Magic Pen allows you to deal more damage with Hungering Strike early-game, while the ArPen compliments your Attack Speed in late-game. If you haven't got these and have no wish to buy them, ( they cost 800 IP each ) then I recommend taking Magic Pen marks instead.
Greater Quintessence of Destruction
Same reason as the Marks. If you don't have these runes and have no desire to do so, you could also run with Movement Speed, Magic Pen or AP. I recommend Movement Speed or Magic Pen though. AP is good only in early-game, whereas Magic Pen and Movement Speed works throughout the whole game.
Greater Glyph of Alacrity
Glyphs on Attack Speed. This will get your Eternal Thirstwork better and give you faster jungling and more survivability due to increased health regen.
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The passive allows you to heal up even without using Hungering Strike and mana. It's pretty nice, but more important if you play a jungle-Warwick.

Your main skill to farm minions, heal up amazingly fast and deal a lot of damage (20% wtf!). That's why we gonna max out this skill first EVERY time.

Just to make it sure: this skill is the reason for not buying any damage items for a long time! Spamming Q > every damage item!So in case you look at the build and think "no damage items, wtf rofl noob?" you don't understand how Lanewick works. Just try it out and you will recognize how just spamming the Q will rape your enemys, letting you kill them one after the other.

Great to farm, great for teamfights and to push towers. 'Nuff said.

Warwicks version of Ghost. Nice to chase down an enemy but even good to escape in case the enemy has less than 50% but you would die in a fight. Great in teamfights as there is mostly always at least one enemy below 50%.
Later on this skill got a great range. But since we are not TF or Nocturne that's more or less futile. In case you got a Nocturne (or TF) in your team, you can think about putting more than one point after level 6 in this to increase the range.

Use your ult to towerdive, prepare a gank, gank, protect, avoid enemys towerdiving and stun them in toweraggro (that's a lot of fun actually), pick up cowards, stop Carrys from dealing massive damage... it got a very small cooldown and you should use if often - but care: as long as you use it, you're pretty weak and not able to defend yourself from other enemys than your target. Conclusion: never engage a teamfight with this! I'm gonna tell you this the whole guide long and you shouldn't forget about it!

Skill Priority:

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Summoner Spells

Standart Spells


The Summoner Spell you see on nearly every player in each game. Why wouldn't you take it? It's good for escaping, it's good for chasing, and it allows you to surprise your enemy with the classic Flash > Infinite Duress > Hungering Strike > Ignite combo. I used to think this was an absolute must for every champion in the game. After the nerf on its range, despite it being a small nerf, it's no longer as necessary as it used to be. I still take it most games though.


This spell is good for securing kills early-game. When you finish your combo on the enemy, it's so satisfying to watch them use their Flash and burn to death regardless. It becomes less useful in late-game, but it aids your late-game by getting you kills in early-game. I take this Spell every time.

Other Options


You can replace either Flash or Ignite for this, though I recommend keeping Ignite. One Summoner Spell that helps you escape is enough. After Flash's nerf, this is sometimes even better than Flash for escaping. Just remember that Flash can go through walls. Ghost can'


I started using this spell before I'd unlocked Flash and kept on using it for ages even after I unlocked Flash. Eventually though, I tried out Flash, and started running that instead, both due to deciding Warwick already dominates his lane enough without Heal, and the fact that Heal lost value late-game. So I started running Flash instead, and I would have recommended Flash above Heal to you. What happened? Well, Flash got nerfed, Heal got buffed. Now both are equally viable, and I recommend both to you, depending on how you prefer to play. Heal allows you to give your enemy a great surprise when they fight you on low health thinking you're an easy kill late-game, but Flash is better early-game for kills because sometimes your enemy will turret hug and be careful not to get into range of your ult, in which case you "Double Blink" with Flash and your ult.


Teleport is very nice to grab some items early without loosing XP, to join teamfights and ganks in a few seconds and to do a lot of other funny things! There are too many usages of this skill, I can't tell you all of them.
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Other Items which are good for Warwick

Not just the skilling, even the build is very situational for Lanewick.But there are so many options to play Warwick and so many Items to buy on Warwick.The build i use u can see in the top here i will show you some other Items you can buy on Warwick.

Starting Items

Dorans Ring
Provides a healthy 100HP, 5 mana regen per 5 secs, AND 15 AP! That's all nice, but really, the only reason we get this is for the mana regen and HP. 15 AP is chump.

Boots of Speed+4 Potions
Gives you the necessary movementspeeed for get in range your Q and spaming it like a boss.And you have better chances to escape.Why 4 potion? You wait just for your 4th potion because then you are allowed to stay top for longer time.

Meki Pendant+2 Potions
You can also start like this when you have mana problems.

Dorans Blade
This is another option for a starting item when you like to play Warwick more AD.You have the 100HP bonus + 10 Damage + 3% Lifesteal allows you to play more agressiv.

Early Game

Chalice of Harmony
This is the Item you have to buy when you start with the Meki Pendant.

Really nice item you get the HP bonus and cooldown for spaming Q.When you feel like i want little Tanky and want more Q buy this ****!!

Hextech Revolver
The Hextech Revolver is more for AP Warwick buy it is still nice you Q do more damamge and you will get more Life back that s so amazing when you Team need more Ap.Try this out!

More Q damage so awesome try this out!!!


Sorcerers Shoes
This boots are really nice for Warwick but in this Guide we will not show AP Warwick but when you think you wanna have more AP and want more Q damage buy this.

Mercurys Treads
This is against heavy Caster.

Ninja Tabi
This is against heavy DPS and AD damage.

Mid Game

Spirit Visage
This is nice against heavy Caster and for more passiv.

Glacial Shroud
This is one of the best laning items for Warwick when you have heavy DPS and AD you get more mana for spaming Q and necessary armor to have no problems against AD.

Only buy this when you play AP Warwick and when you own top.

Sunfire Cape
Nice iteam when you losing top and for heavy DPS and AD.Get some HP and Armor and the Passiv of this item is awesome for the farming.

The Bloodthirster
This item you can buy when you want to play AD Warwick and you need to be really fed and farmed but it is still ok on Warwick.

Black Cleaver
In my opinion this Item is so much a better then the Bloodthirster because you get nice damage output and the attack speed which Warwick need.The combo of your Ulti R and the Black Cleaver is really amazing but only buy this when you are fed and farmed if you won't be fed buy this in the Late Game.

End Game

Against heavy caster.Buy the Katalysator in the Early!

Against heavy DPS and AD.

Force of Nature
Against heavy caster and for Tanky Warwick.

This is nice when you bought the Sheen in Early Game or buy it in the late game for more damage output but this is a nice item :)

Void Staff
This item is only for them you have enough Gold and need magic penetration with AP Warwick!!!

Guardian Angel
This is always a nice item to buy for your last item.

Frozen Heart
This is a must buy against DPS and AD.But you can always buy this really sick on Warwick.

Frozen Mallet
Nice item for squishy Warwick.With your E and the Frozen Mallet you will get any enemy so it is your choice.
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DeathRezzer Warwick Guide

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