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League of Legends Build Guide Author emphasized

Panteon`s on fire!!

emphasized Last updated on November 14, 2010
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Hey all!

I bought Pantheon last week, and well, as most of you will know, i found out pantheons health is indeed REALLY poor! You would say a cool guy with an awesome armor and a ridicoulously big shield would be able to take a few hits, but he really cant, let that be the first warning for all new Spartans.


-I choose to always get Aegis of Zeonia (the stun) first, because this really helps with first blood, especially when u have followed my summoner spells and got exhaust, one little Aegis, attack and then an exhaust when they start to run always works, maybe not always a kill, but you will scare em enough to go back wich gives you time to kill minions in your lane and get money and lvls. Anyway, NEVER put more then one point in his stun at low lvl, because the stun stays at 1 second!!!

-Next up, lvl 2! Once you hit it, get Spear Shot, its immensly annoying for your opponent if they are melee, and its a way to hit mages and other ranged without having to come too close to them.

-Ten, lvl 3. Now youll get Heartseeker Strike, your main ability, and if you follow my item build, it will HURT! After lvl 3, put as many points as possible in heartseeker strike, and spear shot if you cant put anymore in HS, until lvl 6, because then its Ulti-time!!

-lvl 6: Grand Skyfall. This ulti is immensly useful, in many ways, you just need to get used to it and understand how to work it efficiently. First of all, dont use it like Ganplanks ulti, it doesnt work. Grand skyfall is extremely usefull to scare ennemies away from your turret for example. As well, use a GS in the middle of a team fight, and you will give your allys an advantage!! Notice, that once your circle appears, you can use your exhaust to keep players in it, but you alse become vulnerable for Jannas ulti for example, wich will blow you away.

-Passive: Pantheons passive allows him to block an attack every 4 attacks, or directly after using your stun. Its useful to finish ennemies of that are hugging theyre turret, because it even blocks a turrets attack!

Item Build:

-First of all, get the your boots, a health pot and a mana pot and run to your lane. Next you finish your boots into the Berserker`s Grieves, and you will get a little AS

-Next, get Tiamat. It sound a bit weird for Pantheon, but it WORKS!! The health and mana regen are really useful, and the splash demage is AMAZING for creeps, and saves you from having to use HS against a creep wave, so you can use it when you really need it.

-Then, get Last Whisper. This is really a must have item for Pantheon, because the speed is nice, but the 40% Armor penetration comes in really useful, no matter against who you play.

-After that, you get a B.F sword, to make it into a Bloodthirster or a Black cleaver(i prefer Bloodthister because of the Lifesteal, but thats up to you)

-At this stage, the game should already start getting decided. Anyway, your next move will be the Frozen Mallet, for two reasons: as i mentioned earlier, Panteons health is BAD, so the amount of health the Frozen mallet gives is nice, but theres also the effect of slowing your ennemies with every hit, wich will allow you to finish any runner as long as you get 1 hit on them.

-Then the last item, who as usual depends on how the game went. If youre doing good, and you want more damage, i obviously recommend Infinitys Edge, because it is just amazing for Pantheon. If you are doing ok, but you keep dying and want more surivability, i reccomend the Banshees Veil, because of its spell block every 30 seconds and its health.


I havent mentioned any runes, and i wont, because im only lvl 24 so i only got a fiew. Anyway, i suppose you take defensive runes, like dodge, armor and magical resist. As i keep saying, Pantheon isnt exactly great at surviving, and the runes with the Frozen Mallet can change that enough to make him less vulnerable, but hey, i might be completely wrong since i never practically tried this out haha.

Lane fighting:

Ive played with Pantheon for only a little while, but i noticed the combination Pantheon/Akali or Yi works nice. Ive got a friend IRL who always plays either Akali or Yi, and it worked well, you might not always get the kill because they are both good damge champs, but you will win almost for sure if you play against meelee champs and you know how to work Pantheon a little. Also, i foun the combination Pantheon/Jax quite good, but thats probarbly because Jax is just a bottom raping champion xD

Well, thank you for taking the time to read this, and i honestly hope you like my Build.

Feel more then free to leave a comment, and if you have ideas to upgrade this build, please let me know,

Tnak you