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Pantheon Build Guide by blackray

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blackray

Panth|Tank|On = Pantheon

blackray Last updated on September 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and welcome to my first build on Mobafire. I think you wonder about the name of this build. You all know Panthon was a nice op-champ. But than Riot nerft him dead. So i thought about ideas how to play him to be usefull for team. In normal if you play him on attackdamage you aren't usefull for your team, because you are pullint the enemys away with your ulti and you can't damage the enemys, because if you jump in they kill you with a few skills. But... a tank is really usefull and pantheon can deal damage as tank as well, because he deal aoe-damage with his heartseekerstrike, he can block normal attacks with his aegis (after 4 hits) and he is a nice initiater with his ultimate. So i came to the result pantheon have to tank because of this i chose that name.

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Pros / Cons

-Early towerdiving char because of aegis
-nice minion-killer

-easy to seperate from his team
-no skills to run away

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Now the runes. I chose this runes because if you use this build you've got no attackspeed, but mass attackdamage it would be a waste if you wouldn't do a few hits with this attackdamage. And in top of that you need the attackspeed for killing minions and enemy-champions at start.

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Defense-masteries are important because you've got really low life at start and need a bit more for jumping on your enemys and initiating the ganks. And you need it too for last hitting minions if you're out of mana. If you skill offensive or utility, you can't go to the enemy-minions, because you'll be bursted down by a few low skills of enemy-champions.

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The Items are a bit strange but really important to buy exaktly this items.

Mekipendant: You need the Mekipendant to spam your spear on enemy minions, (if you can't hit them because enemys harass you down) or for spamming your spear on enemy-champions, to be the harasser. But watch out if you do this because it's easy to stun Pantheon and kill him at start.
Manamune: This item is for attackdamage at the start, it's simple to understand this. No damage = no championkills = not enough gold . So you need this item to boost your attackdamage and in the end it stacks nice with banshee's veil, other wise you would lose a lot of damage with buying banshee's veil and you would be forces to buy a warmog's armor more instat of banshee's veil. Second reason for this item is you can spam your spear as much as you want, and you'll never get out of mana ( you all know how terrible it is if you could get a kill but he is able to run away, because you've got no more mana).
Beserker's greaves: You've got already a nice attackspeed but it's not enough if you want to play pantheon without a attackspeed item, you have to buy beserker's greaves, because other wise you wouldn't get your aegis ready as fast, and you would die fast in the middle of the enemys if you initiate.
Vampiric scepter: You need lifesteal on your lane because you are a squishy melee-fighter at start, so you have to regain your life if you are hit by a skill.
Warmog's armor: Okay, now we go to the part of tanking with pantheon you have to buy this lifeitem before Atma's impaler, because you have to tank and you can get the faster gold, because if you tank, you get 5 assists in every teamfight and if you are dealing damage with Atma's impaler you can only do at most 1 kill, so 5 assists are more than 1 kill and you can get the gold of Atma's impaler fast, and than you deal a bit damage too.
Atma's impaler: It's Pantheon if you can hold the whole team of the enemys, why you shouldn't do a huge damage to them too? So as soon as you got Atma's impaler, you are unstopable, because you can focus every squishy and carry out of the enemy team, kill him and can get away easily, because you got warmog's armor and atma's impaler. => 50 armor 3000hp and a nice damage ( included of manamune ). Now you can farm your gold with initiating with killing the carry.
Banshee's veil: Most times the enemy's got more magicdamage than normal damage so you need magicresist, and you can boost you damage with mana and health because of atma's impaler and manamune. So the only item that's granding mana health and magicresistence is Banshee's veil, so this item is a must.
Bloodthirster: You still got this vampiric scepter in your inventory and there is no health or mana item with lifesteal, so you have to buy the damage direkt ( BORING ) and you can buy a bloodthirster now to perfectionate your items. Because you're the tank your Bloodthirster has reached his maximum most times.

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Skill Sequence

At first you have to skill your stun 1 time for getting firstblood easy, it's easier if you got a lanepartner with hugedamage a nice slow or 1 more stun. Stun + Exhaust is really hard for enemy.
At second you have to skill your spear, because you need to farm and if you play against ranged champions, you can't walk to the minions, and give them the last hit. The spear hasn't got high cooldown or manacosts. You can use him to lasthit as well as you can use him to harass the enemy's champions.
3. you need damage with manamune your heartseeker strike deals massive damage so skill this skill first to maximum, because the depending with attackdamage gets more per level.
After you skilled heartseeker strike to maximum you need to skill your spear, because its the same like with heartseeker strike it depends per level more with your attackdamage.
At last you skill your stun. Don't forget the stunning-time gets more per skilllevel.

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With level 1 i would stay back and get exp. With level 2 you skill your spear and you can lasthit every minion with it its quiet easy to get gold with Pantheon. Level 3 if there is no enemy that's able to harass you, you can lasthit the minon. Pantheon is the best lasthitter, because of his passive of heartseekerstrike, if enemys got less than 15% of their life you have a 100% chance to do a critical strike. You have to kill minions like this, since you have atma's impaler. With atma's impaler you can kill a big miniongroup with 1 heartseeker-strike.
Never use your Ultimate to get minionkills, you could be needed every time.

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Summoner Spells

At sumoner spells you need something to get faster because you are the best for your team if you can catch the enemys while running away, because you can stun them for 1,5 seconds.
=> 1. Summoner-Spell: Ghost
And if there is anyone who is focusing a mate of you, or if your ghost isn't ready you have to get your enemy on another way, and because you can't slow with pantheon, you can use exhaust and stun him as soon it's ready.
=> 2. Summoner-Spell: Exhaust

Skills like Flash and Clease are as well too.

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This Pantheon-guide is for tanking buy i still think you need a second tank, because Panteon has no attack with that he could taunt the enemys. And he isn't a pure tank, so he is a semi-tank-attackdamage-dealer. I still think this build is nice after the panteon buff.