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Yorick Build Guide by Xall

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xall

Over 6000 - a short Yorick guide

Xall Last updated on July 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Many People think Yorick is useless. I'm thinking he just needs good farm. With the right items he deals "tons of damage" like Phreak would say.

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We going for an AD Build but without the normal AD items. We will take our AD through Manamune and Atma's Impaler. This items will gave us AD for 2% of our mana and 2% of our health. With full build we will reach around 3000 health and 3000 mana (6000). So we will get 120 AD from both together.

We have so much mana through Manamune that we can spam our skills without regret. But Yorick is a melee AD Champ so we need do go in to do good damage.

So we got Atma's Impaler which gives us already 45 Armor, that's a good beginning. But armor isn't all especially because we get armor each level. So we are going for Mercury Boots and Banshee. Banshee is always a good item but especially in this build because we get Mana and Health besides the passive and the mres which gives us more AD. Even they have only 1 AP i would take it. Also AD Champs can do magic damage and it suits nice to this build.

Now we're going for Aegies of the Legion. It gives us health which increases our AD and it gives us a good balance of armor and mres. That's why i like it. Now you ask why not Guardian Angel? I think is doesn't suits to Yorick. It's more expensive and we already have a high costs build, it has no health and our health through Omen of Famine has not enough heal to support the revive. I have no good experience with this item. Most times i died we lost the fight anyway and they killed me once again after i revive. If the opposing team is heavy AD or AP you could it switch into Force of Nature or Thornmail.

When the teamfights starting you should aim for Sheen. It's pretty nice on Yorick because you have short cooldowns and it fits nice with Omen of War which is you end game skill. But our last item will not be Sheen. After we got the 5 other items will will boost our build with a little bit of everything. So we're going for Trinity Force. It gives us health, mana, more critical chance besides Atma's Impaler, movement speed and of course the great passives. The other things are nice to have but not what we're aiming for.

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Masteries and Runes

We are going for a melee AD Champ who has already a great manapool through items and can do good damage. But how i said - we are melee. We need to go in the center of the fight and Yorick has no good initiator or escape skills. So we choose a defensive masterie build. We have not the burst of an Annie so we need to stay as long as we can in the fight. That's why i'm decided for an 9/21/0 build.

On the runes we do the same. We're going for a tanky bild. For red we take ArP because we're AD and it's the best choice in red. Yellow we will fill with armor and blue with mres - because we want tanky! For purple we decided us for health runes. We want to stay as long as we can on the lane and they will help us.

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How to play / Skills

Now you know the items, the runes and the masteries but how do you use that all.

Your passive gives your ghosts 30% of your health and 30% of your AD. Good but the ghosts are currently not THAT usefull so it's ok. The second effect is that you deal 5% more damage for each summon that's active which fairly good even the summons just keep up for 5 seconds.

Omen of War will be our late game skill. In the early game it's also usefull but you need to go in autoattack range and that's what we will not do. The nice thing at this spell is that it scales 1:1 with AD. With our final item build we have around 250 AD. At level 5 Omen of War deals 150 damge + 100% of our AD. So we will 250 AD + 250 AD from Sheen + 150 base damage from Omen of War + 250 AD from the 100% AD scale from Omen of War. Overall 900 Damage with a 5 second cooldown Skill - quite nice.

Omen of Pestilence is our farm skill and needed to come closer to our target to do our Omen of War damage combo. We skill it first because we need good items and that means we need a good farm. With Omen of Pestilence we have good ae damage and after the damage the summon will harass our opponent.

In Omen of Famine we do just one point at beginning because we need that heal to stay as long as we can on the lane but nothing more.

Our ultimate is quite simple. Just use it on your AD carry during a teamfight to get a second carry for 10 seconds. It's ok but i think something is absent.

Now we coming to how to play Yorick. First of all you should stop thinking about first blood. Yorick doesn't deal that much damage in early game so you should force to what he can good. That's farming. You need for this build a lot of money and without this items Yorik is useless as everyone says. So you should get the top lane. With Omen of War and Omen of Pestilence you can great farm after you got Tear of the Goddes. That's why we immediately port back if we got the money for it. Also we can charge it up while we farming. When you lost some HP you can sould heal you up with Omen of Famine. With the combination of Tear of the Goddes and Omen of Famine you can farm for a long time without porting back.
The other great thing is that your ghosts target the enemy Champ so he will slowly lose life and need to port back or you be able to kill him after a while.

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Thanks for reading my guide. I hope my english was not to bad and i could help you to have fun with Yorick.