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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author borsux

Overload them with your POWER

borsux Last updated on October 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my first guide. Maybe it will sound funny to some of you but I have been playing Ryze since yesterday and I love him! Well, I bet you are asking now why the heck am I writing build to a hero, which I am playing for a 2 days. Answer is simple - my stats:

Maybe they aren't stunning, but they are from my first five games playing as Ryze, so I am quite proud of them.

  • huge Area of Effect damage
  • good ganger
  • disabler
  • doesn't need very expensive items to own
  • very squishy
  • one of the first targets in team battles

Mastery Trees

Although, I don't have 30 lvl yet, I would like to play with 9/0/21 masteries as presented on the top of the page. As I said, I don't have 30 lvl, so now I am playing with 10/0/13 tree (1 extra point to "Burning Embers" for 10 AP when Ignite is on CD).

Skill Sequence

  • Arcane Mastery:
    Each casted spell lowers cooldowns of the other. Very nice for team battles.
  • Overload:
    Great skill, because of its extra dmg varying on max mana, however maxing it out early is totally useless. Just pick it on lvl 3.
  • Rune Prison:
    Quite a nice disable stopping your enemies up to 2.4 seconds. Our priority number 2.
  • Spell Flux:
    One of the best skills in game, in my opinion. Combined with its own MR reduction and Ryze's ultimate destroys enemies in team battles and let you farm in early game.
  • Desperate Power:
    An extra AP and AoE spells! It will devastate your enemies!

Rune Build

I don't pick any runes to Mana Regen, because I think that they are useless after buying Tear of the Goddess, when extra HP will be very precious. I prefer +AP/level runes, as they are better after reaching 6 lvl. I hope that Magic Penetration I don't need to explain.

Summoner Spells

  • Probably the best spell for running and chasing enemies.
  • Some extra dmg, and decreased HP regen (very useful against heroes like Dr. Mundo)

Other options:

  • Another spell for running out of the battles.
  • And a pretty anti-disable spell.
  • Nice for some gangs and going back to the shop in lane phase.
Rest of the spell are, in my opinion, not worth picking.

Let's play!

Early Game

When choosing the line it's the best to go on the middle one alone, as you can farm good items and make some gangs early. As the begging items I always buy. Try to harras your opponent(s) withSpell Flux. After reaching 3 lvl, you can try to get a kill. Just come a little bit closer to your enemy, ensnarehim/her and pawn with your combo:+and finish him off with yourIgnite spell.
After earning 930 gold you shall go back to your base and buyTear of the Goddess andBoots of Speed. Now you can try to make some gang. You make the same skill combination as earlier.
It's time to rush forMejai's Soulstealer and gang, gang, gang.

Mid Game

By the time you should have a few stacks on your Mejai's andSorcerer's Shoes. The team battles time is incoming. Always try to have Blue Golem Buff. Remember to keep at the back of your team as you are very precious damage dealer. The fight begins! Start your combo withand before it hits the first target launch your ultimate. Than try to catch inRune Prison the main target or a non-ranged fighter. Than SPAM with yourOverload andSpell Flux. You should end team fight with at least 1 kill and some assists. If it gets hot and your life will dangerously drop don't hesitate to useGhost and stay in a safe distance.

Late Game

Until now you must have at least finishedArchengel's Staff and boughtNeedlessly Large Rod. If you have more - it's great! Try to coordinate team battles and push towers. Never ever go alone! If it gets really hot during the fight, remember to useZhonya's Ring (I often forget about it and die) - during this 2 seconds your skills will recharge and enemies will probably forgot about you for a brief.

Other Items to consider

  • It increases your survivability and protects your stacks on Mejai's.
  • Great anti-tank item.
  • Another quite useful protection item.
  • If bought early gives you a lot of HP, MP and AP.


Ryze is a very squishy hero, so always keep at the end of your team. Remember about starting combo with your E skill, than quickly use R. Hope you will enjoy this build as much as I do. And I apologize for my poor English. :)