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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nostalgic

Panth secret build

Nostalgic Last updated on December 30, 2010
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* Personal review:

friends and I play the pantheon des season that launched the game besides having a great experience in dota competitive and winning championships .. Today I'll teach you why the pantheon briefly took a nerff

I will stay to sample a final build and shocking I unfortunately do not have the patience to put color drawings to let the emos text + gay

Build Pros:

low skill cooldown on items without use of high mana regeneration and nuke at high excess lot of hp without using items such as resource warmog etc. ..

Cons: little damage to the blood before the firt lvl 3

being bad for some players who give a suicide

Summoner Spells


summoner to have a great combo with the skill to stun or even run away from some trap


the basic strategy for our hero. otimo perssonagens being against early middle and late game. and to have advantages against heros tanker and has a great life regen and mainly to give a great firt blood.


Great summoner to fly or move with speed to give your trap

Why build this ugly? This kid must be stupid as hell:

the reason this build has several reasons first if you have enough mana regen mana because he likes to spend like crazy at level 7 or 8 you can already go solar with the blue ogre very quiet so I recommend going straight where the upload is closest ogre

Another reason is that many have panther that has this in mind think it's made to hit in the attack pattern .. and not to beat skills .. so has the large number of low cooldowns and items from ja dao build 300 + attack to the pantheon instead of wasting your time to put skill tree attack

is another reason why he always have his cooldowns ult because of its low and high movement speed

Start Game

well. early in the game buy your doranblade along with a pot of life and to have greater comfort if you are very nucado
throw spear to kill the mini if possible or to give his firt blood when you get lvl 3 along with ignite

Mid Game

At mid game you already own the 3 Dorans and the boot you want when you finish
BF sword you will simply turn a war machine with the 300 combo with their runes you can go without fear or kill that hero who has 1700 life - alone

Late / End Game You will see how this build is totally devastating many people look at my pantheon and speech that our damage is or even that many people call me a hacker for the high damage and life steal and his ridiculous combo of both damage to your ult of superman + stun + Hs + spear and ignite

Note: in the late game heroes always take care that they give for not taking a stun against gank

Item build

Doran blade

You may be wondering just our first doran!

I say not enough .. Imagine a hero with a doran she's good ne imagines a hero with 3 Dorans at the beginning of a game 300 hp + damage + life steal

but still you wonder will it will be good in mid or late game

I say yes because it simply will combo with your life steal items and 300 and also will have its 300 life bonus

The Bloodthirster

One of the key items of our great hero when you combos with 3 you will have twice the 300 attack effect try having 75% life steal on the completion of its critical that I guarantee it will be very high .. otimo and will be in their mid game

Last Whisper

another key item .. for the late game is that our hero will have a major attack on this one item will have twice the damage you have already or will the whole world to see that the panth has to be nerf -.- "

The Black Cleaver

The item but very good for the pantheon is the final key to build a triple to give the head of damage and build another key ally taking the armor and damage to his skill .. and in an ally build it 3x the damage was already absurd with 2
and the other had left a big killer already early in the game leaving all afraid of you

Mercury treads

a very nice boot which reduces your time to stun when you're focused for more than two heros stuners is great for trails
Boots of Swiftnes

a big boot to build another hero if you like to run a lot or trap like crazy that boot will be the key to this

Banshee's Veil

A nice item for late game when playing against several heros stuners

here are some proof of what one is capable panthen with my build

Note: I do not publish my irie Loses wins or not to have confrontation from people saying if I play well or badly because of my status .. Remember no good if you play well has a duentes bad for your team to spoil your fun

Comment: impossible to win this game really =/ but even then the build has a great effect even though several players on my team horrendous

Comment: this game I had some friends playing with myself look like the damage the pantheon made this game = O

Good game for you I hope you enjoy the pantheon is to build before he takes the nerf in the new version of the patch . Is this Spartan!

remember the best defense is attack a pantheon